Find My Iphone No Location Found

If y’all see an alert No location establish on the iPhone app Find My iPhone, you tin can use these tips outlined below to fix this problem.

Find my iPhone is a wonderful app that allows users to track their Apple tree devices’ locations. But sometimes users might face a problem like “no location found on iPhone”.There are many reasons behind the occurrence of this problem and many users don’t know how to set it. Well in this blog you will learn “what does no location found mean?” and how to resolve it in simple ways.

No Location Found iPhone

Discover My iPhone

Notice My iPhone is a free app and service that is provided by Apple Inc. This app helps Apple tree users in remote locating iOS devices, Mac computers, Apple Sentinel, and AirPods. In 2019, Find My iPhone was merged into the app Find My in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

The service was introduced with iOS 4 every bit an optional feature for users to locate their devices if they lost them or wanted to locate them again. The app would also send notifications to the user when the device has been lost/establish.

In iOS eleven, Apple added a new option called “Lost Fashion”, which could be activated even without a passcode on the device past only tapping on it three times quickly. This mode immune anyone to see where your iPhone is if yous’ve ready your passcode to “off” and are connected to a Wi-Fi signal (east.g., at home).

If your airpod case not charging, you tin also this interesting article to set the result.

What does “No Location Plant” hateful?

Many iPhone users typically search for “what does no location found mean?”. People too search for “location not available meaning” or “no location plant on iPhone pregnant”. If you see this message on your iPhone or iPad, there are several reasons why this might happen. It could mean that the iCloud servers aren’t able to locate your device and so they’re unable to connect with it. Information technology could also be considering your device is offline, or if it has been tampered with or stolen.

Y’all need to check all of these things before trying anything else—and if you get this message when using Find My, first make sure that location services are enabled in settings; otherwise, it may not piece of work for you at all!

If No Location found on iPhone pops upwardly, there’s an easy fix: but re-open the app and attempt again! Simply if information technology doesn’t piece of work subsequently reopening? So this means something else has gone wrong and we’ll need to swoop deeper into what happened hither.

What are the Reasons behind find my iPhone no location institute?

Sometimes, Find My iPhone is not able to locate your device. That is because either your device is turned off or not continued to the Internet. This can also happen if you’ve been traveling and haven’t had time to connect your device to Wi-Fi or cellular data before leaving dwelling. It might also happen if yous accept a lot of apps running in the background, which could make it hard for iCloud to locate your device.

Check out the following reasons:

1. Outdated iOS

The newest versions of iOS are getting meliorate, just they may exist outdated. Yous can cheque your device’south latest version by going into Settings > Full general > Nigh on your iPhone or iPad. If you have an older version of iOS, you volition demand to update it earlier trying once again.

ii. Location Services are toggled off

If your Apple ID is linked with a student or staff business relationship, and then you might have Location Services turned off on your device. Yous tin plow this feature dorsum on by going into Settings > Privacy > Location Services and tapping Update Now side by side to On When Locked or Off.

3. Network bug

You might be experiencing network issues if Discover My iPhone is unable to locate your lost device because it isn’t connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data—something that tin happen when traveling for work or school, for example, or if there are many apps running in the background that could brand it difficult for iCloud to locate. You can also try a homemade prison cell telephone signal booster to improve your iPhone signal.

Simple Fix for the No Location Found problem Detect my iPhone

If the find my iPhone app is not working well, then y’all will face bug like no location establish. If y’all get this problem on your Apple device or iCloud website, yous may not be able to do these things:

– See your device on the map.

– “Play a sound” or “brandish a message.”

– Lock or erase remotely.

– Use location-based notifications.

To fix this you need to bank check your settings to run into if Find My is correctly configured. You might also check that Location Services are toggled on and your iPhone is connected to stable internet. If these solutions still don’t work, then use these methods to resolve this problem.

