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While today’s acme looter shooters, such as Destiny 2 and Borderlands three, are promising cross-platform play at some betoken (hopefully) in 2021, the new kid on the block comes with it out of the gate. Outriders, from People Tin can Fly and Square Enix, is a solo or co-op activity RPG for up to three players regardless of platform.

This shouldn’t be dislocated for cross-progression, which allows y’all to take your grapheme and progress from, say, Xbox to PC, but it does mean yous and your buddies tin can play together whichever platform you all purchase the game on.

Cantankerous-play also applies to random matchmaking, and even though there’s no PvP, if you lot’d rather, y’all can e’er opt out. Here’due south what you lot need to know.

Outriders cross-play bugs and issues, April 2021

Outriders’ online components accept proven unreliable from release, with cantankerous-play introducing some connectivity issues throughout the early days on shelves. That’s seen Square Enix opt to disable cross-platform matchmaking between console and PC versions, meaning you won’t automatically pair with players on other systems.

Outriders however offers cantankerous-play multiplayer for private lobbies, merely issues may arise when mixing PC and panel versions of the game. Inviting an Xbox or PlayStation player to a PC lobby via the invite code organization will initially piece of work equally intended simply may disconnect players midway through the session. An in-game notice distributed to all players warns against using the feature where possible.

Withal, this known bug doesn’t impact those playing exclusively on PC, through Steam and Epic versions of the game. Xbox One, Xbox Series Ten|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation five versions besides operate together as intended.

How to enable cantankerous-play in Outriders


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Before you lot can actually indulge in cross-play, commencement, you must make sure that the feature is enabled. Cantankerous-play is besides, presumably, part of the requirement to have a Foursquare Enix account.

To brand sure cantankerous-play is turned on, simply head into the in-game settings card. Under the gameplay tab, go all the way to the bottom, and only above the legal $.25, yous’ll see the magic cross-play option. Just make sure it’south on.

How to create and join cross-play games


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Fifty-fifty though enabling cross-play in Outriders is a doddle, actually creating or joining a game with friends on other platforms is more of a process than yous would await it to be.

In other games, such equally Call of Duty: Warzone, y’all can just select your friends from your friends list regardless of the platform they’re on past virtue of having an Activision account. In Outriders, you don’t seem to have this luxury, at least, not right now. Instead, you accept to join games using a code system.


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To instigate a cross-play session, you first demand to select the
play with friends
selection from the lobby. You’ll then exist taken to a screen to either create your ain game or join somebody else’s.

If you’re creating a new cross-play session, select
generate your game code, and you’ll be given an eight-grapheme lawmaking which you can so requite to your friends to use to join your game.


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For them to bring together, or for yous to bring together with somebody else’south code, select the
join a game using code
option instead.

It isn’t challenging, but it’s certainly more than convoluted than just beingness able to invite your pals from a list as you can if they’re on the aforementioned platform. Any yous do, you have to contact your friends showtime to requite them a code, which is only clunky. Hopefully, the developers can make this a better process downwards the line.

Cross-play for random matchmaking


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Unless you disable cross-play in settings, random matchmaking volition take all platforms into account. Since there’south no PvP attribute in Outriders, playing with someone on PC won’t requite you lot any disadvantage, just all the same, if you’d rather not, you’ll need to disable it. This feature has been disabled as of early April but should return once cross-platform bugs are squashed.

Choosing the
bring together a random team
option in the antechamber will enter you into matchmaking with other players from other platforms and will drop you into a three-player squad when consummate.

That’s all at that place is to it. Following the launch of Outriders and its regular server mishaps, you can expect a petty problems from time to time. But launching with cross-platform play is a big bargain, and hopefully, it will lead to a humming community all playing together.

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