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By | 04/10/2022

In Summary

  • When it comes to growing the Web on a computer, the Control+F shortcut is extremely popular – it lets you search for a word or a term on the text of a Web page.
  • Notwithstanding, doing a Control+F is non possible while browsing on an iPhone – the iPhone is non designed for such shortcuts.
  • That does not mean that y’all cannot search for a give-and-take or a term on a Web folio on your iPhone. At that place are ways of doing so. Hither’s how to do command F on iPhone and iPad.

Smartphones rarely let usa miss our computers these days. Writing emails, editing videos, consuming content, the smart devices in the palm of our hands have become so powerful that they have been replacing many other devices in our lives, including the adept old computer.

Yet, there are moments when you yet miss your notebook or desktop. And one of these is when one has to use those handy shortcuts that one ofttimes simply associates with computers and notebooks. We often end upward missing the simplicity of pressing a couple of keys together and getting the results right away. I such
keyboard shortcut
that we used to (yes, ‘used to’) miss dearly while browsing on our iPhones is the mighty
Control+ F
(Control + F
on Mac).

Control F on iphone

How to Control F on iPhone

Ctrl F search command helps y’all find one particular word amongst what could be a sea of paradigm images and text. Just printing the Ctrl and F central together on your computer, and a nifty niggling search bar pops out where yous can blazon the specific word you lot are looking for, and that word will get highlighted on that screen. Now, unfortunately, this does non work if you are using an iPhone or an iPad.

But that does non mean that you lot cannot search for words in a browser window on your iPhone or iPad. You can really do something similar to a Ctrl F on iPhone as well. All you accept to do is follow these simple steps:

How to Search Within a Folio on Safari?

  1. Go to Safari and open up the webpage you want to search:

    On your iPhone, y’all get a pre-installed browser chosen Safari. Please notice it and open it. Once you have opened the app, you accept to type in the webpage address in the search bar on meridian to open the webpage on which you want to search.

    control f on iphone safari
  2. Blazon the word in the search bar

    Once the webpage you wanted is loaded, you can now type the specific discussion or phrase that you are looking for in the address bar. Yes, type it in the place where you lot typed in the URL. Merely remember non to hitting enter!
  3. Head to “On this page:”

    After typing the word/phrase in the search box, a number of options will appear below the discussion. In this, you take to go all the way downwards to “On this page,” beneath which will exist the word you typed with “Notice” in forepart of it. This is the choice yous need to choose.

    search on iphone safari
  4. Voila, the word is highlighted on the page:

    Just like on a calculator, the word you lot have typed in will get highlighted on the webpage. On the base of the folio, you will also come across a box with the word you are searching for, forth with the number of places where it has been institute on the folio. Use the arrows in front of information technology to motility to the other places on the page where the discussion is found. You tin merely tap on these arrows appropriately to find the particular sentence that yous are looking for.

    command F on iPhone safari
  5. Search for more terms or press “Done:”

    In one case you are through with your search, y’all can search for another term by typing it in the search box at the base of operations, or if you are finished, simply press the “Done” choice in the box, and you lot will be left with your usual webpage.

    search on iphone

How to Search Inside a Page on Chrome

Safari might exist the default browser on your iPhone, only that does not hateful that you lot cannot apply Chrome, the most popular browser in the earth. Aye, yous tin can. If you are not a Safari person and want to savor the benefits of a Control+F command on Chrome, you tin exercise so too. (Click here if you lot desire to know how to
modify the default browser on iOS.)