  • Cheque GPS Location Services
  • Precise Location
  • Plane Fashion Turned Off
  • Restart Your iPhone
  • Check the Date & Time
  • Ensure Cyberspace Connection
  • Share my Location options
  • Location & Privacy Option
  • Apple’s Organisation Status Page
  • Update IOS

one- Cheque GPS Location Services

You lot accept to plough your GPS location services on otherwise the phone won’t know your location. You can do this on your phone by opening settings and selecting privacy. Once you open privacy, in that location you will run across an option called location services. Toggle the option on location services on.

two- Precise Location

You may also provide Precise Location permission to the ‘Discover My’ app through the settings to remove the ‘No Location Bachelor’ notice. You can do this by once over again opening settings and going to privacy. One time you open privacy, tap on location service, and through there tap on ‘Detect My iPhone’. Through in that location yous wanna set Allow location admission to ‘Ask side by side time or when I share’.

3- Plane Mode Turn Off

When the iPhone is in Airplane fashion, either intentionally or unintentionally, your phone’due south connexion is disabled and Internet apps don’t work. In this case, the ‘No location plant’ on iPhone problem also occurs.

To resolve this, you have to plow off aeroplane mode. Go to settings>airplane way>Turn it off.

4- Restart Your iPhone

No location found on your iPhone also occurs due to technical problems in your iPhone. If so, a fast restart will gear up the problem and update your phone’s background processes. The arrangement can begin again equally a event. The latest iPhones can exist restarted by belongings downward ane of the volume buttons and the ability button until the ability off slider appears on the screen. Once it appears, Slide it and expect for the phone to power off. Once the phone has been powered off, You at present hold downward the ability button to switch it back on.

5- Check the Date & Time

Your device must accept the right appointment and time to track a user’s location accurately. Therefore, you lot can verify your iPhone’s engagement and time settings and brand any necessary corrections when to prevent yourself from encountering the “No Location Plant on iPhone” upshot.

Get to settings and tap on the general selection, tap on date and time and toggle off the ‘ready automatically’ button. And so click on fourth dimension zone and select your time zone.

6- Ensure Internet Connection

Equally nosotros discussed before, a reliable internet connectedness is also necessary for location services to work. If a user doesn’t have a stable internet connectedness or is not continued to whatever cyberspace connexion, but the last location of their iPhone will be displayed.

To resolve this problem, either connect your device to wifi or cellular data. Go to settings and tap on cellular information and from at that place toggle it on. To connect to WiFi, go to settings, tap on wifi and toggle information technology on.

7- Share My Location Options

‘No Location Fouund’ can also be resolved by turning on the share my location pick in settings. To do this, get to settings and open Apple tree ID. Select Find My and from there activate Share my Location.

8- Location & Privacy Option

If yous have tried all the above steps simply yous are still dealing with No Location Establish, then you may consider resetting your location and privacy settings. Do this past going to settings and selecting general. Become to reset and click on reset Location and Privacy. Information technology will ask you lot to enter your password. In one case that’southward entered click on reset settings.

9- Apple’southward Organization Status Page

Another style to prepare the no location plant on iPhone problem is to visit the Apple System Condition website and search for Find My to cheque if it is operational or not. If it is active, and so there will exist a green dot in front of it otherwise a crimson or yellow dot will show up. If Finy My app has any other issue like maintenance or server breakdown, then there is zilch you tin can do except wait for Apple tree to fix information technology.

10- Update IOS

An outdated iOS version may likewise exist the root of the no-location trouble. To ready it, y’all need to update your iOs version past going to settings and tapping on General. Later on that, tap on software update>download>install. It volition enquire you to enter your password and so you tin can tap on install now.

No Location Establish Vs No Location Bachelor

“No location constitute on iPhone” or “location not available” are two different terms but many people confuse them to be the same problem. Merely both these problems have different reasons to occur. When you cant rails someone’due south location and meet a location non found or no location available bulletin, it’s either considering someone has disabled their location services or they are not connected to the net (wifi or cellular data). In this instance, it happens because someone willingly is non sharing their location information.

But no location constitute occurs for many other reasons as mentioned above. It tin can exist because the iPhone is on Plane fashion or the device has any internal issues like IOS updates.

No Location Found Find My Friends

Consider this scenario. Yous’re out with your friends and you become separated from them. You don’t have your phone with y’all, and so y’all take no thought where they are.

So, suddenly, they’re all texting you lot: “where r u??” And if you don’t know what to do adjacent, nosotros’re here to help!

