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Battle Axe and Undernauts are going to PlayStation 5

By | 15/09/2022

It’s not easy for whatsoever Television show — whether new or returning — to avert the ax. Some get-go out strong and terminate upwards losing viewers over fourth dimension, while others only can’t brand information technology work in their freshman flavour. Plus, every bit audiences know all too well, cancellations aren’t ever anticipated. While some seem doomed right from the start, others remain on the chimera for some time.

In the coming months, all five major Tv set networks will have to decide which entries from their lineup — from sitcoms to fantasy dramas — will get officially pulled. Here’s a look at 14 shows that may be counting this TV season every bit their last.

X Days in the Valley

A woman holds a missing poster in her hand while talking to a man
Ten Days in the Valley

Fifty-fifty before it premiered, star Kyra Sedgwick knew no one had heard nearly this freshman drama. The lack of fizz in the lead-upwards to its premiere is reflected in its extremely low ratings. The evidence is not only ABC’s everyman-performing new serial, information technology’s also the lowest-performing show in its entire lineup menstruum.

ABC has already taken the first pace toward cancellation, moving the underperforming series from Sunday to the low-trafficked Saturday night later on but iv episodes. The series is existence pulled from Sundays effective immediately and volition take a break before starting its Saturday run in December.

Me, Myself & I

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Me, Myself & I

Well, that was quick. CBS’s freshman generational one-act, starring Bobby Moynihan, is essentially expressionless after just six episodes, making it the first of the fall 2017 TV flavor to striking the chopping block. The network yanked the testify from its lineup, following weeks of depression viewership (an average of iv.96 million viewers put it among the lowest of every CBS bear witness) and a mediocre i.0 score in the key 18-49 demo.

Though the show likely won’t be getting some other flavor, CBS reports the one-act “will render to the schedule at a later engagement” — which typically means viewers tin expect the network to burn off the remaining episodes in a different, less popular time slot.


A group looks through a window at a man standing on a balcony

Some other CBS comedy that’south likely to bite the dust is
9JKL, the sitcom loosely inspired past star Marker Feuerstein and his family. The show earned negative reviews and hasn’t done much better in ratings.

It’s currently pulling an average of 6.i million viewers and a .80 demo score, which, while seemingly not terrible, is far from the lofty standards of the network that’s domicile to juggernauts like
The Big Bang Theory. Given those figures, the show is likely in danger of getting cutting after this season.

The Exorcist

A man holds up a gun
The Exorcist
| Fox

Fox’s second flavour renewal of
The Exorcist
came as a big surprise to many, considering how poorly the show performed the showtime time around. In Season 1, the show averaged a 0.68 rating in the eighteen-49 historic period group and 1.ix million total viewers. That hasn’t improved much in Flavour ii.

Despite the network’southward efforts,
The Exorcist
is currently sitting as the lowest-rated testify in both viewership and demographic in Play a trick on’s entire lineup. With no signs of improving, the horror serial certainly seems doomed.

Wisdom of the Crowd

A group of people stand in a line and stare ahead
Wisdom of the Crowd

CBS is really not having any luck with its new shows. Freshman crime drama
Wisdom of the Oversupply
is also struggling to find an audience, pulling in an boilerplate of 7.six 1000000 viewers. Fifty-fifty more problematically, that viewership is only translating into a 0.9 score in the 18-49 demo.

Combine that with the fact that star Jeremy Piven recently faced public accusations of sexual harassment, and information technology’s easy to see why the network opted to pull the plug on this show after only 13 episodes.


The cast of the Inhumans stand next to each other in line
| Marvel

After finishing its rather unimpressive run this fall, it seems similar the writing is on the wall for Marvel’s
Inhumans. To say the show earned both less attention and praise than the company’southward other Boob tube series is an understatement. The critical response was downright dismal (seriously, but look at that 8% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Considering nobody tin end talking about how terrible the show is, it’s no surprise its ratings are every bit bad. The season finale matched a series low of 1.95 million viewers and a weak 0.5 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo. To put that in perspective, Curiosity’south
Agent Carter
 wrapped up its 2nd flavor with an average of two.35 million viewers and was all the same canceled.

At this indicate, the simply possible reason for this evidence to continue is considering information technology’s tied to a larger, powerful brand. If Disney intervenes,
could notice itself safe, although we’re not betting on it.

