Apple Watch Series 8 And Apple Watch Pro: Rumors, Release Date, And More

By | 30/08/2022

Nosotros’re still a couple weeks away from the rumored September vii launch of the Apple Watch Serial eight, merely we’ve been hearing plenty of details most Apple’southward next-generation wrist-worn device.

Apple Watch Series 8 What We Know Feature 2

This guide aggregates everything we know well-nigh the Apple Watch Series 8 and then far based on rumors. Annotation that these features have yet to be confirmed, and Apple’s plans could modify.


Prior to the release of the Apple Watch Serial vii, multiple rumors suggested Apple was working on a refreshed blueprint with apartment edges like to the flat edges of the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro, but that didn’t cease upwardly happening.

Rumors now suggest that the college-terminate version of the Apple Watch Serial 8 could feature a similar sort of design with a flat brandish, but the device is not expected to go flat edges. Leaker ShrimpApplePro recently said that “in that location is a flat front glass brandish” being developed for the Apple Watch and there’s a “loftier risk” that it’south destined for the Apple Lookout Series viii.

The standard Apple Watch Serial 8 models are expected to feature the aforementioned design equally the ‌Apple Spotter Series 7‌ with no updates to the chassis.

Size Options

One Apple tree Lookout Serial 8 model coming in 2022 will feature a five pct larger display, according to display analyst Ross Young. The Apple Sentry is said to take a brandish size of 1.99 inches diagonally, which would exist slightly larger than the 1.901-inch diagonal size of the 45mm ‌Apple Spotter Series 7‌. The picket could measure out in at 47mm, making information technology 2mm bigger than current largest Apple Watch.

According to
Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, the larger Apple Watch will exist the “rugged” model that’south in the works.


The Apple Watch Serial 8 could be available in Midnight, Starlight, Production(RED), and Silvery, according to rumors.

Rugged “Pro” Apple Watch

Apple is working on an “extreme sports” version of the Apple Watch that will feature a larger screen and a metal casing that’s better able to stand up to abuse.

Aimed at athletes, hikers, and others who experience more extreme atmospheric condition when wearing their Apple Watches, the new device will be Apple’south biggest to date. The brandish will measure in at almost 2 inches diagonally, which is larger than the 1.9-inch diagonal screen size of the current ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌ and the planned Apple tree Spotter Series viii.

It will have approximately seven percentage more screen expanse than the 45mm ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌, and a brandish resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. Gurman speculates that Apple may use the extra brandish area to provide more than fitness metrics on the Apple Sentry face at one time. Apple is expected to brand the new Apple tree Watch out of titanium, which means that it could replace or get the Apple Watch Edition that currently exists.

At that place is no word on what Apple tree will phone call this new lookout, merely information technology will include improved affect resistance and protection thanks to the new titanium alloy. It volition include a more shatter-resistant screen and it’s also going to have a larger battery to accommodate longer workout times. The college-end rugged version of the Apple Watch could exist priced at effectually $900, making it more expensive than the electric current Apple tree Scout models.

Because of its loftier price tag, Apple is expecting to ship merely 1 million units of the larger Apple tree Watch Series viii model.

S8 Flake

The Apple Lookout Serial 8 will feature an S8 scrap that will take the same specifications equally the S7, which ways no major improvements to speed or efficiency. Apple’s 2023 Apple Watch models will instead get an all-new processor.

Low-Power Mode

The upcoming Apple Scout may feature an updated low power way that would permit more functions to piece of work while battery life is existence preserved.

Possible Wellness Features

According to
The Wall Street Journal
and other sources, Apple tree is developing several new health features for future Apple tree Watch models. These include blood-pressure level monitoring, a thermometer for fertility and sleep tracking, sleep apnea detection, and diabetes detection.

Some of these features could be introduced in the Apple Watch Series 8, but it is not clear if all of these sensors are set up and then Apple tree could as well hold the functionality until a later date.

Women’s health features, sleep updates, new fettle options, and medication management are all features that are set to launch prior to blood pressure level and glucose monitoring, features non expected until 2025 or later.

Temperature Sensor

A body temperature sensor could be added to the Apple tree Watch as soon as 2022, the temperature sensor would initially be used for fertility planning. In hereafter versions of the Apple Watch, information technology could be used to determine if a user has a higher than normal body temperature, only information technology is unlikely to testify an actual measurement.

Apple initially intended to put temperature monitoring in the Serial 7, simply was unable to go information technology to work accurately enough. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that if Apple has improved its algorithm plenty, the series 8 could include the trunk temperature monitoring characteristic.

Skin temperature can vary based on the environment, and because a smart lookout is unable to monitor core trunk temperature, it is difficult to get an accurate reading without the proper algorithm.

Apple in August was granted a patent for a “high-accurateness” temperature sensor that would exist used in the Apple Watch, and the patent may provide some insight into the temperature sensing capabilities of the Series 8.

apple watch temperature sensor patent

The organization uses a temperature sensor and a differential temperature probe, calculating the deviation between the two ends of the probe. One terminate touches the surface measured, while the other is connected to a sensor. Apple tree’south patent describes a probe that is located on the “dorsum crystal of a smart lookout” and says the system offers “high-precision” and “high-accurateness.”

Sleep Apnea Detection

Apple is aiming to employ the existing blood oxygen sensor to notice slumber apnea, only there are issues with taking frequent readings without significantly impacting bombardment life, so it’due south not articulate if this feature will brand information technology to launch.