  1. Open the Chrome app on your iPhone:

    Just open the Chrome app on your iPhone and blazon the address of the webpage you lot wish to search in the search box.
  2. Tap on the iii dots:

    Later you take successfully loaded the webpage on your Chrome app, you have to tap the three dots icon (…) present on the lesser correct side of the screen.

    control f on iphone chrome
  3. Select “Detect in page:”

    Tapping on the dots icon will open up a list of options. Y’all need to scroll down in the list, find the “Find in page” option, and select it.

    command f on iphone chrome
  4. Blazon in the give-and-take or phrase:

    A search bar will announced right on elevation of the folio as soon as you lot select the “Find in page” option. All you lot need to do now is blazon in the specific word or phrase you lot are looking for, and the results will go highlighted on the page.

    search on iphone chrome
  5. Use the arrows to browse:

    Like in Safari, this search bar too has upwards and downwards arrows in front of it, which you lot tin use to get to the outcome you are looking for.
  6. Do another search or tap on “Done:”

    Once you are through with your search, you can search for another term in the same box, or if y’all have finished your search, simply click on the “Done” selection adjacent to the search box, and you volition have your regular webpage back!

    step 6

The Easiest Fashion to Discover a Word on iPhone

Yes, there is a third style too. And this option works regardless of whether you are using the Chrome app or Safari app for browsing and is really the easiest option in our book.

  1. Open the webpage:

    Yous can do this on either Safari or Chrome. Simply open up the webpage on which y’all wish to search for a discussion.
  2. Tap on the Share icon:

    Once you have opened up the webpage, you take to tap on the Share push button. On the Safari app, you will find it on the base of operations of your screen, while on the Chrome app, it is placed inside the address box on the top right-manus side of your screen. In both cases, information technology looks like an arrow pointing upward and outwards from a box.

    step 1
  3. Click on “Detect on/in Page”:

    Subsequently clicking on the Share icon, a new list of options (share sail) will pop up on your screen. From here, yous take to select the “Find on Page” option if you are using Safari or select “Find in Page” if you lot are using Chrome.

    step 2
  4. Blazon in the give-and-take/ phrase:

    Clicking on the option will instantly open upwardly a search bar with a keyboard on your screen. At present all yous have to exercise is blazon the word you are looking for, which will be highlighted on the page.

    step 3
  5. Use the arrows:

    You lot will become the upwardly and downwards arrows in this case well. You can navigate your way through your searches until you find the ane that you lot are looking for.
  6. Search more than or but be Done:

    Once you are done with your search, you lot can type in another term or word to search for, or just tap on the “Done” option present adjacent to the search box, and you will exist back to your regular folio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, searching for a term exterior of a browser isn’t easy. On an iPhone, searching for a discussion that isn’t on a web page is going to be much more difficult. If you’d similar to search a specific app, such every bit a file or image, y’all can do and then. However, information technology is non possible to search through all your telephone’s files at in one case.

When you are using your iPhone, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the easiest way to find a phrase or word in a certificate. One time y’all’ve opened the document, tap the magnifying glass at the tiptop of the screen, then type any search term y’all’re looking for.

Additionally, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you tin utilize iBooks. The process is identical. Apply the magnifying glass to conduct a search on the PDF file you desire to search.

In the Google Docs app on your iPhone, tap
More than > Find and Supplant. Type the search term y’all want to notice and tap
Search. To see and scroll through every time the word is used, utilize the arrows at the top of the screen.

To search your presentation for specific words or phrases, tap the Detect icon (Magnifying Lens) in the upper-correct corner of PowerPoint for iPhone. Then, type a give-and-take or phrase you lot want to search for. For more than search options, tap the Options icon to the left of the search box.

  • Swipe downwardly in the notes list to reveal the search box.
  • Tap the search box, and so blazon what you’re looking for. You lot tin also select a suggested search, such as “notes with drawings,” then enter boosted text to refine your search. If a annotation is locked, but its championship appears in the search results.

To search for a word within a particular Annotation, tap on the three horizontal dots icon on the top correct corner and so tap on the “Notice in Note” choice.

You lot can search for words or phrases in the Letters app on iPhone with two congenital-in features – Messages search bar and Spotlight search. You tin can search your text message conversations using either the Messages app’southward search bar or the iOS Spotlight feature.

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