Are Iphone 13 Pro Max Waterproof

By | 11/10/2022

With the release of the new iPhone serial, we go tons of new features, but something didn’t modify; Apple tree still claims that the devices enjoy water and grit resistance. However, it is good to know that if you lot’d like to utilize your smartphone during wet surround activities such every bit snorkeling, diving, pond, or surfing, actress protection is recommended to forestall damages. Should you want to know what the best waterproof case for iPhone 13, Mini, Pro and Pro Max model is, this list will aid to make up one’s mind what model to get.

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  • Is the iPhone thirteen waterproof? Why do you need a case?
  • Acme three iPhone thirteen waterproof cases
    • Temdan iPhone 13 Waterproof Case
    • Oterkin Full Sealed Case with Built-in Screen Protector for iPhone 13
    • SeaLife Underwater Smartphone Example
  • Waterproof cases for iPhone 13 Mini
    • SPIDERCASE iPhone 13 Mini Instance
    • GOLDJU for iPhone 13 Mini IP68 Underwater Total Body Protective Case
    • JOTO IPX8 Universal Cellphone Dry Bag
  • Recommended iPhone 13 Pro underwater cases
    • Temdan iPhone thirteen Pro Full Torso Rugged Instance
    • Oneagle Heavy Duty Protective IP68 Underwater Encompass for iPhone 13 Pro
    • Fansteck Diving Phone Case for iPhone xiii Pro
  • Best iPhone 13 Pro Max waterproof cases
    • Eonfine iPhone 13 Pro Max IP68 Waterproof Full Body Cover
    • Hoguomy Full Trunk Cover for iPhone xiii Pro Max
    • Saupsitnz Waterproof Instance Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Is the iPhone 13 waterproof? Why practise you demand a case?

Your iPhone 13, in any size, has an Ingress Protection rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529. This means that it is inherently water resistant for 30 minutes to a maximum depth of 6m/20ft, whether it goes in the water on purpose or accidentally. According to Apple, this water resistance is universal and applies to salt, fresh and pool water too.

Still, this protection was testes nether lab weather condition and meant to brand the device survive certain incidents only, so it doesn’t salve your smartphone from steady stream of h2o or erosion caused past salty water. Therefore, getting an iPhone xiii waterproof case is highly recommended for those desire their device to exist protected in extreme weather.

Apple iPhone 13 smartphone

A waterproof case for iPhone 13 models will plow your water-resistant telephone into a waterproof 1. Too, information technology will provide your device with other benefits such every bit protection against clay and a meliorate risk of surviving a drop, no affair how hard it falls or what it lands in.

Acme 3 iPhone xiii waterproof cases

Temdan iPhone thirteen Waterproof Case

The Temdan iPhone 13 Waterproof Case volition proceed your phone protected from much more than h2o. Formulated to fit the 2021 release iPhone 13 six.1″, information technology will fully cover your precious telephone but thanks to the clear design, won’t affect the cameras’ performance and will still show the color of the device.

Temdan Full Body Rugged iPhone 13 Case

Temdan Full Torso Rugged iPhone 13 Case

  • IP68 waterproof and premium daze protective cover
  • perfect for daily utilize, underwater activities and outdoor sports
  • like shooting fish in a barrel snap-on blueprint, quick installation

Not only does this cover offer IP68 protection from water penetration, simply enjoying Military Standard 810G-516 shockproof rating, this ii-part encompass will protect your phone also from drops up to 2m/6.6ft. Getting this cover on and off is quick. Simply snap it in place and enjoy stupor, drib, dirt, dust, h2o and scratch protection in all atmospheric condition!

Oterkin Full Sealed Case with Built-in Screen Protector for iPhone 13

Double upwards the IP68 protection that your iPhone offers by snapping this Oterkin cover on it! Immediately, your phone will exist safely submersible for xxx minutes up to 2m/6.half dozen’ and protected confronting drinking glass breakage and scratches.


Oterkin Case for iPhone 13

Oterkin Case for iPhone xiii

  • shockproof dustproof total-sealed design with built-in screen protector for iPhone thirteen 6.ane inch
  • made from premium materials providing great texture with authentic buttons
  • equipped with shock-absorption corners to provide protection confronting drops and impacts, with built-in screen protector to prevent scratches

For extra safety, the Oterkin iPhone xiii waterproof case also has stupor absorption corners to reduce the impact of drops, and besides a raised lip around the perimeter of the dorsum of the telephone to save the high-cease cameras. And the all-time is, that this Oterkin encompass won’t make your device beefy or affect wireless charging capability!

