Does Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Fit 13 Pro Max

A big iPhone is out for 2021, and information technology comes with a dissimilar camera crash-land. Does this affect case sizes?

With a new large-sized iPhone out, there’s a whole heap of new cases aslope it, and for adept reason: a big drinking glass iPhone will likely desire big protection, adding yet another cost if you desire to protect a big new iPhone coming into your life.

If you’re considering spending the sizeable dollar figure on an iPhone thirteen Pro Max, protection is likely a consideration, simply also saving money, which may pb you to an obvious question: tin can you save some cash by using ane of last twelvemonth’s iPhone 12 Pro Max cases?

Later on all, they await the same, with a similar stainless steel border, drinking glass front and back, and an aesthetic that’south pretty close. Can you just save coin and get a case from
last year’southward now replaced 12 Pro Max?

Will an iPhone 13 Pro Max example fit an iPhone 12 Pro Max?

The answer to this question is mixed. Technically, an iPhone 13 Pro Max can fit into a 12 Pro Max case, but it’s not an amazing fit, and then to speak.

While Apple tree has moved some of the buttons ever and so slightly, the cases more often than not line-up. Withal the photographic camera bump does go far the way, and here’due south why: back in the 12 Pro Max, the camera bump was smaller than what it is on the 13 Pro Max, and and then photographic camera cut-outs on cases were also smaller.

Because of this size departure, a smaller cut out for the camera in a 12 Pro Max example ways the new model, the thirteen Pro Max, doesn’t have as much space to rest its bump, and means some of it may fit, but the rest might not.

An iPhone 12 Pro Max case won't fit a 13 Pro Max entirely, thanks in part to the larger camera bump.

Nosotros found an iPhone 13 Pro Max fit was rather snug, only a little besides snug to the point where it wasn’t easy to remove the phone.

Not helping it was that the telephone doesn’t entirely fit into every 12 Pro Max case thank you in part to the camera bump, then while you tin technically fit the phone in, it’s not a great fit.

Worth noting is that considering the fit isn’t perfect, the durability for the case may become down, as well.

Part of what gives your telephone solid protection in a case is that pattern. When the design isn’t quite right, y’all might non end up with the same event from a drop or a fall. Cases may have reinforced corners or a material blueprint made to piece of work with how they specifically hug and hold a telephone, and and so while a 12 Pro Max case can technically fit the 13 Pro Max, that imperfect fit may mean your new phone isn’t equally protected as you might think.

Will an iPhone 12 Pro Max fit an iPhone xiii Pro Max example?

The 12 Pro Max more easily fits an iPhone 13 Pro Max case.

Going the other style is a lilliputian easier, though. While iPhone 12 Pro Max protection may struggle with getting on the iPhone 13 Pro Max thanks to that enormous photographic camera bump, a example for the 2021 phone will fit on the 2020 model.

Aye, an iPhone 13 Pro Max instance fits quite nicely on the 12 Pro Max, and while the buttons don’t line-up perfectly, they’re non so far out that it’southward a problem,
not similar it is with an iPhone xiii case on an iPhone 12.

If you accept one of last year’s phones, you can really get a example from ane of this year’s models and you lot’ll be fine.

The 12 Pro Max more easily fits an iPhone 13 Pro Max case.
There’s a bit of room between the cutting-out spot for the camera on an iPhone 13 Pro Max and the camera on the 12 Pro Max, so your older phone is relatively safe.


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