Ear Speaker On Iphone Not Working

By | 06/10/2022

How to Fix iPhone Ear Speaker Not Working?

iPhones are among the nearly popular phones worldwide due to their excellent user experience, merely information technology is dreadful when the iPhone ear speaker stops working. Y’all could exist enjoying a phone telephone call or a Facebook date when your iPhone suddenly stops producing sound. And despite your all-time efforts to resolve
iPhone ear speaker not working, cipher seems to piece of work.

What could be causing this issue, and why is it a meaning concern? What are some possible solutions to the problem? Read this commodity for full responses to these questions.

Part 1: Why is My iPhone Ear Speaker Not Working?

  • Lint and dirt particles jam the iPhone earpiece speaker grill, causing low call levels.
  • If your audio is routed elsewhere, yous won”t hear anything from the ear speaker during a call. Make sure the audio goes to your headphones or a speaker.
  • The ear speaker may exist damaged, and in that location”s nothing you can do.
  • iPhone ear speaker not working after update. Information technology”s likely a glitch that may exist stock-still with some troubleshooting.
  • This problem may be because the person you”re talking to on the phone is being quiet and muffled, causing y’all not to hear them over your ear speaker.

Part ii: How to Prepare iPhone Ear Speaker Non Working? [Software Bug]

Gear up 1: Restart iPhone

Restarting a smartphone is more similar giving the phone a boost. The method frequently resolves small issues with the iPhone, like photos not loading, especially if software defects crusade them. The first matter yous should do if your iPhone isn’t making any noise while y’all talk is to restart it. Who can say? That may be all your smartphone requires to regain its sound.

Restarting an iPhone is a uncomplicated process that takes simply a few minutes, if not seconds. However, scientists believe that often restarting a device reduces its lifespan. As a effect, they recommend rebooting the telephone one time a week and only if necessary.

restart iphone

Fix ii: Reset All Settings

The audio settings may have been changed to compensate for the uneven quality. If you lot modify the settings by accident, the audio from the ear speaker will not piece of work properly. You tin reset the Settings to restore all the settings to their defaults!

To reset all audio settings, follow the steps below:

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings to reset all settings.

reset all settings

Fix 3: Disable Bluetooth

Why is my iPhone ear speaker quiet? When the iPhone is linked to an external sound device, the audio is diverted to that device. It is all-time to disable Bluetooth communication to avert this problem.

You tin can instantly disconnect Bluetooth past going to Settings> Bluetooth. It will unplug any other gadgets that are connected to your iPhone.

disable bluetooth

Set up iv: Update the iPhone to the Latest iOS Version

The Apple iPhone is constantly developed and enhanced. The hardware on the current iPhone models is dissimilar, only then are the new features on the latest iOS releases. When it comes to bugs or problems, it is e’er a good idea to update your software to the most recent version on the market. Information technology is known to repair the ear speaker.

update ios to latest version

Fix v: 1 Click to Fix All iOS Bug

UltFone iOS System Repair
is a professional iOS organisation recovery tool with three master features: Enter and Go out Recovery Mode, Reset Device, and Repair Operating Arrangement. With the UltFone iOS arrangement repair tool, whatsoever iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can be put into recovery way or removed with just i click. And if your iDevice gets stuck in recovery mode, on the Apple logo, in a reboot loop, or on a black screen, you”ll be able to ready these and other iOS system bug without losing any data.

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  • 1-Click to enter and leave iPhone/iPad/iPod recovery mode.
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    iPhone ear speaker not working during call, and black screen without losing data.
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  • All iOS versions and iPhone models are supported, including the current iPhone xiii serial and iOS 16 betas.


UltFone iOS 16/15 System Repair allows you to effortlessly repair diverse iOS system faults without data loss in just a few clicks. Let”s detect out how it works correct now!

  • Stride i
    Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to the calculator after downloading and running this program on your PC/Mac. To access the iOS arrangement repair module, click “Showtime”.

    fix iphone ear speaker not working via ultfone

  • Step two
    Click “Standard Repair” on the following screen.

    standard repair ultfone ios tool

  • Notes:

    ane. If your iDevice cannot be recognized, this program will instruct you to manually enter your device into recovery or DFU mode to discover it.

    put iphone into recovery mode

    2. The interface shows two repair modes available: Standard Repair and Deep Repair. The chief deviation is that with Standard Repair, iOS bugs can be stock-still without causing data loss. On the other mitt, Deep Repair mode volition delete everything on your device and assist you in resolving more than serious iOS issues that the Standard Repair selection could not repair. If the Standard Repair mode does not resolve your issue, or if yous want to factory reset your iPhone/iPad without a passcode, select the Deep Repair style.