The Brave

A group stands in a line and walks
The Dauntless

In addition to earning by and large negative reviews in its debut season, NBC’s undercover war machine drama is merely performing modestly so far. The show has earned an boilerplate of 5.1 meg viewers and a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demo — not terrible, merely not exactly great either.

Depending on the balance of the season, the drama could detect itself in trouble. For now,
The Dauntless’s fate remains a scrap of a toss-up.

Great News

Two women stand next to each other
Great News

NBC surprised many by opting to renew this well-reviewed, but low-rated comedy for a 2d flavor. Unfortunately, Season 2 hasn’t improved much in viewership, despite once once more earning dandy reviews.

The show is earning an boilerplate of three.9 million viewers this season and a 0.ix in the key demo. Given that the network already gave it a second run a risk and other potentially more than successful comedies are on deck for leap, it doesn’t wait like “great news” (pardon the pun) for this prove after all.


Two soldiers stand next to each other
| The CW

Military dramas don’t seem to be panning out for any networks this season. Similar
The Dauntless, The CW’southward
hasn’t been able to depict much of an audience and so far. Though the show has been pulling in an boilerplate of 1.02 1000000 viewers so far this season, its rating among the cardinal eighteen-49 demo is a very low 0.23.

Unless those numbers improve (and fast), the freshman series may detect itself on the chopping block sooner rather than afterwards.

Brooklyn Ix-9

Two men stand and look at each other
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
| Fox

The veteran police comedy is currently the 2nd lowest-rated bear witness on Play a trick on’s lineup, earning an average of 1.7 one thousand thousand viewers and a 0.65 demo score. That puts it in jeopardy of cancellation, particularly when combined with the fact that the serial will cantankerous its 100-episode marker in early 2018 and is already set for a streaming bargain on Hulu and syndication on TBS.

Since it’due south not really adding much to Fox’s lesser line at this point, information technology seems unlikely the channel will bring it back for another season.

Once Upon a Time

Alice stands and stares ahead
Once Upon a Fourth dimension

This was one time one of ABC’s biggest hits, but it’s now a shadow of its quondam cocky. Following the departure of several of its principal stars later on Season vi, the network decided to endeavour to reinvent the show without them in Flavor 7. Then far, that doesn’t seem to be working out very well.

The prove is the second worst-performing show in ABC’southward lineup, barely beating
Ten Days in the Valley

with an average of 2.5 million viewers and a 0.4 score. That’s low, even for its Fri night time slot. With that in heed, it’due south likely this long-running fantasy drama will come across its end after this season.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the Earth

A man sits with his arms folded on a table
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Information technology looks like Kevin actually isn’t saving the world yet. The ABC freshman comedy’s ratings so far oasis’t been very strong, garnering an average of 3.1 meg viewers and 0.75 demo score. That being said, viewers shouldn’t write the show off but yet.

Despite beingness among the network’s lowest-performing series (and its actual lowest-rated comedy), Kevin got an additional three-episode order from ABC in November — a small but definite sign of confidence that may have been partially spurred past the testify’southward decent reviews.

Depending on how the rest of the season pans out, the show could have a shot at a renewal, only isn’t a sure affair.

The Blacklist

James Spader sits on a bench outside in a fedora and coat
The Blacklist

Consider NBC’s veteran serial,
The Blacklist, on the chimera. The drama isn’t doing as well great ratings-wise (an average of five.six million viewers and a 0.ix demo), only that really isn’t very far off from Season 4’s ratings.

At that place’s likewise the Netflix factor to consider. The service is currently paying $two million an episode to include information technology in its streaming collection. That, combined with its relatively steady ratings, could be plenty motivation for NBC to keep information technology around for at least i more than round of episodes, but fans volition accept to wait to detect out for certain.

The Terminal Human on World

A bearded man sits on a messy floor in a green hoodie
The Last Man On Earth
| Fox

Play a trick on’s
The Last Man on Earth
is also facing an uncertain future, although the network’s decision could get either manner as of now. It’s far from a big ratings winner, but it as well hasn’t dipped much since last season, with a current boilerplate of 2.0 1000000 viewers and 0.85 demo score.

Though it’due south not definitively on the chopping cake, the lackluster ratings mean it’s too not safe from the ax.

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