Clash Royale update release time – October 26 patch notes and bug fixes now LIVE

By | 26/10/2022

Grab your backpack and get prepare to deploy into the hotzone once again, as the
PUBG update ii.23 patch notes
have been announced for your consumption. This latest update for the battle royale title includes bug fixes, performance tweaks and weapon balancing.

Check out the
PUBG patch notes

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Balancing weapon attachments and vehicle gameplay this patch, along with a reticle option update for the 4x Scope.



    • Vertical recoil control: +five%

    • ADS speed: +30%

    • Sway control (animate): +20%

    • Sway control (firing): +five%

    • Horizontal recoil control: +15%

    • ADS speed: +10%
    • Sway control (animate): -xx%


    • Vertical recoil control: +8%
    • Horizontal recoil control: +8%
    • Sway control (breathing): -20%

    • Recoil recovery: +10%
    • Sway control (firing): -15%


    • Vertical recoil control: +15%
    • Sway control (firing): +xv%


    • Sway control (firing): +twenty%
    • Initial shot recoil control: +xl%
    • Sway command (breathing): +20%
    • Recoil recovery later shot:
      +20% ADDED


The Vertical Foregrip shows strong performance and receives much love from our players – which is quite obvious, as the attachment definitely helps control vertical recoil and accurateness when firing at long range.

Nevertheless, we didn’t want to sustain a meta where anybody uses the same attachment and repeating like combat styles every match. Therefore, nosotros’ve decided to buff other attachments based on their individual, unique traits.

We’ll of grade continue to monitor your plays after this balance update and make certain we’re providing more options and room for possible tactics moving forrad.

Additionally, we’ve too noticed that the current in-game terms of the attachments’ features (such equally weapon steadiness) could be much clearer – and then we’re likewise planning to shine up some of the terms very soon.


Using vehicles to fight enemies has great merits (and is a lot of fun). You tin can movement so much faster and detect yourself being able to hurl relatively stable shots at enemies running for their lives barefoot.

So we’ve received lots of feedback from players facing major disadvantages on human foot, such equally getting barraged by a horde of ammo from moving vehicles and ending up dying too fast.

Therefore, after many tests on in-vehicle recoil control and thoughts on how we could reduce these 1-sided situations in a good for you direction, nosotros’ve decided to balance vehicle gameplay as the following based on your feedback:

  • Commuter’Due south SEAT

    • Reloading handguns will exist instantly canceled if the driver controls the vehicle’s steering cycle.
      • Therefore, players can reload handguns when the vehicle is moving in a unmarried direction just.
    • Handgun reload duration in the vehicle has increased by approximately 50%.
    • Handgun recoil has increased by approximately 20%.
      • This recoil update just applies to PC.


Since players in the vehicle driver’south seat are able to reload handguns while driving
receive considerable protection from the vehicle at the same time, one-sided combats were quite common against vulnerable players on foot. Therefore, we’ve decided to make these balance updates to firing from moving vehicles.


    • Weapon recoil increased by approximately ten%. (Total recoil: ten%


      • This recoil update only applies to PC.

DEV Annotate

A vehicle with fewer passengers naturally has greater disadvantages when it’south attacked by a full-packed vehicle. It is also difficult to flee from combat due to similar motility speed amidst nigh vehicles. And so we’ve likewise added a slight nerf to the passenger seats.

  • 8X SCOPE AND 15X Telescopic

    • To have ARs not capable of total-motorcar more useful, Scopes 8x and higher are now attachable to M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant.
    • 8x Scopes added to M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant spawn kits in Arcade – Squad Deathmatch.
  • Added 3 reticle types to the 4x Telescopic to allow y’all to freely select and utilize your preferred type:
    • Press Page Up, Page Down buttons for PC and Settings for Panel to switch between reticle types.

RANKED – Flavour twenty

Begin your new competitive endeavor amid the best at Season 20 of Ranked!

  • The leaderboard volition reset later the Live Server maintenance.
  • Check out your concluding Tier from the previous season at the Career page.


Below are the rewards yous’ll be receiving based on your terminal Tier from the previous Ranked season.


Statuary Bronze PUBG ID Keepsake

Silver Silver PUBG ID Keepsake

Gold Gold PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute Peel

Platinum Animated Platinum PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute SkinPlatinum Medal

Diamond Animated Diamond PUBG ID EmblemRanked Parachute SkinPlatinum ~ Diamond Medal

Master Animated Main PUBG ID EmblemAnimated Master NameplateRanked Parachute SkinPlatinum ~ Master Medal

Acme 500 Bonus rewards for Top 500 players:Animated Top 500 PUBG ID EmblemAnimated Top 500 Nameplate

  • TheParachute peel and Medals are permanent rewards.
  • The rest of the obtainable rewards are bachelor for apply during a single Ranked season.
  • Rewards can be found in your Inventory in one case Flavour xx starts.
  • Once Season 20 is over and the server undergoes maintenance, every advantage only the Parachute and Medal will be withdrawn from your Edit Profile page.


