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By | 16/09/2022

They just go on coming don’t they? A lot of games were announced at E3 2019, things that nosotros didn’t know about, besides every bit stuff that’s previously announced, or expansions to already released games. Now, to the casual outsider, what we’re doing might seem absolutely basics, simply nosotros thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of all the PC games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 bear witness. With well over a hundred of them at present in the books, the side by side year or then looks packed.

Not going to prevarication, I’m outset to regret doing this. If you would similar to know when the conferences are, you can check out our E3 2019 streams guide – which will somewhen accept details on how you lot tin can watch each of the publisher’s conferences live.

E3 2019 games – every game confirmed

This guide to the games of E3 2019 will go over every game that should be appearing at the evidence this twelvemonth. We’ve put as many of the release dates for the games every bit were available and we’ll be adding more games as they’re confirmed to be at E3 in the coming days. Without further ado, in alphabetical order, hither’southward what we know is coming to E3 2019. The latest updates will appear underneath so you tin can see what’s been included and it is now spread across multiple pages. Delight apply the contents below to navigate the list.

  • UPDATED 13/06/2019 – Added all the games from the Kinda Funny Showcase
  • UPDATED 12/06/2019 – Added all games from Nintendo Direct that are also coming to PC, likewise as a few other announcements.
  • UPDATED 11/06/2019 – Added all the games revealed from the PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, and Square Enix conferences.
  • UPDATED 10/06/2019 – Added all the games revealed from 7th June – 10th June from EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver Digital conferences.
  • UPDATED 07/06/2019 – Added Baldur’south Gate Three, Gylt, Get Packed, Destiny 2, Darksiders Genesis, El Hijo, Greedfall, Spitlings, Super Crush KO, and Through the Darkest of Times.
  • UPDATED 06/06/2019 – Added Grandia HD Collection
  • UPDATED 05/06/2019 – Added Watch Dogs Legion
  • UPDATED 04/06/2019 – Added Halo: The Principal Chief Collection

12 Minutes

An awkward looking game where you get accused of existence an arsehole while trying to save your wife from a killer.

Adam’southward Ascending

Lots of things are on fire as you guide Adam through 3rd person shooter levels on unlike planets.


This is a game about two people who get sent to hell, just to detect that they tin escape if they manage to out-drinkable Satan.

Age of Empires Two: Definitive Edition

It’s not Age of Empires Iv, merely information technology’south the 2nd update to Age of Empires Two this decade. The remake of the first one was pretty good, and then hither’s hoping this one is as better as the original was.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

4X strategy that’s going away from Age of Wonder’s normal fantasy setting, heading for a more typical interplanetary theme. Allegedly has dinosaurs with lasers. Information technology’s out on the 6th August.


A pixel-fashion RPG survival game virtually edifice up a town from nix. Eventually you’ll be able to build things similar cars, spaceships, and fly effectually on dragons. It’south out now on Steam Early Admission.


A game about shooting blocks in various unlike levels. Seems quite minimalist, but certainly stylish. Information technology’s out now on GameJolt and

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Become a great ape and do things like run away from predators, swing trough trees, and press a button prompt to give nascency…wait what? Information technology’due south out 27th August 2019.


Anthem may not exist the masterpiece that BioWare were hoping for, merely that won’t finish EA from telling u.s. nigh what’due south to come up in their looter shooter with jetpacks.

Noon Legends

It’southward all hands on deck for the latest updates to the game that once rivalled Fortnite. You can spring in right now and we’ve got a rather extensive set of tips in our Apex Legends tips to help you get started.

Ary And The Secret of Seasons

This is a 3D action platformer where yous can change seasons, pull objects on a tether of sorts, and brand an entire association of hyenas lose it past just knocking on a door.

Astalon: Tears of the Globe

Accept on the office of one of three characters as you ascend a tower filled with monsters in this retro platformer.

Baldur’s Gate III

Well, that is a massive surprise! Larian Studios had i of the biggest reveals in recent years, and vid-bud Matthew Castle wrote an accompanying article about the game that you simply must check out.

Battalion 1944: Eastern Front

If you’ve been missing the archetype Call of Duty setting and weapons, and so this may be the ane you lot’re looking for.