If you’re getting the “No Location Found” message when trying to find someone else’due south location, that ways their phone isn’t sharing its live location with anyone else. This tin can exist stock-still past turning on the Location Service for your phone—just tap Settings > Location Services > On.

Just if the other person’s phone is having problems finding yours—and vice versa—at that place could be a few reasons:

1) You might not accept an internet connection or Wi-Fi available at the moment (or ever). Endeavor turning Wi-Fi on and off over again in Settings > Wi-Fi > On/Off. If that doesn’t work, check out this guide for more ideas on how to troubleshoot your network connection issues.

2) Your friend might be using software tools like Tor or VPNs that cake location tracking apps from finding

One skillful matter about this feature is that if you don’t want your friends to meet your location, you lot can finish sharing it from the Observe my iPhone app in the aforementioned style y’all turned it off. Your friends will not be able to rails your location, only you can run into theirs.

FAQs Of No Location Found iPhone

What does no location found mean?

There are several reasons why you may receive a no location found message on your iPhone or iPad.It could hateful that the iCloud servers aren’t able to locate your device and so they’re unable to connect with it. It could also be considering your device is offline, or if it has been tampered with or stolen. Bank check all of these things before proceeding—and if you receive this message while using Observe My, first ensure that location services are enabled in settings; otherwise, information technology may not work at all.

What is the difference between no location plant and location non available?

No location constitute on iPhone and location not available are two dissimilar problems that many people confuse. Notwithstanding, the causes of both of these issues are singled-out. When you are unable to track someone’s location and receive a location not plant or no location available message, it is because they take disabled their location services or are not continued to the internet (wifi or cellular information). In this instance, information technology occurs considering someone is unwilling to share their location information.
However, no location institute can occur for a variety of reasons, as discussed in this article. Information technology could exist because the iPhone is in Airplane mode or because the device is experiencing internal problems such as IOS updates.

Why does it say no location institute for someone?

If yous see a ‘No location found’ notice in Observe My, check your apple tree device settings to ensure that Detect My is properly prepare upward. You must too confirm whether Location Services are turned on or non and too make certain that the apple tree device is continued to the internet.

does no location found mean they stopped sharing?

Yes, If you’re getting the “No Location Found” bulletin when trying to find someone else’south location, that means their telephone isn’t sharing its live location with anyone else. This tin exist fixed by turning on the Location Service for your phone—only tap Settings > Location Services > On.

Why does information technology say no location found?

If Detect My displays a ‘No location found’ message, check your Apple device settings to ensure that Find My is properly configured. You must as well confirm whether Location Services are enabled and that the Apple device is connected to the internet.

What does no location found mean on detect my friends

if the other person’s phone is having problems finding yours—and vice versa—there could be a few reasons:
1. You might non accept an internet connection or Wi-Fi right now (or always). Turn on and off Wi-Fi once again in Settings > Wi-Fi > On/Off. If that doesn’t work, see this guide for more suggestions on how to troubleshoot your network connection problems.
2. Your friend may exist using software such as Tor or VPNs to prevent location tracking apps from locating him.
3. One advantage of this characteristic is that if you don’t want your friends to encounter your location, you can disable information technology from the Discover my iPhone app in the same mode you disabled information technology. Your friends will be unable to track your location, but you volition exist able to come across theirs.

Why is someone’s location non being found?

Information technology is possible that they have disabled Location Services on their device, which prevents their location from being shared. Information technology’s also conceivable that they’ve set their location in the app to invisible or hidden, which will restrict you from viewing their location.

How can you tell if someone turned off their location on iPhone?

When yous receive the ‘Location not available’ notification on the Find My app, you know someone has switched off their location. Other than that you will also receive these letters like no location constitute or location turned off/ GP off, or besides this (!) exclamation marking.


A message saying that No location found on iPhone means that Find My iPhone couldn’t locate your device. In that location are many reasons backside this. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet and has a accuse. If you still can’t locate your device, get to, where you’ll be able to ensure that all of your devices are present and can be located. You can read this article if you try to prepare up Vizio airplay using apple devices. We hope the answers above helped you figure out how to fix no location constitute on your iPhone. Adept luck!


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