    deep repair ios problems

  • Step three
    Earlier kickoff the system repair, click the “Download” option to obtain your device”southward automatically matched firmware parcel. You tin can change the saved path by selecting “Browse” and choosing a different location to relieve the firmware package.

    download ultfone firmware

  • Footstep fourOnce the firmware package has been successfully downloaded, please select “Start Standard Repair” to resolve the iOS issues on your smartphone. Wait a few minutes for the iOS system to be repaired.

    start standard repair

  • Step 5
    Once the iOS organisation recovery is complete, your iOS device will reboot, and everything volition return to normal.

    iphone ear speaker not working fixed

Function three: How to Fix iPhone Ear Speaker Not Working? [Hardware Problems]

Gear up 1: Turn Up Book

Why is my iPhone ear speaker non working? Before you do anything else, we recommend turning up the volume on your telephone. Recall that you volition need to change the level during the phone telephone call because these settings are independent of your iPhone”south regular volume settings.

Fix 2: Articulate Upward the iPhone Ear Speakers & Microphones

The very first thing you should practice is plough off your iPhone. It would help if you lot too unplug whatsoever cables connected to your phone. The following are the adjacent steps to solve
iPhone ear speaker not working:

  • Step ane: Obtain dry cotton fiber.
  • Step ii: Become some rubbing alcohol and identify your phone confront downwardly. If the phone was turned upwardly, the alcohol might readily enter the Speaker.
  • Pace 3: Apply some alcohol to the cotton wool. Begin lightly massaging the earpiece with the cotton.
  • Step 4: Repeat four to five times. Because rubbing booze evaporates, it volition non become caught in your ear speaker. It will keep it from becoming damaged.
  • Step 5: Place your rima oris over the earpiece and suck and blow to remove the lint and dirt particles accumulated inside the speaker grill.

Set up 3: Remove Plastic Cover

When you purchase a new iPhone, a small plastic cover on the grill may obscure the caller”due south vox during a call. Brand sure you lot remove it. It”s simple advice, just you lot”d exist amazed how many people overlook this plastic comprehend.

This comprehend is supposed to protect the ear speaker from dirt and droppings, but it tin impede sound from coming out of your ear speaker. Therefore it”southward amend to remove it.

Set up four: Bank check whether Headphone Jack is Blocked or Not

If something gets stuck in the headphone jack or port, your iPhone will believe headphones are plugged in. Y’all can get it out with compressed air if something is stuck there. Here”s how to see if information technology”s a headphone effect:

  • Pace 1: If you lot have any earpieces plugged in, unplug them.
  • Step 2: Endeavour to change the book.
  • Footstep 3: There are two types of volumes that you volition notice on the screen. “Volume” or “Headphones” tin can exist seen. If yous see “Headphones”, something is stuck in the headphone jack or the lightning port.

    clear headphone jack

Fix v: Assign Call Audio Routing to Speaker

Phone ear speaker non working only loud speaker when on calls? If you want to receive calls through your iPhone”s speaker, yous can assign the audio to your speaker. The second choice is what you prefer. The following is how you lot allocate call sound to the Speaker:

  • Pace 1: Navigate to the Settings app.
  • Step 2: Get to General, then Accessibility.
  • Step three: Roll down and tap “Call Audio Routing”.
  • Step 4: Cull “Speaker”.

    assign call audio routing to fix iphone speaker not working

Fix six: Balance Audio Volume

People have complained in forums and elsewhere that an imbalance in the left or right channel was the crusade of their ear speakers not operating properly during calls. To equalize the audio level betwixt the left and correct channels, do the post-obit:

  • Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Video.
  • The Balance slider should exist adapted.

Fix 7: Plough Off Noise Counterfoil

Noise cancellation was included in iOS 7 to remove background external noises while on a phone call. Still, for certain users, it may audio funny and cause your phone calls to sound strange, if not worse. You lot must execute the following:

  • Pace 1: From your dwelling house screen, navigate to Settings.
  • Step 2: Go to General, and so Accessibility.
  • Step 3: Scroll down to the section on Hearing.
  • Step 4: Plow “Racket Counterfoil” off.

    disable noise cancellation


When your
iPhone ear speaker non working, you lot can set it direct by post-obit the steps above or contact a tertiary-party app for help. We recommend
UltFone iOS System Repair
to assist you in resolving numerous iOS problems due to software problems.

Source: https://www.ultfone.com/fix-iphone/iphone-ear-speaker-not-working.html