Battlefield Five

New maps and stuff are coming to Battlefield V, rather than a full on new game from EA Dice.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots

A noir adventure game where a bear is the disgruntled sleuth in a urban center full of abuse. This is a complete collection that includes a brand new prequel story – The Lost Robots. Solve the case on 9th July 2019.

Bee Simulator

Bee-come up role of a wider network as you lot work to gather nectar for the good of the hive. It’s gotten a bit of a buzz and includes coop and PVP modes to become into pasty situations with your friends. It’ll swarm its way onto Steam at some point in 2019.

Black Desert Online

With Black Desert Online making a showing at E3, it’s likely that a new expansion to this surprisingly popular MMO will be announced. You tin can of class jump on board your ship at present.

Blair Witch

A horror game that’s coming out on 30th August. No idea what it is because it was a CG trailer, only it’s from the Layers of Fearfulness devs – Bloober Team.

Blazing Chrome

It’southward basically Contra in all only proper name, and yet information technology does look like arcade fun.

Bleeding Border

Leaked a few days before the show, this 4v4 fighting game from Ninja Theory has an interesting punk vibe to it. The technical blastoff begins 27th June 2019.


Top downwardly game virtually smacking simply about everything under the sun with big weapons and behemothic flamingos.


Multiplayer sumo wrestling now with online multiplayer. Anybody is tiny, has bombs, and the dojo tin can be anything circular, including a spinning record.

Borderlands iii

The long-awaited sequel to Borderlands 2 will be going in all guns blazing. Taking place in multiple worlds, there’due south all sorts of weird freaks to shoot with your near endless supply of guns – including some with legs. It’s out on 13th September 2019.

Beau Dungeon

A dungeon crawler where during your downtime, your weapons manifest into people that you can engagement? Non the nearly ridiculous idea for a dating sim, simply so again zilch will always top Hatoful Boyfriend for surrealism.

Brave Earth: Prologue

A Castlevania like game from the creator of I Wanna Be The Guy, with three playable characters.


Some Adventure Time characters are coming to Brawlhalla – namely Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum.


A pixellated 2nd horror game, where y’all are the monster stalking the air ducts and sapping the blood of the humans inhabiting the transport.

Castle Tempest 2

Hex-based urban center building in a medieval kingdom. Complete with side-scrolling tactical battles.

Chivalry two

Because Mordhau tin’t accept too much publicity, the OG medieval combat deathmatch and yelling simulator looks like more of the aforementioned. It’s coming in 2020.

Circuit Superstars

They’ve made a game that’s a bit like Micro Machines, but with existent cars and the similar. Information technology’south pushing the right buttons for me.

Code Vein

The anime vampire Souls-like finally has a confirmed release date which is 27th September.

Commandos two HD Remaster

The other remaster of a strategy game from Kalypso, this time it’s that i with Romans. Ghoastus was not all that impressed when I told him about it.

Conan Chop Chop

Mighty Kingdom’s and FunCom’south side by side game. Information technology’due south a Zelda style of game, just in the Conan universe, if drawn past the Cyanide and Happiness crew. It’south out 3rd September 2019.

Contra Ceremony Drove

This one is out now and includes “10 games”. What they really mean is that information technology includes 2 arcade games, five console/handheld games, and three different localisations of three separate console games.

Contra: Rogue Corps

The offset new Contra game in quite a while and it’s apparently set subsequently the Super Nintendo game – Contra three: The Conflicting Wars. It’due south coming to PC on the 24th September 2019.

Creature in the Well

An activity game where you can swing a sword to send bullets back. Slight pinball vibe to it.

Cris Tales

Inspired by JRPGs, the idea is to look at 3 timelines simultaneously. There’s a demo out now on Steam.


This one came out terminal yr and seems to be doing alright for itself.

Cyberpunk 2077

The biggest game of the show so far. Mostly considering Keanu Reeves is at present in it. Information technology made a massive impact when information technology was shown off to a small audition at E3 2018 and yous can find out everything yous need to know about in our Cyberpunk 2077 release date, trailer, news and gameplay roundup guide. It’ll be out
16th April 2020

This is a continuation to the games of E3 2019 and it goes over every game that should be appearing at the testify this year. Without farther ado, in alphabetical order, here’south what we know is coming to E3 2019. The latest updates volition appear underneath so yous can see what’s been included and it is now spread across multiple pages. Please use the contents below to navigate the list.

