Difference Between Iphone Xr And Xs

By | 08/10/2022

At a Glance

Our Verdict

The iPhone XR volition be best for well-nigh people; it costs a lot less than the XS and gets you a larger screen, concoction battery life and the same great performance. The XS is for those who desire the very best display quality and dual rear cameras.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XR are both older generation models but if y’all tin’t afford Apple’s latest phones and so you might well exist choosing between these at lower prices. The 2 are hard to tell apart at commencement, simply in that location are a number of key differences you should consider and we’ll point them out.

Here we explore why at that place’south a large price difference between the two phones and help you piece of work out which y’all should buy. For more detailed assay of each, check out our review of the iPhone XS and  iPhone XR.

Cost and availability

Following the launch of the iPhone 11, the XS is no longer role of the Apple tree line-up of smartphones. It previously cost

for the 64GB model. Cheque it out at Carphone Warehouse and also our  iPhone XS deals article to run across where it’s on auction.

The iPhone XR, however, is yet on auction and is at present available at a cheaper cost of
£629/$599. Check out our roundup of the  best iPhone XR deals.

Also see our consummate iPhone buying guide.

Design and build

At first glance the iPhone XS and iPhone XR look the same salvage for the colourful hues of the XR. But they are quite different on closer inspection.

The iPhone XS is the verbal same dimensions as the now-discontinued iPhone 10. It has a five.8in display but thank you to the edge-to-edge notch design is nevertheless a one-handed telephone for a lot of people.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: Design & build

Although it’s cheaper, the iPhone XR is larger with a half-dozen.1in display. Its bezels are larger too, but has the notch of the iPhone XS. The XR comes in vi different vibrant colours, whereas the iPhone XS is either silver, infinite grey or gold.

The more expensive iPhone XS gains a stainless steel rim between the drinking glass sandwich of its screen and rear compared to the aluminium rim of the iPhone XR – the latter’s similar to the rim of the iPhone seven or 8.

The dual cameras of the iPhone XS are not on the XR. Instead at that place’s a single camera on the dorsum that is less of a bump, but nevertheless a bump.

Overall, the iPhone XR is eight.3mm thick, slightly chunkier than the seven.7mm iPhone XS.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XR don’t await unlike, merely the screen size, rim material, color options and bezel size are the main aesthetic differences.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: Colour options

Features and specs

Before nosotros highlight the biggest specs differences, here is a comparison of the core features of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR:

Here is a comparison of the iPhone XS and XR:

iPhone XS iPhone XR
iOS iOS 12 iOS 12
Colours Gold, silver, Space Greyness White, black, blueish, yellow, coral, red
Brandish 5.8in Super Retina Display (2436×1125, 458ppi) OLED half-dozen.1in Liquid Retina Display (1792×828, 326ppi) LCD
Processor Apple A12 Bionic Apple A12 Bionic
Storage 64GB/256GB/512GB 64GB/128GB
Rear camera 12Mp wide-angle, f/1.viii, OIS + 12Mp telephoto, f/2.4, OIS, optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, Portrait Lighting, Portrait Mode, quad-LED flash 12Mp f/1.8, OIS, 5x digital zoom, Portrait Lighting, Portrait Manner, quad-LED wink
Front end photographic camera 7Mp FaceTime Hard disk, f/two.2, 1080p video 7Mp FaceTime HD, f/2.two, 1080p video
Video recording 4K at 24/30/60fps, 1080p slo-mo at 240fps 4K at 24/thirty/60fps, 1080p slo-mo at 240fps
Biometric security Face ID Face up ID
Wireless charging? Yes Yes
Waterproofing IP68 IP67
Dimensions seventy.9 x 143.6 x vii.7mm 75.7 10 150.nine x 8.3mm
Weight 174g 194g
Cost £999/£ane,149/£i,349 (same in $) £749/£799/£899 (same in $)
Buy SIM-free Club Now Club Now
Buy on contract Order Now Order now

Apple has made a big deal of the fact both the iPhone XS and XR have the same A12 Bionic processor. This is skillful if you want to spend less on your telephone, and can pick upward the iPhone XR and information technology’ll run simply as shine with the same silicon inside.

A big difference is the screen tech. The iPhones XS has an OLED brandish that is more than vibrant when compared side past side with the iPhone XR, which has an LCD display.

OLEDs are capable of deeper blacks and a college pixels per inch count that make them announced less grainy on close inspection than an LCD. This isn’t to say the iPhone XR has a bad display, as Apple’south LCDs are splendid.

Y’all tin can get the iPhone XS with a huge 512GB storage but this isn’t an choice on the XR, which is now express to 128GB following its price driblet. To be honest, most people will be absolutely fine with the base storage option of 64GB.

Both phones have no headphone jack and support wireless and fast charging – but don’t come with a fast charger in the box. This is pretty galling given they price then much.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: Screens

To add together insult to injury neither phone comes with Apple tree’s £ix/$9 headphone jack adapter in the box. You lot’ll have to buy ane if you want to utilize your normal wired headphones, though both phones ship with wired EarPods with Lightning connector.

The cameras on each phone differ quite a bit. The dual 12Mp sensors on the iPhone XS are superior and both have optical image stabilisation. One of the lenses is for telephoto to allow 2x zoom, and for depth sensing.

But, in an Apple first, the single photographic camera on the iPhone XR is capable or portrait mode bokeh event photos thank you to improvements in Apple’s post-processing software. While non as advanced as on the XS, yous’ll be able to accept pretty not bad photos on the XR too.

Both phones take the True Depth forepart facing camera array for Confront ID and Animoji.

The iPhone XR has better battery life than the XS thanks to its more free energy-friendly LCD screen paired with a bigger bombardment capacity.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: XR screen

Software and apps

Right now the iPhone XS and XR both transport with iOS 12 preinstalled, the version of iOS that was released at the aforementioned time as them. This was a decent upgrade from iOS 11, improving notification interaction most noticeably and finally introducing grouping FaceTime.

Memoji also joins Animoji, allowing you to make a live reactive emoji of yourself to send to people on iMessage. Information technology’due south merely available if y’all accept an iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR as these phones have the True Depth cameras on the front.

iOS 12 also adds battery wellness data in settings to encounter how you lot’re pounding it into the basis. There are no software differences between the two phones.

However, you lot’ll exist able to upgrade to  iOS 13.


Although the XS is discontinued via Apple, we’d still recommend getting the iPhone XR over it. Even more so now that Apple has lowered the price to £629/$599.

The XR has a lot going for it including a larger screen, colourful design, the same performance and longer battery life. There’s very niggling reason to spend more on the XS.

A tricker pick is now between the iPhone 11 vs XR.

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