PGC 2022

  • Celebrating the upcoming PGC 2022 with the newly added Esports objects such as flags, billboards, and edifice decorations scattered throughout Erangel, Taego, and Miramar!



    • Phase ane
      • Radius Rate (size of the circumvolve compared to the previous 1): Increased by approximately 30%.
      • Commencement delay: 150s

    • Stage ii
      • Radius Rate: Increased by approximately fifteen%.
      • Harm Magnifier per Altitude: Increased by approximately 6%.


Players seemed to be dying more often in the Blue Zone compared to other maps, so readjustments were made to the Safe Zone equally above.

  • O12

    • Can now attach 2x Scopes to 6x Scopes.
      • 2x Scopes to 6x Scopes added to the O12 spawn kit in Arcade – Team Deathmatch.
  • Changing Weather condition

    • Now available to use in Custom Matches.


  • Continuing with the Safe Zone update above, we’ve as well decided to readjust the Jammer Pack to the following:
    • The Blue Zone damage the Jammer Pack receives increased by approximately 27%.
  • The Jammer Pack can simply be establish every bit a world spawn item in Miramar, Karakin, Haven, and Deston.


  • Sunset atmospheric condition has been added.
    • Available in Normal and Custom Matches.


  • Preset Characteristic Improvements
    • Preset slots from 1 to 5 will now be shown as tabs on the Wardrobe page.
      • The first slot will be ready as default.
      • Every bit usual, you can unlock the 2nd preset slot with rewards obtained through the Survivor Pass. The tertiary to 5th preset slots can also be opened with coupons purchasable at the Store.
    • Pressing a preset tab will automatically show a preview of your graphic symbol equipped.
  • Preview
    • Previews will exist shown for each body part.
    • You tin click in one case to Preview and re-click to unequip the Preview.
    • (PC) +/- icons are provided to equip/unequip items.
    • (PC) You can select diverse items to exam out various combinations beforehand.
    • (PC) Your customized preview volition maintain its state even when you flip through different item categories.
      • It will reset to its original state when y’all switch between preset slots or if you leave the Wardrobe page.



    • The Carry characteristic tin can at present be used/canceled with the Limited Interact keys.
      • Limited Interact default keys
        • PC: H
        • Xbox/Stadia: LB + X
        • PlayStation®: L1 +

      • You can also choose to customize your keys in Settings.
    • The following issues fixes/improvements accept been made when using Bear during sure situations such as:
      • Conveying a moving, knocked out player
      • Using Acquit while moving
      • Using Carry while both players are moving
        • However, you lot tin
          carry a knocked out actor while sprinting.
      • Putting down a player in an area that conspicuously has plenty space
      • Experiencing delay after pressing the Conduct key

DEV Annotate

We’ve received many feedback on how the stock-still keybinding of the Carry feature was causing many inconveniences, so we’ve transferred its key to the Limited Interact key and also improved several Behave-related bugs that affected gameplay.


    • The screen ping marking will now look more than transparent the closer a player/weapon crosshair is to the marker.
    • The marking will exist automatically removed after thirty seconds.
    • Screen ping markers that were only bachelor in Normal Matches are now available in

DEV Comment

The update on the screen ping marker above was based on the feedback that the screen ping marker hindered players’ field of view and aim due to the marker’s consistent transparency. Additionally, many players wished there was a limited elapsing to the marker in one case it was made and the screen ping marking’s implementation to other modes.

  • RADIO Bulletin

    • New Inventory-related Radio Messages have been added.
      • Alert the number of a certain item in your vicinity or Inventory.
        • Inventory:
          “I have 1 Energy Potable.”
        • Vicinity:
          “Found 1 Energy Drink here.”
      • Allow teammates know if y’all’ve equipped or demand a specific item/attachment/weapon.
        • “Equipped/Equipping 1 2x Scope.”
        • “Need low-magnification Scope.”
      • Default keys are Wheel Click for PC and L Button for Console, but you tin too customize keys in the settings.

DEV Annotate

The electric current Radio Messages practise non seem to have enough flexibility for diverse situations, then nosotros’ve added new Radio Message options to let you quickly communicate nigh your item situation. Let your teammates know what you currently possess, what items you need, and more than!


    • Added the number of remaining/total players to the starting plane icon to help players program out their jumps easier.
      • Applies to every style.
    • This does
      apply to the Comeback Arena Plane.

    • You can now adjust the book of the Instant Volume Reducer characteristic.
    • Enter Options


      Instant Volume Reducer to manually adjust the volume.
  • (Panel) Phonation Conversation

    • We’ve added an option that allows you to suit the Vox Conversation volume.
    • You can enter Settings


      Voice Chat to adjust the volume.

    • Resolution and framerate graphic options volition announced in Settings for all Console devices.
      • However, devices/monitors that do not support 4K will detect the options disabled.
      • Anti-aliasing settings will only be available on Xbox Serial X and PlayStation®five devices.


