Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass rewards, including all skins and costumes

Fall Guys Season two Battle Pass rewards, including all skins and costumes

All rewards for both the complimentary and premium tiers of the Battle Pass

Fall Guys
went free-to-play last season, in that location’s a new space-themed
Season 2
for those on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

Whether you’re just aiming for the free tier
rewards, or desire to get the premium
Season ii Battle Laissez passer, you can find all the rewards in both tiers below, including all the
skins and costumes

On this folio:

  • Fall Guys Season two free Battle Laissez passer rewards
  • Fall Guys Season ii premium Boxing Pass rewards
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Fall Guys Flavor 2 costless Battle Pass rewards

If yous don’t want to spend coin on Fall Guys, you can yet unlock 50 Levels of the Battle Pass for free.

Here’s everything you tin get from the free tier of the Autumn Guys flavour 2 Battle Laissez passer:

  • 7 Costumes
  • 10 Patterns
  • 5 Colours
  • 300 Show-Bucks
  • 7 Nicknames
  • 2,700 Kudos
  • 3 Faceplates
  • half-dozen Nameplates
  • ii,820 Crown Shards

Here are all the free Costumes on the Fall Guys Flavour two Battle Pass:

Free Season 2 Costume: Sassy Saucer

Unlocked at Level 5.

Free Flavor 2 Costume: Starry Eyed Specs

Unlocked at Level 15.

Free Season 2 Costume: Glitzy Spacewalkers

Unlocked at Level 17.

Gratis Season ii Costume: Tubular Belts

Unlocked at Level 27.

Gratuitous Season two Costume: Venusian Feet Eaters

Unlocked at Level 44.

Complimentary Flavor 2 Costume: Hungry Tungling

Unlocked at Level 89.

Free Season two Costume: Crabby Cappy

Unlocked at Level 95.

Fall Guys Flavor two is here! You can earn costless and premium rewards from the boxing pass, including Kudos, and you lot can become even more freebies by earning Crowns and Crown Shards, and linking your amazon account for a new Prime Gaming costume every month.

Fall Guys flavor two premium Battle Pass rewards

To get the premium rewards of the Fall Guys flavor two Battle Pass, you accept to
buy the Season Pass for 950 Bear witness-Bucks.

In that location are 300 available as role of the complimentary flavour two tier, but the lowest amount you tin purchase is 1000, so if yous want to get all the rewards from this beginning season, and you don’t accept any Bear witness-Bucks left over from Season 1, y’all’re going to accept to spend some coin.

Later purchasing or unlocking the premium pass, you lot’ll keep to go
all of the gratuitous Boxing Pass rewards listed above, equally well as 50 new Level rewards.

Hither’s everything you tin can get from the premium tier of the Autumn Guys season 2 Battle Pass:

  • 30 Costumes
  • 1 Pattern
  • 1 Colour
  • ane,100 Bear witness-Bucks
  • iii Faceplates
  • 3 Nameplates
  • 4 Emotes
  • iii Celebrations

Here’s all the premium Costumes on the flavor ii Boxing Pass in Autumn Guys:

Premium season 2 Costume: Hyandroid X

Peak and bottom one-half both unlocked at Level 1.

Premium flavour 2 Costume: Xenomorph

Bottom one-half unlocked at Level eleven, top half unlocked at Level 13.

Premium flavor 2 Costume: Conflicting Operator

Bottom one-half unlocked at Level 22, top half unlocked at Level 25.

Premium season two Costume: Chiliad-two-Pila

Bottom half unlocked at Level 29, different top half styles unlocked at Level 31, 32, and 35.

Premium season two Costume: Hugh’s Borg Mask

Unlocked at Level 43.

Premium flavor two Costume: Spock

Bottom half unlocked at Level 49, elevation half unlocked at Level 52.

Premium flavour 2 Costume: Chrome Strike Blasters

Unlocked at Level 57.

Premium season 2 Costume: Airheaded Dynamo

Lesser half unlocked at Level 59, top half unlocked at Level 62.

Premium flavour 2 Costume: Rocket Rucksack

Unlocked at Level 67.

Premium season 2 Costume: Planet Popular Soda Belt

Unlocked at Level 68.

Premium season 2 Costume: Robot Wrangler

Bottom half unlocked at Level 71, top half at Level 74

Premium season two Costume: Ultimate Idol

Bottom half unlocked at Level 83, top one-half at Level 86

Premium flavour two Costume: Hatsune Miku

Bottom half unlocked at Level 98, top half at Level 99.

Premium season 2 Costume: Whirlybean

Bottom half unlocked at Level 132, top half at Level 133.

Premium flavor two Costume: Hidey Insidey

Bottom half unlocked at Level 165, superlative half at Level 166.

Premium flavor ii Costume: Nyandroid Omega

Lesser half unlocked at Level 199, top half at Level 200.

Hope you alive long and prosper in Season 2 of Fall Guys!

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