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SeaLife Underwater Smartphone Example

Serious photographers will love the SeaLife Underwater Smartphone Example. This is not strictly an iPhone 13 instance simply universal: information technology can be used as an underwater embrace for whatsoever properly sized phone including about Android and iPhone models from 7 and upwardly. It is designed for deeper depths than the IP68 rated cases nosotros listed here: using a cam-lock sealing mechanism, this case can dive downwardly to 130ft/40m. For extra safety, visual and audible alarms notify if the case is not properly sealed.

SeaLife Scuba Underwater Smartphone Case

SeaLife Scuba Underwater Smartphone Example

  • professional person smartphone underwater case for Android and iPhone models up to 130ft/40m
  • fully sealed pattern using cam-lock sealing mechanism, with safety alarm that activates if the case is not properly sealed
  • removable colour correction filter included to restore natural colors, product is too equipped with iii 1/four-20 tripod type mounting locations

The SeaLife is an ideal diving example for iPhone xiii for those who are interested in underwater photography just want to keep their gear light. Within this production, your phone will be completely covered while the access to all camera control settings similar focus, zoom, lens option etc… won’t be affected.

With actress underwater color correction filter included, your underwater images will be bright and naturally colored. Moreover, an anti-fog wet capsule ensures your pictures come up out clear. If you’d like to be submerged in the colorful undersea earth and capture its beauty in high quality, this is one of the best underwater cases for iPhone models you can get today!

Waterproof cases for iPhone 13 Mini

SPIDERCASE iPhone xiii Mini Case

If you love the keen outdoors, the SPIDERCASE iPhone 13 Mini may be just what you lot need to proceed your phone rubber from weather condition weather. Its protection options include guarding the device against shocks, dirt and dust, water and snow. The hearty plastic front cover means that your phone will be less likely to become scratched, and the protective phone rim will cushion it from bumps and shocks.

SPIDERCASE Designed for iPhone 13 Mini

SPIDERCASE Designed for iPhone 13 Mini

  • peculiarly tested iPhone 13 mini case that makes your phone resistant not only against water but also scratches, dirt and drops
  • with transparent front end and rear photographic camera lens covers that allow the user to take loftier-quality Hard disk photos and videos even underwater
  • buttons work precisely so you can experience the same responsive tactile feedback as without the embrace

This iPhone comprehend is easy to install, feels very comfortable in manus, doesn’t make your phone bulky merely still solid. The clear design allows the original color of the telephone to announced. Suitable for everyday use and outdoor activities, this is a skilful choice if you don’t want to spend a bunch of coin on a branded example simply yet desire to requite your precious device an extra layer of protection.

GOLDJU for iPhone 13 Mini IP68 Underwater Total Torso Protective Case

Those who put themselves, and their phones through some rough patches should consider getting a full-trunk protective embrace like the GOLDJU IP68 case for iPhone xiii Mini. The 360-degree completely enclosed design with IP68 certification ensures total protection regardless of the activeness you are planning to do: transparent plastic cover keeps away grit, dirt and scratches from the forepart screen, while the raised edge prevents your photographic camera from getting bumped if you’re hiking to a favorite spot or climbing over rocks.

GOLDJU iPhone 13 Mini Waterproof Case

GOLDJU iPhone xiii Mini Waterproof Case

  • full body protection instance designed to exist waterproof for whatever underwater activities; tin be submerged underwater for 6.6ft/1 hr
  • made of highly durable plastic and silicone material, which makes information technology shock, driblet and dustproof too
  • each functional push button and wireless charging work perfectly

Best of all, the GOLDJU allows your device to exist submerged underwater for 6.6ft/2m upward to ane hour making information technology a nifty choice for water-related outdoor activities such as surfing, swimming or snorkeling. Thanks to the anti-slip TPU edges, a secure grip is guaranteed even when the cover gets wet. Using this waterproof case on your iPhone 13 Mini can be a lifesaver in daily use also. If your phone gets underwater accidentally, you don’t need to worry that information technology gets damaged!

