Can You Charge Apple Pencil With Iphone

By | 11/10/2022

If you’ve got an Apple Pencil for your iPad Pro and an iPhone then information technology’due south only natural to wonder. Tin you accuse an Apple Pencil with your iPhone? Apple products are generally compatible and then it just makes sense.

You can accuse your Apple Pencil with your iPhone, just at that place are some caveats. Offset, you lot likely will non be able to come across how much charge information technology has gotten until you plug it into your iPad Pro. As well, you can only charge the 1st Generation Apple Pencils in this way.

In this article we’ll walk you lot through the process of charging your Apple Pencil with your iPhone so that yous’ll know how it is done and we’ll tell you what you need to know virtually the caveats along the way.

How to charge your Apple tree pencil 1st Generation with your iPhone

Your 1st Generation Apple Pencils are indeed chargeable with your iPhone and it all has to do with the Lightning port connector nether the caps. This port volition allow you to simply connect a Lightning cable to your Apple Pencil and then yous can plug it in to your iPhone, iPad, MacBook… pretty much any Apple product that supports the cablevision volition do.

The caveat to this procedure is going to be in the Batteries widget. While this widget will bear witness y’all what accuse level your Apple Pencil has if it is plugged into your iPad Pro, with the iPhone yous likely won’t see where your accuse is.

Yes, it will charge the Apple Pencil, but to see how far the accuse has progressed you will likely demand to plug it back into your iPad Pro.

Ability drain is also a consideration. While this method will accuse your Apple Pencil speedily, information technology will also bleed your bombardment faster. We should as well note that while you may accuse the Apple Pencil on your iPhone, you cannot use the Apple tree Pencil at it requires more than specialized features that will non be nowadays on your phone.

Why can’t I charge a 2nd Generation Apple tree Pencil with my iPhone?

The charging method that works for your 1st Generation Apple Pencil will not work with the 2d Generation model. This is because the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil incorporates wireless charging, rather than using the Lightning cable as the 1st Generation does.

As such, if you lot take a 2nd Generation Apple Pencil then you will need to stick to supported wireless products from Apple or compatible 3rd political party vendors.

How do I bank check the Apple Pencil charge using the batteries widget on iPad Pro?

If yous cull to charge your 1st Generation Apple Pencil with your iPhone, nosotros accept advised that you’ll have to check the charge levels on your iPad Pro. If you aren’t familiar yet with the Batteries widget, we’ll give y’all the steps that you demand to cheque your charge levels with information technology beneath:

  • Connect your Apple tree Pencil to your iPad Pro. The Batteries widget will be automatically loaded on your screen. You lot’ll demand to swipe left on your screen to bring up the ‘Today view’ and and so swipe upwards to run across the Batteries widget.
  • You should see the Batteries widget at present and it will show you the percentage of charge that your Apple Pencil is currently holding. If you do non encounter it here, don’t worry, nosotros can quickly add the widget if it was not created automatically.

Adding the Batteries widget manually

If the Batteries widget was not added when you connected your Apple tree Pencil, simply use the following steps to install it manually:

  • Find an empty spot on your Home screen and so printing down your stylus or finger and hold information technology in place for a few seconds. This volition put your iPad Pro into ‘Jiggle way’ and then that we may add together your widget.
  • Select the ‘+’ icon on your screen. You should see it in the upper-left corner of your iPad Pro display.
  • After selecting the ‘+’, a widgets popular-up should brandish on your screen and yous want to select the option which is labelled ‘Batteries’.
  • Select your preferred size and choose ‘Add widget’ and you are done! Your Batteries widget should exist installed and volition give y’all an accurate reading on your Apple Pencil accuse levels.

In conclusion: You lot tin can accuse your Apple tree Pencil on iPhone but in that location are caveats

Equally you tin can see, charging your 1st Generation Apple Pencil on your iPhone is indeed something that yous tin can exercise, merely at that place are caveats. You won’t be able to come across the charge levels without switching to your iPad Pro and while the charge is fast, it as well puts a noticeable bleed on your iPhone battery.

That said, if y’all need to charge your 1st Generation Apple Pencil in a pinch, your iPhone will definitely go the job done! Just follow the steps which we take detailed today and this picayune Apple tree Pencil charging hack is at present yours to use every bit-needed!

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