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Designs you’ll beloved, with the quality & protection you tin can count on.

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    iPhone 12 Pro Max

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    Did someone say“iPhone 12 Pro Max”? Yep, they certain did! Be the first to get your hands on our brand-new iPhone 12 Pro Max cases equally before long equally they driblet. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.

    Protect Those Slimmer-Than-Ever Bezels

    If you thought the iPhone eleven was slim, you lot demand to recollect once again. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is prepare to exist the sleekest design nosotros’ve e’er witnessed.

    The display (all 6.7 inches of it!) will exist flawlessly injection molded into the all-metallic frame with front end andbacksapphire glass protectors. Think iPhone four but slimmer than before.

    Apple appears to have outdone themselves with this one and our iPhone 12 Pro Max cases hope that too.

    Go On, Drib It, We Know You Desire To

    Well, you lot probably don’twant to right now only you volition with our iPhone 12 Pro Max cases. Usually, curiosity killed the cat, merely in this case, marvel will prove us right.

    But slip one of our cases onto your iPhone 12 Pro Max and let go. Become on, nosotros know yous’re intrigued! All of our iPhone cases have been meticulously driblet tested to bring you lot complete protection for your new pride and joy.

    Volition it exist scary? Yup. But will it work? Yup. You lot accept our guarantee. Everyone drops their phones. Honestly, as you’re reading this correct at present, someone is gasping in fear as their iPhone lands on the cold, hard bathroom floor.

    But you lot don’t have to join their fear. As long equally you lot have a Velvet Caviar example, you areever going to be in rubber hands.

    Say Hi To 5G

    Ah yes, the infamous 5G.

    Everyone thought 4G was speedy but this is simply a whole other level! Apple is introducing 5G back up into its new and improved iPhone, assuasive you to connect toall 5G masts well-nigh you. Nowadays, it isn’t but most connectivity. It’s near speed, effectiveness,and efficiency.

    We know what yous’re thinking — “will a case cease me from experiencing all the glory that 5G has to offering”? The answer is simple, no!

    Here at Velvet Caviar, we know how of import your time is. So, why would nosotros try to slow you down? Our cases have both youand your telephone at heart. All they do isenhance your phone fourth dimension — and inject a bit of your super personality into the mix along the way.

    Designs That Brand Yous Weak

    Zodiac signs? Nosotros got it. Imperial geometrics? We’ve got that too. Holo moonstone effect? Yes, yous can have that. What most vintage butterflies? Well yeah, naturally!

    Our designs are unique, trendy, and oh-so stylish. Whatever y’all want, you tin get. We acceptso many eye-catching designs for the iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases; you could have one for every day of the week! Later all, why choose ane when yous can have them all?

    Choosing betwixtstyle andprotection isn’t something you can do these days. Our phones are ourlives. We know yous desire them to be gorgeous and functional. So, that’s exactly what we did.

    Wait… At that place Are Magnets?!

    Ohyes! Apple isn’t simply irresolute the expect, feel, and software in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, thehardware is getting a revamp besides.

    The glamorous handset has a ton of magnets in the dorsum (don’t worry, you can’t run into them). Why though, we hear you ask? Magnetic charging people! Yep, let’south say information technology over again for the people at the back;magnetic charging.

    Fiddling effectually with cables? No thanks, that’s certainly a thing of the by. No i has that much fourth dimension on their easily. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max, charging woes are a thing of the past. Just place your phone down on the pad and it will automatically snap to the correct position. We love a time-saver!

    Just that isn’t all these magnets are used for.

    There are lots of new accessories coming to united states of america over the next year. Mainly automobile mounts! Nosotros’rebeyond excited nearly this.

    The best thing nigh all of this is our cases don’t interfere with the magnetic capabilities. Y’all can have all the style, with all the stick!

    Triple Lens Photographic camera, Triple The Security

    Recollect iPhone eleven Pro Max but with a 3D camera and a LiDAR scanner. Ohboy, there’southso much to look forwards to! You heard us correct — the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is getting ahuge update. We honestly don’t know which part to be the most excited about!

    Information technology’southward truthful, the make-new camera is rather delicate. You lotneed to protect information technology. Luckily, our innovative cases will exercise but that.

    Yous can moving ridge goodbye to the heavy, cumbersome DSLR you’ve been carrying around to get your Instagram photosjust right. The iPhone 12 Pro Max snaps higher quality images without existence awkward to whip out in your favorite restaurants. Literally the best of both worlds.

    Velvet Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

    Most protective cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max are beefy and look pretty boring. Simply we said no to all that. Our vision hasalways been to create standout, slim, lavish cases that not only look the role just actually keep your iPhone rubber and sound. And we’re proud to say that we’ve done it.

    We don’t make you cull betwixt looking the office and saving coin on costly repairs. Our cases do it all. Seriously, you’d be hard pushed to discover other brands that keep their protective cases 100% lightweight, durable,and direct stylish!

    Yous tin store from alimitless range of designs to match your telephone with your aesthetic. Whether yous like the marble look, the hologram vibe, or the muted tones, yous’ll discover information technology with united states at Velvet Caviar.

    Your iphone is ahuge office of your life (nosotros feel that!), so why settle for anything less than the ultimate perfection with our iPhone 12 Pro Max cases?


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