Can You Use An Apple Pencil On An Iphone

By | 06/10/2022
Apple Pencil On Mac

Apple tree does non seem likely to tune downward its innovative minds soon as that has kept them in the market. Introducing the
Apple tree Pencil
with the first iPad Pro in 2015 has been the talk of the town e’er since. Endless Apple products users, peculiarly iPhone users, have been searching for how to connect the Apple Pencil with their iPhone. I approximate that’s why you are here, too. This article will provide you with the facts.

Technically, Apple did not make the Apple Pencil for any iPhone. An Apple Pencil works all-time with iPads because the
iPad hardware is compatible with Apple tree Pencil features. All the same, at that place is a trick to connecting an Apple Pencil to an iPhone. We can not vouch for this trick because we have not tried it. However, we will look into it in this post. Just in case y’all desire to try information technology out. Remember to tell united states how it goes.

In this guide, nosotros shall consider what an Apple Pencil is. We shall also await into if an Apple tree Pencil tin connect to an iPhone. If yeah, how can you go about information technology? We shall also consider why Apple tree decl
ared that their Apple Pencils are only compatible with iPads.

Do you find all these worthy of your time? Permit’s get to information technology.

What Is an Apple Pencil?

You probably accept heard of styluses before.
An Apple Pencil

is an Apple-designed stylus. The Apple Pencil resembles our traditional pencils (and that is how they added the pencil to the design’due south name).
Nevertheless, the Apple Pencil writes on an iPad’s screen instead of writing on paper as our traditional pencil does.

Can I Connect an Apple Pencil to My iPhone?

This question should exist function of the millennial questions (if there is anything like that). iPhone users have been asking this question for a very long time. Simply unfortunately, the answer to their question has remained unchanged.

Technically, you
tin not
connect an Apple tree Pencil to any
even iPhone 13, because Apple tree
did non make

the Apple Pencil for any iPhone. Apple tree Pencil 1 and Apple Pencil ii are both incompatible with whatsoever iPhone. An Apple tree Pencil works with a brandish built for it, and unfortunately,
none of the iPhone’s screens are compatible.

How To Connect an Apple tree Pencil to an iPhone

As mentioned in our introduction, Apple
did not
make the Apple tree Pencil for whatsoever
iPhone. An Apple Pencil
works best with iPads because the iPad hardware is uniform with the Apple Pencil. However, a quick trick is to connect an Apple Pencil to an iPhone. We will talk virtually that pull a fast one on at present.

 Nosotros stumbled upon a YouTube video that showed how to connect an Apple Pencil to an iPhone in our search for answers. From the video, we saw you demand a
paper towel
and a cup of
to brand the Apple Pencil work on your iPhone. Here is how to go near it below:

  1. Get your
    paper towel.
  2. Fold and rip it into
  3. Fold it
  4. Wrap
    the Apple tree Pencil with a folded newspaper towel.
  5. Ensure you
    practice not expose the tip
    of the
    Apple Pencil
    as well much. You should have a bit of the Apple Pencil tip outside the newspaper mold.
  6. Ensure it is
  7. Damp
    the paper towel around the Apple Pencil.
  8. Try to use it
    on your iPhone.

We desire to remind you that this is
just a hack. And then, no need to beat yourself if information technology does not work. We also want to attach the link to the video from

iDeviceHelp here

then that you lot can spotter the video yourself.

 Finally, if you want to use a stylus on your iPhone, we
that you find some
3rd-party styluses
fit your iPhone.


In elementary terms, you lot cannot use the Apple Pencil with your iPhone because of hardware compatibility.

Your iPhone’s screen or display is not compatible with the Apple tree Pencil. Although, you can use some other styluses with your iPhone. Just continue in mind that yous might face up some frustrations from this.

Would you attempt the life hacks we spoke well-nigh in this post? Did you try it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Apple Pencil does not work with an iPhone considering of hardware compatibility issues. The iPhone display does non back up the Apple pencil features.

The reason is technical: The iPad has a different touchscreen from the iPhone’southward.
This difference in screen, too known as display, is why an Apple tree pencil only works on iPads.