Fact check: Did Sony hint at a GTA 6 reveal?

GTA fans become crazy and the number of tweets skyrockets whenever something about GTA 6 appears online. Hence, when the PlayStation developers themselves hint at the game, it will naturally send anybody into a frenzy. However, did Sony really mention the game in one of their recent social media posts?

This appears to exist the case in one of their near recent TikTok posts, just the reality is much simpler than what the majority of fans initially thought. This article explores what actually happened and how this led to a misconception about a K Theft Automobile half-dozen hint.

GTA 6 fans believe that Sony must have hinted at the game

Fans feel they may take received the greatest indication yet equally to when further information volition be released, even if in that location is nevertheless no official confirmation of the status of GTA half-dozen. This indication apparently comes from a TikTok video made past Sony on October 18. Sony, even so, did not confirm anything about the upcoming game.

The TikTok video showed the GTA San Andreas intro sequence and the caption read – “most iconic intro songs on your PS2”. Equally a result, many commentators recommended their own picks for the PS2 titles with the most memorable intro music.

One of them, however, requested for the Grand Theft Machine Vice City intro sequence. Sony made a ambiguous response to this with the post-obit comment:

“20th anniversary is coming up too”

Naturally, this started rampant speculation in the fan community, with some fans bold this to be a hint towards the next Grand Theft Motorcar title. The 20th ceremony that they referred to is coming up on Oct 29. The popular fan business relationship “GTA half-dozen NEWS & LEAKS” was the first to tweet this out with a screenshot of the comments.

@GTASNEWSLEAKS You might literally exist worse than Mrbossftw as far as being obsessed with gta 6

@GTASNEWSLEAKS Yous might literally be worse than Mrbossftw as far as being obsessed with gta 6 💀

Many fans, however, criticized them for seeing references to GTA six in the well-nigh piddling of things. Many of the “hints” they take been tweeting about don’t seem to be hints at all. Every bit a effect, the user deleted their original tweet, and as of writing this article, they seem to have removed all of their GTA 6-related tweets likewise.

Endless tweets about GTA 6

@GTASNEWSLEAKS I remember we’re reaching at this point. I want something to happen just as badly every bit everyone else merely I incertitude Sony knows anything since R* loves to keeps reveals under wraps.

@GTASNEWSLEAKS I think we’re reaching at this point. I want something to happen just as badly as everyone else but I doubt Sony knows anything since R* loves to keeps reveals nether wraps.

The fact that no 1 is even sure when Yard Theft Auto half dozen will be released makes it the most eagerly awaited game. Fans and manufacture insiders take been obsessed with leaks and speculations regarding the upcoming game’due south potential gameplay and release date for years.

A number of speculations and recently leaked video clips have suggested that Grand Theft Auto 6 could exist set in Vice Urban center. So, it would make sense for an announcement to be made on October 29, the 20th anniversary of the original Vice City’s release.

No official statement has been fabricated yet, and the anticipated announcement on October 21 ended upwardly being a disappointment as well. Many fans, though, promise that the eye emojis signify Sony knows something they don’t, and Grand Theft Auto 6 will be unveiled later this month.

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