The Dark Crystal: Historic period of Resistance Tactics

This is a Netflix tie-in with the upcoming continuation of Jim Henson’southward cult classic movie from 1983.

Darksiders Genesis

The terminal horseman of the Apocalypse – Strife – finally has his own game, but it’s a vast departure from the norm every bit it’due south more of a Diablo-similar game.

Dead Static Drive

A game about doing sweet donuts in a car park in a cop-car as stuff rises from the soil and tries to get you. Former Deputy Editor Adam wrote about it years ago.


Arkane Studios’southward new game is a grindhouse inspired version of Groundhog Day. Outside of Doom Eternal, this was i of the more interesting and heady ideas shown off.


A first person puzzle VR game about throwing magnetic blocks, venturing deeper into the planet’s cadre. It’southward coming to both Oculus and Steam VR.

Destiny 2 – Shadowkeep

A new expansion from Bungie, who have gone information technology alone with Destiny 2 after breaking off from Activision Blizzard. The trailer certainly gives off a night and foreboding tone with something waking upwards on the moon.

Devolver Bootleg

Rather than allow some other sap make cheap knockoffs of their own stuff, Devolver Digital decided to practice it themselves. This 8-in-1 collection is full of dodgy homemade games based off of Enter the Gungeon, Ape Out, and Hotline Miami.

Dicey Dungeons

Terry Cavanagh’s newest game has you lot edifice decks and rolling die to defeat monsters in the various caverns and dungeons that wait you. Did I mention that yous’re as well die?

The Division 2

Plenty of updates have been coming to The Division 2 since its launch and it’due south done pretty well for itself. Raids are however the adjacent big affair. If you haven’t started the game yet, or fifty-fifty if yous’re a veteran, bank check out our The Division ii guide hub for more than.

Doom Eternal

Some more gameplay bits were shown, including the new Battlemode – which is a weird asymmetric 2v1 round-based multiplayer shooting mode. Information technology has a release date of 22nd November 2019 and a new special edition complete with Doom Slayer helmet. Y’all can catch up on all the gore in our roundup for Doom Eternal.

Dragon Brawl Z: Kakarot

An action RPG retelling of the entire Dragon Ball Z saga. It’south coming early 2020.

Dying Light ii

Techland’s sequel to their parkour zombie survival game – Dying Calorie-free – features some meaning changes to the environment depending on your choices in missions. No playthrough will be the aforementioned, except for the whole running away from zombies thing.

Empire of Sin

Set in prohibition Chicago, this looks eerily similar to Haememont Games’south Omerta: City of Gangsters, only with a ton more than polish and temper.

El Hijo

Imagine a Spaghetti Western where you must avoid disharmonize by sneaking effectually and not get defenseless by monks. Nosotros saw information technology last at EGX Rezzed and it looks pretty nice.

Elden Ring

The long rumoured collaboration between From Software and George R.R. Martin, in that location’due south a lot of focus on arms, breaking bodies past forging, but non a whole lot else at this point. We’ll exist keeping an eye on it.

The Elderberry Scrolls Online

Bethesda talked about 3 updates: Elsweyr, Dragonhold, and Scalebreaker. Crush upward a dragon with a cat, a massive bony lad and his many friends. Elsweyr is out now, while the other two are to come in the near future.

The Elder Scrolls Legends – Moons of Elsweyr

A new expansion that sort of ties in with The Elder Scrolls Online, and you’ll be able to open up some packs on 27th June 2019.


This 3D platformer uses shifting gravity and changing perspectives, and it’s out on 18th July.

Evil Genius 2

The masterminds behind the Sniper Elite series will be unveiling their dastardly plans for the upcoming sequel to the Bail villain simulator archetype. It definitely has sharks, only I see no freakin’ laser beams on their foreheads…

Farmer’due south Dynasty

If outrunning zombies is not your pocketbook, maybe cultivating some crops to feed the masses, become angling, accept lovely state strolls with significant others, and even raise the side by side generation of farmers. It’s Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, but more realistic, and it’due south out at present in Steam Early Access.

Falcon Age

Train your baby falcon to fight robots, with or without VR. Information technology’s out in the Summer 2019.

Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout

It’s basically a Boxing Royale game, simply set in a colourful version of Takeshi’southward Castle.

