Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max Leather Case With Magsafe Review

Apple tree’southward MagSafe leather case is fabricated of high quality lather contains solid buttons,provides all-around protection and fits well with the iphone color

In this review, we take a expect at Apple’s MagSafe leather case series. What are the differences with previous versions and what advantages and disadvantages does the embrace have? Yous can read here whether the Apple Leather Case for the iPhone 12 series is worthwhile.

Similar every twelvemonth, Apple will also release its own leather cover for the iPhone in 2020. Because the iPhone 12 serial has a dissimilar design than its predecessors, the comprehend has been adjusted accordingly. Too new is support for MagSafe accessories , such as Apple tree ‘s MagSafe leather card holder . We are used to high quality from Apple tree’south previous leather cases. Does the cover live up to its hope this year?

Leather sleeve with Apple’s MagSafe

Ever since Apple released the leather cover for the iPhone 5s , I have been wearing it on my iPhone every day. Likewise this yr I chose Apple’s leather encompass for my new iPhone 12 Pro Max . A blue encompass on a blue iPhone should provide me with protection for at least the coming twelvemonth. Now the matter is that I very rarely drop my phone and I am likewise careful where I put it. Apple’south leather cover for the iPhone is therefore more intended for me against scratches than against falls.

Previous experiences with Apple’s leather cases showed that they paring or scratch the leather relatively quickly. The leather for this new case feels the same as the old covers and this ‘problem’ will recur once more. Whether information technology is actually a problem depends on your taste. Some people think a used example is ugly, but for others it gives an authentic and familiar feeling. Information technology is besides true that light colors get dirty more quickly. That’s why I ever choose a dark case to keep dirt from standing out.

Design of the Apple’s MagSafe leather case

This year nosotros find a few big differences compared to previous versions of Apple’south leather case. Commencement of all, the new shape of the iPhone has of class been carried over to the cover: flat sides and no rounded screen edges. The edge of the case still protrudes a bit above the screen so that you can lay your screen apartment on the table without dissentious it. In that respect, I am positive about the dimensions of the case.

Apple's MagSafe leather case

What I’m non besides happy about is the large cut-out for the camera. In previous models of the example, it was flush with the camera bump on the iPhone. However, with the new model of the Leather Case, there is a plastic edge sticking out. This ensures that you can wiggle the iPhone a bit when it is on the table. Depending on how big your iPhone is, this can exist more than disturbing. The iPhone 12 mini is considerably smaller than the iPhone 12 Pro Max that I employ myself. Fortunately, if you concur the example, the edge is not agonizing.

Another large difference from Apple’southward previous leather covers is the bottom. This is no longer open. The upright edge is extended all the way effectually the entire iPhone. Whether you like it or not is a matter of gustatory modality. I dare to say with certainty that it is less practical. I soon noticed that not every Lightning cable fits well. Also, swiping up to get to your home screen is a tad less shine than without the upright bezel. Considering you lot more than often wipe the edge of the case with your finger, there is a good chance that information technology will habiliment out or discolour faster in the long run. Time will tell whether this is indeed the case. Some find information technology more comfortable to remainder the iPhone on your finger because of the closer lesser than with an open bottom. We don’t really have a preference in that regard.

Apple's MagSafe leather case

To cease this part in a positive way I take to say that the quality of the leather and the buttons is again very good. The leather feels squeamish in the paw and the metal buttons push through without extra effort. The cutout for the switch on the left side is large enough for the few times I use that switch.

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 12 in apply

When you put the Leather Case on your iPhone 12 you will see a overnice animation on your screen. What the use is, Joost may know, only it is a nice detail. Thank you to the built-in NFC flake, the iPhone knows which color the cover is.

A modest side note about this NFC chip is that sometimes Apple tree Pay did north’t work likewise in my experience. The payment last in the supermarket told me to present ane card – a notification that you get when you hold ii or more cards with NFC against the reader. When I but tapped the tiptop of the iPhone against the motorcar, Apple tree Pay worked . If you know this once, it will not bother you lot in the futurity. Keep in heed that it may happen faster with the smaller iPhone 12 mini than with the large iPhone 12 Pro Max .

Apple's MagSafe leather case

At that place is always a ring for MagSafe on the inside.

Equally I said I have been using the cover for at to the lowest degree a year. I never actually change covers, only I do take it off my iPhone regularly when I take a bathroom. That was more difficult than with the previous case because of the upright bottom. The edge at the lesser does not actually disturb, unless y’all desire to employ a Lightning cable from a third party. I tried IKEA ‘s Lightning cable . It did fit, merely only by pressing information technology against the cover. Fortunately, Apple’s own cables work without difficulty.

For the test, I also tried wireless chargers. They all work properly. New in the iPhone 12 and this example is MagSafe. This magnetic charging organization works with the Leather Instance, but in fourth dimension you will see a ring appear on the leather cover through the utilise of MagSafe. Apple warns well-nigh this on the website and on the paperwork in the example packaging.

It is too early at the time of writing to notice any traces of such a band, merely if Apple warns so emphatically about it, you can bet that the band volition announced. To be clear: the ring only appears if you utilize MagSafe for a longer period of fourth dimension. This problem is non an issue with ordinary wireless chargers. It is something to continue in heed if you plan to utilize MagSafe for a long time.

BENEFITS of Apple tree’s MagSafe leather instance

  • High-quality leather
  • Fits well with the iPhone color
  • Solid buttons
  • Provides all-around protection

CONS of Apple’south MagSafe leather instance

  • MagSafe eventually leaves a visible circle
  • Border around the photographic camera is not nice
  • Removing the case is more than difficult than before
  • Not all cables fit through the closed bottom
  • Bit pricey Apple Shop

Conclusion review Apple Leather cases with MagSafe for iPhone 12

Overall, I am quite happy with Apple’s leather cover for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. It may be a flake on the expensive side, simply I will as well savour it for a long time. The design with the upright edges is normally non disturbing and I like it myself. What I am dissatisfied with is the protruding border around the camera ingather. It will undoubtedly have to do with the build quality of the encompass, just because I am used to a flat embrace, this is a shame. Fortunately, information technology does not disturb when using the iPhone.

Information technology’s a shame you tin can’t use every cable, but most people use an official cablevision or one that is very like. The cutout for the charger isn’t huge, but many cables will fit.

If you desire to spend a trivial less on a leather cover, we recommend the Mujjo covers for the iPhone 12 series . This cover feels less nice than Apple’s, but yous won’t detect that if you don’t keep switching between the two covers

Review: Mujjo cases for iPhone 12 series

Are y’all looking for a leather case for your iPhone 12? At Mujjo yous will observe skillful quality covers that are cheaper than those from Apple. In this review of the iPhone 12 cases from Mujjo y’all tin read everything about design and use.


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