JOTO IPX8 Universal Cellphone Dry Bag

Headed to the beach? And so you need the JOTO IPX8 Universal Cellphone Dry Purse in your gear pocketbook! This locking purse is a upkeep-friendly option for those who’d like to protect their loved phones and tablets against elements that can hands cause impairment to these devices’ sensitive electronics. On top of this, such waterproof pouches will also hold your other necessaries such as ID, credit cards, a flake of greenbacks and car key and so you tin put your mind at ease while yous swim, snorkel, waterski or surf.

JOTO Universal IPX8 Waterproof Pouch

JOTO Universal IPX8 Waterproof Pouch

  • ii-Pack universal size waterproof case dry out bag, fits all smartphones upwards to 7 inch diagonal size
  • with secure snap and lock access to keep out water, snowfall, dust, sand, and clay
  • 100 anxiety IPX8 waterproof rating

Even better, when you place your smartphone in this little dry bag and seal information technology up, this dry handbag will piece of work exactly every bit a waterproof case; yous will be able to fully submerge it and accept underwater pictures while pond or snorkeling since full affect screen functionality will be maintained. For proper installation, follow the installation guideline and test the pouch equally instructed just to be sure information technology locks securely!

Recommended iPhone 13 Pro underwater cases

Temdan iPhone xiii Pro Full Trunk Rugged Case

A smartphone is more just a way to talk to folks. It besides gives the states the chance to record the memories we make in diverse, often harsh ecology weather, so it deserves loftier-level protection If you are an adrenaline junkie with an interest in sports that involve water such as diving, snorkeling, surfing or kayaking, you demand this Temdan waterproof case for your iPhone 13 Pro that will not but protect it merely as well helps you get the best shots both above and below the h2o.


Temdan iPhone 13 Pro Case

Temdan iPhone 13 Pro Case

  • 2021 released case, completely fit in iPhone 13 Pro’s speaker, buttons, sensors, cameras
  • full-torso protection: congenital-in screen protector, scratch-resistant back panel, shock absorption corners
  • perfect for any underwater activities, outdoor sports and daily use, waterproof up to six.6ft/2m underwater for 30 minutes

This iPhone thirteen Pro waterproof case not only increases your device’southward IP 68 rating but exceeding armed forces standards, it protects against shocks and drops too from half dozen.6’/2 m. Snapping this comprehend on, you’ll go high-level protection while placing no limitations on advice. The piece of cake-to-open charging port ensures that the audio quality remains unaffected while on a phone call; you will hear and be heard clearly.

Oneagle Heavy Duty Protective IP68 Underwater Cover for iPhone 13 Pro

Your Oneagle Heavy Duty Protective Cover is more than just a terrific iPhone 13 Pro waterproof instance. Besides reinforcing the IP68 protection level of your device and making it rubber to use underwater upwardly to six.6ft/2m for xxx minutes, information technology also offers an air absorber against drops and difficult shocks.

Oneagle for iPhone 13 Pro

Oneagle for iPhone xiii Pro

  • uniform with iPhone 13 pro vi.1 inch, fits perfectly with the speakers, buttons, sensors, cutouts and ports of the camera on the phone
  • extremely waterproof full-sealed; passed the h2o resistance examination of half-dozen.6ft/2m underwater for xxx minutes
  • easy installation; the 2 covers snap-on design makes the case fast to install or accept off in seconds

Should you be worried that your smartphone will wait bulky and ugly when the case is on or its buttons/ports won’t work, don’t do it. Cheers to the slim and transparent design, your iPhone xiii Pro will be equally fashionable as originally with all functions available including Face ID and wireless charging as well. Perfect for everyday use and outdoor sports, you will sure to be happy with this purchase!

Fansteck Diving Phone Instance for iPhone 13 Pro

If you’re looking for a waterproof case for iPhone that can be used while scuba diving too, the Fansteck Diving Phone Example is your go-to tool. This brightly colored underwater instance and will be piece of cake to spot in the event of a dropped phone. It is well-made and sturdy that makes it bulkier than other products in this list, but this is the reason why it can be safely used upwardly to 50ft/15m depth.