Automobile Crash Detection

Apple is developing a crash detection feature for the iPhone and the Apple Watch, which could come out in 2022. It will use sensors similar the accelerometer to detect car accidents when they occur by measuring a fasten in gravitational forcefulness.

When a car crash is detected, the ‌iPhone‌ or the Apple Lookout man would automatically dial emergency services to become help. Since it’due south planned for 2022, this could be a feature designed for the iPhone 14 models and the Apple Spotter Series 8, though information technology’s non likely to be limited to those devices. Information technology will be an expansion of the Autumn Detection feature that’s in existing Apple Watch and ‌iPhone‌ models.

Atrial Fibrillation Improvements

In watchOS 9, Apple is expanding atrial fibrillation detection to calculate “burden,” or how frequently a person is in a state of atrial fibrillation beyond a certain period of fourth dimension.

Activity Tracking Update

According to
Bloomberg‘s ‌Mark Gurman‌, the Apple Sentinel Serial 8 will include “major updates” to activity tracking. There is no discussion on what specifically might change.

Apple Watch Patents

Apple has patented several interesting technologies that could potentially be used in future Apple Scout devices, such as a biometric authentication feature that authenticates identity based on the wearer’s peel blueprint. Such a characteristic would eliminate the demand for a passcode when wearing the Apple tree Watch.

apple watch biometric sensor

Some other patent describes a self-tightening Apple Sentinel band that would adjust during intensive activities like running or working out for authentic middle rate readings, and loosen up afterward. The tightening could too be used for directions, workout reps, and more.

apple watch band indicators

A tertiary patent describes an Apple Watch band with an LED indicator that would visualize the progress of an activity or task, providing a visual indicator when completing a conditioning or an Activity ring, for instance.

Apple in December 2019 published a patent describing how the Apple tree Lookout man could help doctors monitor the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients using sensors to keep track of tremors. Apple believes this method of data tracking will permit users to ameliorate rail their symptoms so they can program activities around symptom patterns.

A 2020 pair of patents suggest Apple is researching Touch ID and an nether-brandish photographic camera for the Apple Watch. Apple describes a side button with an integrated ‌Touch ID‌ fingerprint sensor that could exist used for user identification and device unlocking. Currently, the Apple Watch unlocks with a passcode and also when the paired ‌iPhone‌ is unlocked.

As for an nether-display camera, the patent describes a 2-phase display applied science that includes a camera that is externally visible only when engaged. In 2021, Apple outlined a radical redesign of the Apple Watch in a patent filing, featuring a rounded sentinel face, wrap-around flexible display, and digitally-customizable watch bands.

apple watch wrap around display patent design

Apple has filed several other patents covering the possibility of moving hardware into the Apple Watch’south band, including batteries, speakers, kinetic power generators, haptic feedback devices, and even cameras.

There’s no word on whether these patented features will brand information technology into an actual Apple tree Watch in the futurity, but information technology’s interesting to meet what Apple is working on and considering behind the scenes.

Apple Picket SE

The Apple Watch Series 8 volition launch alongside a new rugged model and also a new version of the low-cost Apple Lookout SE. Nosotros don’t yet know what will be added to the ‌Apple Watch SE‌, but it is likely to have a faster processor.

Series 8 Launch Date

Apple is holding a “Far Out” consequence on Wednesday, September 7, where it is expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 8 alongside new ‌iPhone 14‌ models.

Time to come Apple Watch Features

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Apple is rumored to accept a team of biomedical engineers working on a method for non-invasively monitoring blood glucose levels using optical sensors, engineering that could potentially make its mode into the Apple Watch at some point in the future. Such a feature would make diabetes management much easier because information technology would not require puncturing the skin.

Claret glucose monitoring has been a feature that Apple tree has been working on for years, based on rumors, but it is a serious wellness feature that would likely require regulation.

claims that Apple is working on short wavelength infrared sensors, which could allow the Apple Lookout man Serial 8 to monitor blood glucose by measuring the amount of sugar in the claret.
isn’t always the most reliable source, and
says that blood glucose monitoring is still many years away.

Noninvasive blood carbohydrate monitoring is a feature that is several years away and does not have a target launch yr as of withal. In the meantime, Apple tree could add improve back up for third-party glucose monitors.

Blood Force per unit area Measurements

Blood pressure monitoring technology won’t be ready until 2024 at the earliest, and a launch could slip to 2025. Apple is working on an updated sensor and accompanying software that would be able to find loftier blood pressure level, just in testing, it has not been accurate.

Apple is testing blood force per unit area monitoring with employees. The feature will not provide specific systolic and diastolic readings, but will instead warn Apple tree watch users that they may take hypertension that should be investigated further.

Apple supplier Rockley Photonics is working on an advanced digital sensor system that allows wearable devices to monitor biomarkers like core torso temperature, claret pressure, body hydration, booze, lactate, glucose trends, and more, using optical sensors. This engineering could eventually make its way to the Apple Picket given the partnership between Apple and Rockley, and rumors suggest we will see blood pressure level monitoring capabilities introduced at some point.

Satellite Connectivity

In the future, Apple plans to bring satellite connectivity to the Apple Lookout, which volition allow for emergency texting and SOS response features right on the wrist. Satellite connectivity is coming to the ‌iPhone 14‌, and later, it will expand to the Apple Lookout man.

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