Can I Lock My Child’s Iphone Remotely

There is a huge risk for your personal information to get lost in example you cease up losing or misplacing your iPhone or Android device. If you realize that your iPhone or Android gadget has been left in a public place, it might be prudent to safeguard its contents until yous get it safely back in your hands. Amongst the very first actions that yous can accept will be to lock the phone by setting a passcode such that it is incommunicable for whatever other person to make employ of your iPhone or Android gadget. Moreover, he volition also not exist able to admission your personal info or even modify your settings. This article is going to mention some strategic means on how to remotely lock iPhone and Android device.

How to Remotely Lock iPhone Using iCloud

How to Remotely Lock Samsung Galaxy with Samsung Observe My Mobile

How to Remotely Lock Android Phone Using with Google’s Detect My Device

How to Remotely Lock iPhone Using iCloud

In case you do non accept your iPhone in your possession, it is very much likely that you won’t exist able to see it once again unless of course a few measures are taken to overcome the state of affairs. For this, you lot might enable the Lost Mode option for the gadget in question if you think that someone else has found it or information technology has been stolen by anyone. The Lost Mode feature will permit you lot to lock your iPhone and then that information technology would not exist possible for any other private to see your personal info. Moreover, the app will furthermore help you to monitor any alter of location of the iPhone. Make use of Lost Mode immediately in instance you lot are non able to find your gadget and then that you are able to monitor its location. On top of that, you can as well switch on the Lost Mode feature for your well-nigh and dear ones provided the Family Sharing has been prepare. However, you cannot take advantage of this innovative feature unless your iPhone satisfies the minimum system specifications.

Turning on Lost Mode or Locking the iPhone:

Step one:
Go to on your calculator browser. Make use of your Apple ID for signing in to Discover My iPhone on your device. (It is actually the one yous’re using with iCloud).


After log in, tap ‘Find iPhone’ feature.

iCloud Main

Step 2:
Tap the gadget you lot would similar to lock in the Devices list. In example Family Sharing has been gear up, the devices of your family unit members are going to announced below their corresponding names.

iCloud Find my iPhone

Step three:
Following this, you need to tap Actions, and after that tap either Lock or Lost Mode.

iCloud Find my iPhone Erase

Step 4:
Stick to the on-screen guidelines while bearing the following in heed:

a. It may be the fact that the iPhone has a passcode, and in that case, it is imperative to unlock the gadget. Or else, yous will be required to create a passcode right at present.
b. In case you lot are making an attempt to place the iPhone of any of your family members in Lost Mode, and the gadget does not take whatever passcode set, you demand to enter that individual’s Apple ID on this gadget.
If you are making utilize of another person’s device, you need to sign out of Detect My iPhone once the procedure is completed.

How to Remotely Lock Samsung Galaxy with Samsung Find My Mobile

Now, almost every Samsung mobile includes an innovative tool known as Find My Phone which will help yous to track and also lock any Samsung device that has been lost. Y’all’ll be able to find this lost Samsung phone app on the dwelling screen and information technology is very simple to fix upwards too. At that place is no need to exist concerned about your personal info getting lost once you lose your Samsung mobile thanks to this versatile app. All y’all need to do will be to go to the Samsung lost phone site and follow the required steps.
Initially, y’all need to set up your Samsung telephone lost account on the gadget.

Step i:
Go to settings. Tap the “Settings” icon on the home screen, and after that tap on the “Lock Screen and Security” icon.

Footstep ii:
Finalise the settings of your Samsung business relationship. Navigate to the Samsung Find My Phone selection, and after that tap “Samsung Account”. Following this, you’ll be asked to submit your business relationship information.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Once you end up losing your Samsung gadget y’all can always get to the tracking website of Samsung where y’all’ll exist able to lock or track your device. However, you need to apply other Samsung or Android phone for this. Yous may use Notice My Phone option to verify call logs of as many as fifty calls, wipe information from the device and too lock your power button as well as Samsung Pay.

Samung Find my Mobile

In one case you lot make a decision to lock the screen, the private possessing the phone will not be capable of accessing the home screen. Instead, he is going to come across a message stating that the phone has been lost and he will also be provided with a number for making a telephone call. You will demand to use a PIN number so as to unlock the screen.

How to Remotely Lock Android Phone Using with Google’s Find My Device

The innovative Notice My Device feature from Google will assist you to locate any stolen or misplaced Android telephone. Find My Device feature functions only like the other locator services including Find My Mobile from Samsung, but the good thing is that you lot’re going to receive an app intended specifically for the Android gadgets. Hither nosotros have provided a step-by-step information on how to begin with Find My Device.

Step 1:
Enable the settings
The majority of the Android phones can be made to work with Find My Device feature by logging into your ain Google account while y’all’re online and you likewise need to turn on its Location characteristic. Several Android phones come up with special security features which do not let the erase feature to operate. In order to make certain, you lot tin can always go to Settings > Google > Security. The locator feature is going to be activated by default under the Android Device Manager department. You need to tap on the slider abreast the “Permit remote lock and erase” selection so as to actuate remote information wipe.

Enable Find my Phone

In case y’all own whatever sometime Android phone, you need to go to the Google Settings application, and following this, you need to tap on the Android Device Manager. Adjacent, the box beside “Allow remote factory reset” has to be tapped on so as to actuate remote data wipe, and so you demand to tap on Activate.

Step 2:
Download the application
It is imperative to go to the Play Store and so every bit to make utilise of Find My Device, and the Find My Device awarding has to be installed on some other gadget, for instance, a tablet or a phone. It is imperative to download that detail app listing “Google Inc.” as the developer given that there are several apps with identical names.

Google Find my Device

Following this, you need to log in using your Google account. Y’all might be prompted to permit Find My device to employ location information. Continue past clicking “Accept”.

A dashboard is going to pop up once you lot log in, and information technology will inform yous regarding the location of your phone along with several other options. Ane of those options is going to exist the Lock choice which can bear witness to be helpful in case you’d like to lock your Android phone so that nobody tin can access your information while you lot are attempting to recover the device. Click the “Lock” option then as to lock your gadget. After this, you demand to enter the new countersign a couple of times, add anyone’due south contact number who might accept institute your Android phone, and then yous demand to tap on the Lock button. This will lock the device instantly one time the control is delivered to the gadget.


Your smartphone happens to be amidst the about important things which you comport with y’all every day. In fact, information technology contains all your of import information including emails, your personal info, and and so on. In example you lot have misplaced or lost your iPhone or Android gadget, information technology is imperative to invest a considerable amount of time to find it. For this, you can e’er use any of the above-mentioned techniques which can help you to trace back your iPhone or Android device successfully.


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