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By | 06/10/2022

All of my incoming calls are going straight to voicemail equally if my phone is off when information technology’due south not. Do Not Disturb is not on and I’ve reset my telephone as well as resetting network settings.”

1 effect that some Android users take been running into lately is their calls going straight to voicemail Android. If this is happening to yous, also, and you cannot pick up your calls because they get straight to your voicemail, y’all need to fix the underlying event to forestall your calls from straight reaching your voicemail.

In that location are many setting options that can change the call behavior on your telephone. If yous are non sure why are my calls going directly to voicemail Android, the post-obit guide describes some of the possible methods to fix this problem on your Android phone.

1. Did Yous Have “Forward Calls to Voicemail” Enabled?

One of the reasons your phone goes direct to voicemail is that y’all have the call forwarding option enabled on your device. This pick must be disabled if you lot want to be able to pick up calls on your phone.

  • Launch the Phone app, tap the three-dots at the summit, and select Settings.
  • Select Calling accounts and so cull your SIM card.
  • Tap Telephone call forwarding and ensure the option is turned off.

    why are my calls going straight to voicemail android

Your calls should non exist forwarded anymore on your phone.

two. Did You Have “Call Barring” Disabled?

Calling disallowment is however another reason your phone goes straight to voicemail iPhone. To set this effect, you can disable the call barring option on your device.

  • Head into Telephone app > Settings > Calling accounts and choose your SIM carte du jour.
  • Tap Call disallowment and ensure the option is turned off.

    calls going straight to voicemail on android

That should ready the telephone call outcome on your telephone.

iii. Did You lot Add together the Numbers in Auto Reject List

If it is sure telephone numbers whose calls are going straight to your voicemail, you might have added those numbers into your block or auto-refuse list.

You can verify that every bit follows and potentially fix the phone goes directly to voicemail without ringing outcome.

  • Open the Phone app, tap the iii-dots at the top-right, and select Settings.
  • Tap Blocked numbers.
  • Ensure the phone number you are getting calls from is not listed here.

    unblock number to fix calls going straight to voicemail on android

You should start getting calls once you have unblocked the caller’s telephone number.

4. Did You Have “Bluetooth” Disabled?

Sometimes, your phone thinks that you are continued to a Bluetooth device fifty-fifty though you lot accept already asunder from the device. One way to get around this and to fix my phone goes direct to voicemail is to disable Bluetooth completely on your phone.

  • Pull down from the top of your phone’s screen.
  • Tap the Bluetooth icon to plough Bluetooth off.

    phone goes straight to voicemail

See if yous can now receive calls.

5. Did You Take “Exercise Not Disturb” Disabled?

Do Not Disturb must exist disabled in order to receive calls on your device. While enabling and disabling this option is pretty easy on near phones, you will need to toggle a sure option on Google’due south Pixel telephone.

On a Pixel phone, you demand to open the Voice app, tap the menu, select Settings, and then choose Practice Not Disturb. So, tap the Calendar option and ensure your working hours are properly specified.

6. Are You in The Network Coverage with Your Carrier?

It might be as simple a affair as you are not in your coverage area and so your calls are being routed to your voicemail.

Make sure y’all have proper network coverage on your phone.

7. Did Your SIM Card Shift or Damage?

Yous might desire to check your SIM carte and see if information technology is physically damaged or if it has been improperly inserted into your phone.

Pull out the SIM card tray and set up the position of the menu. And then, check if you can receive calls.

If the SIM card is damaged, achieve out to your carrier and ask them to replace the carte du jour.

Bonus Tips. How to Recover Lost Calls on Android Phone without Root?

The my telephone goes straight to voicemail Samsung issue can really make you lose many calls on your device. If this has made yous lose any call entries from your call log, you can utilize a dedicated tool to recover your lost calls.

Tenorshare UltData for Android
is a superb tool to recover many types of information on your Android device. You tin utilise this tool to recover your phone call logs besides, and that too without having root-admission on your phone.

The post-obit shows how to recover lost calles with this program.

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  • Plug-in your Android device to your figurer using a USB cablevision. Run the above mentioned tool and click Recover Lost Data in information technology.

    my phone goes straight to voicemail samsung
  • Plow on USB debugging on your device, if you have not already done then. Tick Call History since you want to recover telephone call logs, so click Start.

    my phone goes straight to voicemail
  • Choose the calls y’all would similar to recover, and click Recover at the bottom-right corner.

    phone goes straight to voicemail without ringing

The tool should recover your chosen calls on your device. To avoid farther data loss, you’d better backup call history on Android phone regularly.


Your telephone calls going straight to voicemail can actually make you lose many important calls. If you are frustrated by this outcome and cannot observe a way out, the guide above should help you ready this problem without much hassle. Your calls will so get in direct on your phone.

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