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Apple Watch S8 Anticipation Sees S7 Shipments Fall; Apple Still King

By | 25/08/2022

Pre-orders for the Apple Scout Series 7 are now live, only unless someone got their pre-society in exactly when 8:00 AM ET rolled effectually, there’south a very practiced chance most orders are already delayed past multiple weeks. It’s ever an exciting fourth dimension whenever a new
gadget comes out. Apple unveils its latest production, people look for pre-orders to open, and it’s a mad rush (virtually and in stores) to be amidst the kickoff with the latest Apple hardware.

With the Apple Watch Serial 7, things experience a bit unlike. In that location’s no doubt it’s a capable smartwatch, just compared to previous generations, it’s anextremely
minor upgrade. It looks similar to by Apple Watches, it has the same wellness features as its predecessor, there’s no modify to battery life, and the ‘new’ S7 chipset appears to be about identical to last year’s. It also doesn’t help that the concluding product looks completely different from the tantalizing leaks popping upward everywhere months earlier. The Apple tree Scout Serial vii is a decent upgrade for folks with older Apple Watches, but it clearly lacks much of the excitement previous models have come with.

That’s why the pre-lodge feel has been then interesting. Afterward announcing the Apple tree Watch Serial seven on September 14, Apple tree didn’t open pre-orders until today, Oct eight. Anyone who pre-ordered correct at 5:00 PT/8:00 ET got the primeval shipment engagement of Oct 15 — the day the Serial 7 goes on auction. Within but minutes of pre-0rders going alive, folks were quick to indicate out surprisingly late shipping estimates. Jon Prosser ofFront end Page Techsays he ordered an Apple Scout Series 7“five minutes after pre-orders went live”and got a delivery window of November 1 – Nov eight. This author ordered a Nike variant of the Series 7 around 8:12 ET and got a shipment engagement of October 26 – Oct 28. Visiting Apple’southward website and looking at different Serial 7 configurations a couple of hours from pre-orders opening, shipments are now delayed equally far dorsum as November 23 in some cases. This tin vary dramatically between dissimilar models, just the fact remains that it’ll at present take alongtime to get your hands on the newest Apple Watch.

Why The Apple tree Watch Series 7 Is Already And then Delayed

All colors for the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 7

This all begs an interesting question: Why? On the ane mitt, it’south possible that the Apple tree Picket Series vii is more popular than folks were expecting. If a lot of people are upgrading this year from a Series 4 or Serial three, that could very well event in heaps of Series 7s flying off the virtual shelves. What seems more likely, yet, is that Apple is faced with pesky supply constraints.

Even earlier the Apple Watch Series 7 was announced, there were reports of Apple hitting production delays due to its new pattern. This point was really driven home when Apple unveiled the Series seven last month with no exact availability date. Apple’southward proven this year and terminal that it’due south not immune to manufacturing issues. Considering everything we’ve heard about the Series 7 thus far, at that place’south a very skilful chance Apple doesn’t accept as many units in stock equally it would like.

And so, what does all of this mean for you and me? If you lot got a pre-order in as soon as possible, it shouldn’t exist too long before the Series 7 arrives. Even so, for anyone who was a few minutes late or is just getting their order in now, don’t be surprised if your new smartwatch doesn’t arrive until a month from at present.

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Source: Jon Prosser, Apple

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