Fallout 76

Bethesda revealed the Wastelanders expansion, otherwise known every bit the expansion with the well-nigh inexplainable feature gear up – “Human NPCs render”, likewise equally the almost inevitable Battle Royale mode with Nuclear Winter. We did practise a Fallout 76 guide but if enough of you want more on the latest stuff, and then we may consider it.

Felix the Reaper

“A romantic comedy game well-nigh the life of expiry”. It has a robot-like fat gars who dances a lot, while reaping souls.


The annual soccer game of selection for many players, it seems that this time around information technology’s showing up on Origin stores.

Concluding Fantasy viii Remastered

Anybody’s favourite gunblade wielding emo lad is returning with a fresh glaze of paint sometime in 2019.

Final Fantasy 14 – Shadowbringers

Revealed earlier this year, the latest expansion for Final Fantasy 14 is almost apocalyptic in nature as angels are seemingly bringing the rapture to the world of Eorzea.

Fling to the Stop

Ii players can apply one controller to guide two bugs bound by cord across multiple levels.

For Accolade

A brand new in-game event in the form of Shadows of the Hitokiri – which has a spectral samurai being more a fleck of a nuisance.


Looks very like to Expressionless Cells simply has y’all wandering effectually a world every bit a nimble lass with swords.


Considering of form Fortnite is coming to E3. How could it non? Learn all that’southward new in Fortnite in our Fortnite Season 9 guide, before checking out the Fortnite guide for the rest of your needs.

Forza Horizon 4

The LEGO update yous never knew you wanted earlier, and it is indeed…awesome!

Liberty Finger

A side-scrolling shooter where your ship is a middle finger and every enemy can be turned into your weapon.


Airplane pilot a spaceship through obstacles in infinite in this Geometry Wars inspired top-down shooter.

This is a continuation to the games of E3 2019 and it goes over every game that should be appearing at the show this year. Without further ado, in alphabetical club, here’s what we know is coming to E3 2019. The latest updates will appear underneath so yous tin encounter what’s been included and it is now spread across multiple pages. Delight utilise the contents below to navigate the list.

Gears 5

Certainly the weirdest trailer I’ve seen for a while. Dropping the “of State of war” doesn’t change the fact that this is the fifth Gears of War game. Epic Games may accept gone to pastures new, but this coop shooter seems to be continuing some of the mysteries that the previous games had sown, not least of which Kait’south unstable mind and the locust necklace she wears.

Genesis Noir

I still have no idea what is going on in this game. Adam Smith in one case wrote about it for u.s.a. and said some very nice things, so information technology’s worth a gander at to the lowest degree.

Get Packed

A Stadia exclusive, but it’s playable on a PC and then it counts. This looks like what happens when Overcooked is combined with moving house.

Ghostwire Tokyo

A new game from Tango Gameworks in which lots of people disappear under odd circumstances. Not a lot is known almost it as it was just CG, but the concept is fairly potent.

Gods & Monsters

A game well-nigh being a god defeating mythological monsters that’south a tiny bit like Nintendo’due south Kid Icarus in its setting and design of its main grapheme. It comes out on 25th February 2020.

Justin, Sue, and Feena on an airship, while flying over a town.

Grandia Hard disk drive Drove

I was only thinking about how I’d written a rather positive retrospective piece on the original Grandia a few months ago and despite promises it was coming, it was quietly delayed. So quietly nobody knew information technology was delayed. PC owners can play Grandia II right now, but really it’s the first Grandia that we’re interested in.


Embark on this fantasy/pirate themed RPG that according to the description, emphasises “freedom and player choice”. Many merits that, few actually give proper choices that mean much.

The Skilful Life

A new mystery from SWERY, about wandering around a rural country English language village to notice out the truth behind a “shocking secret”. It’s as crazy every bit it sounds.


Klei’southward Deck-building rogue-similar going into alpha on July 11th on Epic Games Store – in that location’s an element of negotiation involved.


Platforms for Gunsport haven’t been announced withal, so it may not come to PC, but it’due south basically volleyball with guns.


I think this technically counts since you lot’ll be able to stream Stadia games from your PC, even if Gylt will only be available from Stadia. It’s from Tequila Works – makers of The Sexy Brutale – and is a survival horror game where you’re a young girl running from what look similar aliens.

Half Past Fate

A romantic comedy about finding love in this 2D/3D hybrid adventure.