  • We’ve added a characteristic that motorcar-saves your spawn kit settings. The attachments yous attach to your weapon will be saved and so you tin reuse it correct abroad every time y’all bandy weapons in TDM.
    • This feature applies to each respawn, round, and match.
  • Even if yous switch to a weapon that does not support a certain attachment you previously used, the attachment used before the switch will be saved.


  • New particular sets have been added to the Hunter’s Breast and Archivist’s Chest.
    • Bunny Express
    • Emotes
      • Special Delivery
      • Victory Dance 83
      • Victory Dance 84


  • An auto-lock feature has been added to progressive weapon skins that are at least Level ii to help prevent players’ unfortunate, accidental salvaging.
    • This feature only applies to skins upgraded
      the 20.1 patch.


  • We’ve polished the Profile page a bit to brand it more convenient and curtailed:
    • We’ve removed the
      EDIT Profile
      pop-up and added an
      EDIT Profile
      tab to the Contour page.
    • We’ve removed the Career page navigation feature from Contour – Overview.
    • We’ve removed the
      Exchange for BP
      option when yous select an item.
    • Any changes you make will be auto-saved when you motion to a different tab.
    • You lot can equip items past:
      • PC: Double click
      • Panel: Item menu that pops up when you select an item
    • Yous can leave the Contour page by pressing the ESC primal for PC.
    • We’ve polished the general pattern of the header, box modules, and footer buttons.


  • The average cumulative retentivity usage has been reduced when you lot go from the loading screen to the map to assist improve loading times.
  • In-game performance has been optimized to help ameliorate inconsistent frame drops.
  • Applied a sure allocator to the latest Unreal Engine and saved additional retentiveness on Win64/Xbox platforms. This will likewise help meliorate Out of Memory crashes on Xbox.



  • Fixed the effect of Commanders in War Way: Conquest/Platoon Battle unable to use the Carmine Zone bombings.
  • Stock-still the event of the previous magazine remaining on the weapon after a thespian (holding a Drone) reloads it.
  • Fixed the event of being able to utilize emotes when a player moves to stick to a wall.
  • Fixed the event of the DBNO kill message showing up after a revived enemy belongings a Self-AED makes a impale nearby.
  • Fixed the issue of the Flare Gun’s Intendance Packet/BRDM count UI showing up equally 0 in the driver’s seat.
  • Stock-still the issue of the flashing effect of a thrown BZ Grenade non showing up.
  • Fixed the issue of the screen’s sudden zoom-in and glitch after a player carries a knocked out player.
  • Fixed the result of being able to hear the sound upshot twice after putting down a player you carried.
  • (PC) Fixed the upshot of bots moving very smoothly while getting up after going prone.
  • (PC) Fixed the result of the Zeroing Distance UI showing upward in ADS mode even when the UI is toggled off.
  • (PC) Fixed the result of being able to acquire a wider field of view due to high transparency of a vehicle’s skin result.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of the number of Mortar ammo beingness doubled in the expiry crate of a player who had Mortar ammos.
  • (Console) Fixed the bad-mannered motility of a player who left the client during landing.


  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general problems in Karakin.


  • Fixed the issue of being able to meet the Played With information of a thespian you lot search up on the Social page.
  • Stock-still the issue of the long item names of McLaren’s items in Special Crafting not beingness shortened.
  • Fixed the outcome of the incorrect font used for “Concluding 20 Match Stats” in Career – Friction match History.
  • (Panel) Stock-still the issue of being able to hear the sound result twice when selecting items/changing colors in Customize – Advent.
  • (Console) Fixed the upshot of being unable to hear the sound event after changing the filter option in Social – Team Finder/Settings.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue of being unable to equip a weapon skin to the Final Weapon Kill weapon using the preset slot in Career – Overview.
  • (Console) Fixed the event of the BATTLEGROUNDS text and item proper noun overlapping in certain purchasable items.


※ Clipping outcome: Graphics that are shown exterior the visible role of an image/object.

  • Fixed the clipping issue when a female character equips Hairstyle 30 with Explorer Lid.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when a male character equips the B.A.Due south.A. Bunny Jacket with the Bunny Academy Hazard Mask.
  • Stock-still the clipping effect when equipping both the Shiba Crew Hoodie and the Bunny University Crewman Hat.
  • Fixed the issue of the underarm part of the Bunny Academy Sailor Top existence shown a bit too dark in shadows.
  • Fixed the issue of the slow transition between tabs in Customize when yous possess more than a certain amount of items.
  • (PC) Stock-still the consequence of having trouble selecting the correct item in Customize when y’all possess more than a sure amount of items.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of being unable to equip an private item yous purchased at the Store in the Customize page.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue of the hairstyle disappearing one time you equip both a hooded jacket and a hat with Hairstyle 31.
  • (PC) Fixed the clipping issue when equipping both Mr. Ma’s Outfit and Bunny University Sailor Boots.

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