Do Iphone 12 Cases Fit Iphone 11

Cheers to Steve Jobs, nosotros accept an iPhone to enhance our life. He left us, but it never stopped Apple tree launching their new series of iPhone version by version, until iPhone 13 series. Advent of each version varies from screen size, camera design, thickness, weight to border shape.

Perhaps you but luckily found a

super cool iPhone eleven case

and had not been excited enough. Apple tree unexpectedly launched their new series again with more advanced features and delicate looking, which seduced and urged y’all to alter to iPhone 12.

At that moment, you would be wondering whether the iPhone xi case fits its newer version model. Of form, it would be great to use the sometime case on a new telephone. But your wish will not modify the fact.

Let’southward start our discovery journey to detect out the true reply.

Do iPhone 11 cases fit iPhone 12?

When iPhone 11 was decided to evolve to a new version, it never came to the designer’s mind to be considerate to continue the old case for the phone owners.

They differ totally in design, fifty-fifty if they have a very like screen size 6. 1inch.But the edge of iPhone xi is curved just similar iPhone 6, while the edge of iPhone 12 is direct simply like iPhone 5.Through comparing of  their size and thickness, iPhone 12 is evidently slimmer, thinner and lighter.

  • iPhone xi

  • Brandish: vi.1″

  • Pinnacle/Width/Depth: 5.94″ (15.09 cm)/ 2.98″ (7.57 cm)/ 0.33″ (0.83 cm)

  • Weight: half-dozen.84 ounces (194 grams)

  • Edge: Curved

  • Camera Count: 2

  • iPhone 12

  • Display:6.1″

  • Acme/Width/Depth: 5.78″ (fourteen.67 cm)/ ii.82″ (7.15 cm)/ 0.29″ (0.74 cm)

  • Weight: 5.78 ounces (164 grams)

  • Edge: Direct

  • Camera Count: ii

Let’south come to the conclusion that

iPhone 11 cases

do not fit iPhone 12. If you lot still want to have a endeavour, yous will discover out that the plumbing equipment is loose, and the buttons will not line up in the correct manner,Recommended to click here to choose the new

iPhone 12 instance


Exercise iPhone 11 pro cases fit iPhone 11?

You lot may recall these two models both include iPhone 11 as a name, there may be a adventure for them to share the same case. Unfortunately, the answer is also no.

Generally, The iPhone 11 pro got improve texture quality in ways of body fabric, screen glass, border frame, etc. The iPhone xi pro also has a slimmer screen edge and 1 more camera. Permit’south compare the factors of display, height, width, depth, weight and edge to draw a conclusion.

  • iPhone 11 Pro

  • Display: 5.8″

  • Tiptop/Width/Depth: v.67″ (fourteen.40 cm)/ 2.81″ (7.14 cm)/ 0.32″ (0.81 cm)

  • Weight: vi.63 ounces (188 grams)

  • Edge: Curved

  • Photographic camera Count: 3

  • iPhone xi

  • Display: 6.i″

  • Height/Width/Depth: five.94″ (xv.09 cm)/ 2.98″ (7.57 cm)/ 0.33″ (0.83 cm)

  • Weight: 6.84 ounces (194 grams)

  • Edge: Curved

  • Camera Count: two

From this nosotros know that the

iPhone xi Pro Cases

are fabricated specifically with the smaller 5.viii” display. On the other paw, the iPhone eleven Cases are bigger in gild to fit the bigger 6.1″ device.

In conclusion, the answer is definitely no. The best solution is nevertheless to buy a case for your specific device.

Do iPhone 12 pro max cases fit iPhone eleven pro max?

I’ve got a question online, which said
“Just a thought since the iPhone 12 Pro max will be the same size equally the

iPhone 11 pro max

, I just wanna know if it will fit. I’ve been seeing a lot of good

iPhone 12 Pro max cases

online and I want to order for my 11 pro max since I’m planning to get one later on next twelvemonth.”

The take a chance is 0%, every bit the phones have entirely dissimilar pattern. Actually, the two phones are not the same size, either. What’s more, the iPhone 11 pro max is with curved edges while the iPhone 12 pro max is with straight border.

So, the cases are not interchangeable between these 2 phones.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Brandish: half-dozen.7″

  • Peak/Width/Depth: 6.33″ (sixteen.08 cm)/ three.07″ (7.81 cm)/ 0.29″ (0.74 cm)

  • Weight: viii.03 ounces (228 grams)

  • Border: Straight

  • Camera Count: iii

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Display: 6.five″

  • Height/Width/Depth: 6.22″ (15.80 cm)/ 3.06″ (7.78 cm)/ 0.32″ (0.81 cm)

  • Weight: 7.97 ounces (226 grams)

  • Edge: Curved

  • Photographic camera Count: 3

Volition the iPhone xi pro case fit iPhone 12 pro?

Let’due south come to the comparing betwixt iPhone xi pro and iPhone 12 pro, to check if at that place’s a possibility for them to share i case.

  • iPhone 11 Pro

  • Display: 5.8″

  • Height/Width/Depth: 5.67″ (14.40 cm)/ 2.81″ (7.14 cm)/ 0.32″ (0.81 cm)

  • Weight: vi.63 ounces (188 grams)

  • Edge: Curved

  • Camera Count: 3

  • iPhone 12 Pro

  • Display: 6.1″

  • Height/Width/Depth: 5.78″ (xiv.67 cm)/ 2.82″ (vii.xv cm)/ 0.29″ (0.74 cm)

  • Weight: 6.66 ounces (189 grams)

  • Edge: Direct

  • Photographic camera Count: 3

The event is disappointing.

iPhone 11 pro cases

however do not fit iPhone 12

 pro.Please endeavour to go to
 to discover your

iPhone 12 pro case


Where to buy iPhone 12 cases?


Eco-friendly iPhone 12 cases

is your best option.

No matter how hard we attempt to find a way to help you save your coin or your loved case mode. Subsequently all these discoveries, we probably have to propose that you lot buy a new case for your new iPhone, which is specifically designed for the size and overall appearance of iPhone 12.

Withal, it’due south not easy for yous to do this if you actually care almost our environment. You may adhere to the idea of protecting our earth mother, from tiny things to big matters. You will not let whatsoever anti-environmentalism points that it doesn’t matter as information technology’s only a phone instance affair. With industrialization growing faster and faster, information technology becomes more than urgent and necessary for every 1 of us to practise our part to improve the surroundings and living conditions.

And I besides believe nobody would take chances their beloved iPhone being naked without even a articulate case. Even a mild scratch would cost your pain, allow alone the bumps or falling to ground.

Apple will no uncertainty keep launching their new phones from fourth dimension to time. If you lot happen to be a fan of the iPhone, then without doubt, irresolute the phone example volition turn into a quarterly planning routine for yous in future.

So how to rest your dearest between globe mother and your iPhone?

Since you have to buy a new telephone case anyway, you buy an eco-friendly one.

Fortunately, nosotros’ve got some awesome cases that are 100% compostable and eco-friendly.

You will discover


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