Fansteck Diving Phone Case

Fansteck Diving Phone Case

  • professional person diving and snorkeling example that allows you to employ dorsum and front cameras
  • full sealed pattern with 360-caste protection: it can isolate dust, water, sandstorms and withstand soil impurities
  • compatible with Apple series from iPhone 6 and upwardly likewise as with many Samsung Galaxy models from S6 – Make sure your phone model is suitable for our diving instance earlier purchasing

On peak of the extended underwater usability, this total sealed case volition besides keep your telephone safe from dust, dirt, rain and thank you to its Military Standard rating, it will withstand drops from 10ft/3m peak.

Unlike most other cases, in that location is no need to download an app with Fansteck; just prepare the book button as ‘shutter’ and plow on the photographic camera or video before going underwater. The parcel too includes a examination cloth and then you tin can accept the waterproof seal out for a double cheque, just to be sure that it works as promised.

Best iPhone xiii Pro Max waterproof cases

Eonfine iPhone 13 Pro Max IP68 Waterproof Full Body Encompass

For those who love to carry their phone on a run, bicycle ride or boat trip, the Eonfine iPhone 13 Pro Max Comprehend is a great option that is designed to be submersible upwardly to 2m/6.6ft for half an hour. You lot can take your photos, send texts, and phone call equally usual while protecting your telephone against drops, h2o and clay.

Eonfine Heavy Duty Shockproof Cover for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Eonfine Heavy Duty Shockproof Cover for iPhone thirteen Pro Max

  • 360-degree protection example to provide protection against water/snow/wet/dust while whatsoever underwater activities, outdoor or daily use
  • precise fit for iPhone 13 Pro Max with easy access to and all ports and buttons
  • sleek design that follows your phone’s precision lines

Your photographic camera will appreciate the extra bumper around the edge of this hearty waterproof case for iPhone thirteen Pro Max. In add-on, in that location’due south an anti-scratch backplate that protects just allows wireless charging without taking off the case. Since this comprehend is transparent, information technology still shows the phone’s original colour and blueprint. Finally, your Eonfine does nothing to limit the responsiveness of whatsoever buttons or touchscreen in your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Hoguomy Full Body Embrace for iPhone thirteen Pro Max

In addition to being an excellent waterproof instance for iPhone 13 Max, the Hoguomy Full Body Comprehend offers armed services-course protection confronting shocks and jolts. Those who spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly hikers, climbers, surfers, or boaters desire their phone to withstand harsh conditions and then they can share the view of the earth from their perspective. If your outdoor plans include such activities, you demand the Hoguomy waterproof case on your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Hoguomy iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Hoguomy iPhone 13 Pro Max Example

  • heavy duty water and shock-proof embrace for iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch 5G 2021 release
  • waterproof up to 6.6ft/2m underwater for 30 minutes, perfect for whatsoever underwater activities, outdoor sports and daily use
  • actress protection with congenital-in Hd plastic screen protector to forestall scratches and shock absorbing features

With this cover, y’all will lose zero, from touch-screen capabilities, wireless charging access and connection port access but will gain a lot of confidence and protection. The precise cutouts ensure that all buttons are easy to press and work properly, also as the fingerprint reader, wireless charging and bear upon sensitivity. If you lot’re looking for a solid choice at a reasonable price, the Hoguomy case may be a expert pick!

Saupsitnz Waterproof Case Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Saupsitnz iPhone 13 Pro Max Comprehend is ideally suited for those who love to use their telephone in the great outdoors. This protective case fits close and offers terrific visibility, touchscreen sensitivity, and cord access. Fifty-fifty better, while wrapped in this comprehend, your phone tin survive not only water, but besides dirt and dust.

Saupsitnz Case Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Saupsitnz Example Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • snug-fitting iPhone xiii Pro Max case with precise cutouts to provide you lot with like shooting fish in a barrel access to all ports, speakers, camera, buttons and other features
  • IP68 Certified, waterproof up to 6.6ft/2m for i hr, perfect for whatsoever underwater activities, outdoor sports and daily apply
  • it will not block wireless charging, phone remains good sound quality when calling, listening to music etc…

Besides these amazing features, the shock-absorbing TPU and PC materials combined with reinforced corners make this production to withstand shocks and falls up to 6.6 feet/2m. It won’t affect any functions of your device; the wireless charging will work and it will too show the original beauty of your phone, then if you’d like to get an iPhone xiii Pro Max waterproof instance at a great price, consider the Saupsitnz cover!

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