Earth’s Magnetic Field Converted Into Spooky Sounds for Your Listening Terror

By | 26/10/2022

The Earth’southward magnetic field is a miracle that regularly affects our lives in positive, helpful, and sometimes unseen ways. But what does this magnetic field look like? How does it assistance united states? These are of import questions that we are going to comprehend in this article.

Cause of Earth’s magnetic field

We actually don’t know how Earth’south magnetic field originates! The all-time contender caption we have is the following.

The World has a liquid core. This core is made up of two parts, but all we care about in this article is the outer part, which is a molten outer core made entirely of iron. This iron is an electric conductor, so currents tin flow through the outer cadre. It is thought that these electric currents are the cause of the Earth’s magnetic field, just the details are non withal known to scientific discipline.

Globe’southward magnetic field description

The magnetic field strength of the Earth’s magnetic field may be smaller than yous look. Magnetic field strength is measured in Tesla (\(\mathrm{T}\)), and the Earth’due south magnetic field force is in the range of 25 to 65 \(\mu\mathrm{T}\). For reference, the magnetic field force of a standard refrigerator magnet is about 1 \(\mathrm{mT}\). That’due south near twoscore times stronger!

The shape of the Globe’southward magnetic field may seem familiar to y’all if you’ve seen the magnetic field of a bar magnet earlier. Like a bar magnet, magnetic field lines sally from the magnetic n pole, and curve back and directly into the magnetic south pole, encasing the entirety of the planet in the process.

The magnetic field that covers the entire planet is called the
magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is incredibly important to the safety of our planet for i very big reason. In that location are many dangerous things in infinite, many of which are more capable of travelling to our planet and causing a massive amount of damage to both us and the environment. The magnetosphere protects usa from a lot of these things, such as solar winds, which come up from the lord’s day as a form of radiation that could injure u.s. greatly equally well every bit impairment all the electronics on the planet. Our magnetosphere is able to repel these harmful particles.

Diagram of the Earth’southward magnetic field

The prototype below shows what our planet’s magnetic field looks like. It behaves nearly exactly like a regular bar magnet.

Earth as a Big Magnet diagram showing the earth's magnetic field lines StudySmarter
The Globe’southward magnetic field lines,Wikimedia Commons

Information technology’s important to know that the North Pole of the Earth is really the magnetic due south pole, which is why in the in a higher place image the arrows on the magnetic field lines are in the opposite direction as you lot are used to!

Did you know that auroras are caused by the Dominicus? Storms on the Sunday throw charged particles off to every corner of infinite, including our planet. When these particles come in contact with the Earth, they hitting particles in the atmosphere.

And then what does this take to do with the Earth’southward magnetic field? Well, once these charged particles are close enough, the magnetic field pulls them towards the northward and south poles. Equally they travel closer and closer to the Earth, they collide with atoms in our atmosphere, increasing the energy of those atoms. These atoms are now unstable and will get rid of their energy by emitting photons, which we can meet as low-cal: these are the auroras. The magnetic field of the Earth causes the auroras to only be visible close to the World’due south magnetic poles.

Earth as a Big Magnet image of an aurora behind a tree StudySmarter
An example of an aurora. The lite you lot encounter is a result of particles from the Sun beingness redirected to the Earth’due south poles by Globe’southward magnetic field and colliding with particles in the atmosphere, Wikimedia Commons.

Compasses and Earth’southward magnetic field

A compass is one of the most useful tools you can have when you lot need to know where you’re going. A compass shows y’all which fashion n, s, east, and w are. All the same, beyond the fact that it uses magnetism to tell you where these directions are, virtually people don’t know exactly how they work.

A defining feature of magnets is the fact that they all have a needle with a north pole and a due south pole. All north poles attract south poles, and all due south poles attract north poles. The metal needle on a compass is a magnet and is therefore affected past the magnetic field of the Globe. It will bespeak its north end to the magnetic south pole of the World at all times.

This means that the North Pole every bit we know it is magnetically speaking a south-seeking, or s pole!

Earth as a Big Magnet image of a compass on a keyring StudySmarter
A standard compass. The north pole of the compass needle points towards the World’south south-seeking pole, which is the magnetic North Pole,Wikimedia Commons.

The Globe technically has two northward poles! The ‘true’ or ‘geographic’ North Pole is correct at the geographic top of the planet, and the magnetic North Pole, of which the location is constantly changing, is right at the magnetic meridian of the Earth’s magnetic field. When a compass needle is pointed north, it is pointing to the magnetic North Pole (which is a south pole) and not to the geographic North Pole you lot see on maps and globes! This difference is very important if yous are close to i of the poles, as the divergence in the direction of the geographic and the magnetic poles will be large there.

The relationship betwixt magnets and the Earth’due south ain magnetic field was get-go discovered in 1600 by William Gilbert, an English physicist. Information technology wasn’t until 1840 that information technology was realised that the source of this field comes from the centre of the Earth, past Carl Gauss.

Earth’s magnetic field flip

The magnetic north and south poles of the Earth volition non stay in the aforementioned location forever. It is known to us that after a period of about 300,000 years on boilerplate, these magnetic poles will swap places entirely. Thankfully, during the flipping of the poles the magnetosphere never fully disappears, and then nosotros still accept a degree of protection from the dangers of space. However, the magnetic field will noticeably weaken during this event. This tin cause many issues, including with navigation.

Earth equally a Big Magnet – Key takeaways

  • The Globe is a large magnet probably due to electric currents running through the molten atomic number 26 outer cadre inside the planet.
  • The electric current in the World generates the magnetosphere, a giant magnetic field that surrounds the entire planet.
  • The magnetosphere protects the planet from harmful radiations such equally solar winds.
  • The magnetic poles of the planet will flip over a long period of time.
  • Compasses are fabricated so that the n pole of the compass needle is always attracted to the magnetic North Pole of the Earth while it is in Globe’s magnetic field. This makes the magnetic Northward Pole a southward-seeking, or south pole!