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Do You Need A Screen Protector For Iphone 13

By | 08/10/2022

If you lot’re planning to buy a new iPhone, or if you already ain one, y’all may have questioned whether yous need a case and screen protector for it. Of course, you want to keep your iPhone well protected, simply you don’t want to waste money on these accessories if they aren’t essential.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of using an iPhone example and screen protector so you can decide what’s all-time for you.

Do You Demand to Protect Your iPhone?

iphone with a heavily cracked screen

In that location’s no simple respond to this question considering it depends on how you care for and use your devices. The iPhone is an expensive device and is made of high quality materials. It should survive most everyday impacts, simply it will notwithstanding break if you lot drop it from a reasonable height onto a hard surface.

If yous rarely dropped your previous phones, and they never become a lot of scratches, yous might be meliorate off enjoying your iPhone without a case or screen protector. This volition save you lot some money, but volition also mean y’all get to enjoy the sleek blueprint of a bare iPhone.

On the other paw, if yous ofttimes drib or scratch your phones, then a case and screen protector is definitely the all-time option. Your experience won’t exist the same every bit when you lot apply a naked iPhone, but at least you won’t have to worry nearly dropping it all the fourth dimension.

Another option if you’re blow prone is to await into AppleCare+. This is a service offered by Apple that works like insurance. You can choose to pay a monthly fee or pay for the service for two years upfront. Then you can get accidental damage repaired at an Apple Store at a fraction of the cost of regular repairs (though information technology still isn’t free).

This is a keen alternative for those who don’t similar cases or screen protectors, only are worried about their iPhone breaking.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Case and Screen Protector

Pile of iPhone silicone cases

If you’re nevertheless undecided, here are all the reasons why you lot should definitely invest in a case and screen protector for your iPhone.

You lot’re Accident Prone

With a instance and screen protector, your iPhone is much meliorate protected if y’all accidentally driblet it. That means you’re far less likely to need to pay for a costly repair or screen replacement. In near cases, you will probably only demand to supplant the case or screen protector if they become damaged.

You Want a High Resale Value

Another reason to protect your iPhone is that yous want to continue its resale value loftier. The iPhone retains its value over time much better than other smartphones. But this resale value remains even higher if you go on your iPhone in perfect condition by using a case and screen protector.

You lot Tin’t Beget an Expensive Repair

Repairing an iPhone is expensive. If y’all own an iPhone 13 Pro and demand to supersede the screen, yous’ll have to pay $279. If you need to supervene upon other components, expect to pay up to $549. You may want to avert all take chances of paying that, then spending $10 to $20 on a case could save you hundreds of dollars in the futurity.

You Desire to Customize Your iPhone

Using a case offers bully customization options. When yous buy an iPhone, Apple lets you choose between a few colors, simply one time you choose ane, you’re stuck with it until you buy another device, fifty-fifty if yous don’t like that color anymore. Still, you tin can always buy different cases to alter the style of your iPhone; at that place are even websites that let you personalize your telephone case.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Case and Screen Protector

Black iPhone 6 on a glass table

Of grade, non everybody needs (or wants) to pay for a case and screen protector. Then here are a few reasons why y’all shouldn’t utilise a case and screen protector for your iPhone.

You’ve Spent Enough Already

Yous’ve already spent a lot of money on your iPhone, only adding a instance and screen protector to that purchase will inflate the cost fifty-fifty more. Sure, it might save you lot some money downward the road, simply if yous never drop your iPhone, then you’ve spent more than money now and saved zip.

Y’all Desire to Savour the iPhone as It Is

The iPhone is a premium device, made of high-quality materials with a stunning design. If you bought it because you like how it looks, why would y’all cover it up with a case and screen protector. If yous want to feel the metal beneath your fingers and enjoy the design, you need to apply your iPhone equally information technology is.

Y’all Desire Your Better Cooling

Another reason why you may want to avoid iPhone cases is that they commonly forbid your telephone from cooling down equally efficiently. iPhones are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Those 2 materials misemploy heat quite speedily. However, if you put layers of materials like silicone or leather on height with a instance so it tin can’t dissipate heat too. Your iPhone may overheat as a result.

This also happens with screen protectors. All displays emit heat, and an actress layer of drinking glass on top complicates the cooling process and tin can cause your iPhone to overheat.

You Want to Eliminate Waste

Nosotros produce millions of phone cases every year, and many of them are made of plastic and other not-biodegradable materials. Not buying a case helps reduce waste and protect the environment. If enough people stop buying cases, manufacturers volition produce less, and that’due south adept for the planet.

Yous Want the Fastest Wireless Charging

Some cases are thicker than average, and if they aren’t fabricated using the right materials, that tin can cause problems with wireless charging on your iPhone. While this isn’t a huge trouble since y’all can remove the case if you want to charge your phone wirelessly, you should still exist aware of it. If y’all take MagSafe accessories, they may also stop working if you don’t employ a MagSafe-compatible case.

Of class, using loftier-quality or official cases won’t cause any issues with MagSafe accessories or wireless charging.

Make the Most Out of Your iPhone

When yous spend a lot of money on a device, it’south merely logical that yous want to go the about out of information technology. Using a instance and screen protector may non allow you to enjoy the design of your iPhone to the fullest, simply it might mean you get to proceed your iPhone live for as long equally possible.

Not using a case or screen protector may meliorate the experience, but if information technology will cause you to constantly worry most your iPhone then it probably isn’t worth it.

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