Halo Infinite

The sixth game in the Halo serial, the showtime for their next console, and the offset to be coming to PC since Halo 2 all the way dorsum in the Windows Vista days. Naturally, we’ll be keeping an eye on this 1.

Halo: The Master Master Drove

A contempo stream from 343 Industries showed a Steam build of the game that mentions “E3 demo”, so it’south highly likely that not only volition we definitely come across it at E3, but that some exciting news well-nigh its release date is imminent. This could potentially be a “it’s out now” announcement at Microsoft’s briefing.


Become one with the hamster in this cute brawler that’s out between mid June/July.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

This is the sequel to Hollow Knight, where you accept on the role of Hornet as you explore a brand new bug-filled earth.


A turn-based RPG most magical students, which has some physics puzzles, a gigantic crow, and stars that eat people.


Not to be confused with 3D Realm’due south Commander Keen, this is a dungeon crawler that controls like i of those sliding puzzles, only with more zombie slaughtering.

Killer Queen Black

Seemingly based on an arcade game, Killer Queen Black was supposed to be out in the winter of last year, simply has been pushed back. The idea seems to be “steal nutrient from the other hive and don’t die.”

Knife Sisters

This game is already out and I don’t retrieve I can explicate this meliorate than the Steam page does. ” Knife Sisters is a dark piece of life story, an erotic visual novel about peer pressure, manipulation, love, obsession and BDSM. Follow non-binary Leo during 6 intense weeks of budding emotions, occult rituals and consensual kinky sex.” (BDSM scenes are optional apparently).

This is a continuation to the games of E3 2019 and it goes over every game that should be appearing at the testify this year. Without further ado, in alphabetical order, here’s what nosotros know is coming to E3 2019. The latest updates will appear underneath so you can run into what’s been included and information technology is at present spread across multiple pages. Please use the contents below to navigate the list.

Concluding Oasis

Navigating weird giant mechanical bugs that house your armies. Frankly information technology looks utterly ridiculous and information technology’south out 3rd September 2019.

Lemnis Gate

Previously known every bit Convergence, this is a turn-based first person shooter, which has new characters spawn into a single 30 second time loop every cycle. It sounds crazy, but I weirdly love the idea.

Life is Foreign 2

The second batch of episodes for the Life is Strange series is already under fashion and information technology’s already underway. You can check out what Alice B and Brendan thought nearly the latest episode hither.

Solitary Mountains: Downhill

A polygonal game virtually riding a BMX bicycle downwardly trecherous hills.

Looking for Heals

Dungeon crawler where yous lead your team of fighters into dungeons equally a healer. You brand them fight for you.

The Lord of the Rings: Living Menu Game

Based off the highly successful real-life version of the aforementioned game, this is the digital adaptation that’s in early on admission.

Lost Ember

Shapeshift from a bird, to a wolf, to a wombat, and many more in this 3D world to uncover a lost civilisation.

Lost Words: Across The Page

A delightful looking platformer where you lot use words in a book to leap between pages in a journal. You’ll be able to use the words to make choices, and and then relive them in scenes that play out as you lot describe them. It’ll exist opening the front embrace at some point in 2019.

Lucifer Within Us

Solve the murders, purify the possessed and purge their demons in this deduction game.

Madden NFL xx

EA Sport’s premier almanac sports-ball for Americans simulator volition exist bachelor in EA’s store on 2nd Baronial 2019. No thought what will be dissimilar about this twelvemonth’s iteration, but I watched the Superbowl a couple of years agone and it’ll probable be all the same the same frantic paced game up until the terminate of the 4th quarter when information technology slows to a clamber.


Become the shark and belittle your fashion to the top of the food chain. Just don’t get caught by the fisherman by being big.


A VR game for Oculus devices where you lot guide a bird and a immature girl through a weird and wonderful globe.

Marvel’s Avengers

Everything’s gone to hell after a disaster rocks a nearby bridge. You tin play as every Avenger, from the Blob to Blackness Widow. Has four player multiplayer with new heroes given for free. 15th May 2020.

The Messenger

An expansion is coming to The Messenger, called Picnic Panic. Information technology’s very tropical and seems to offer some hot looking levels. It’s out July 11th 2019.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Another surprising announcement if you ask me. Information technology looks pretty, but the terminal one wasn’t not bad. Hopefully this 1 is a lot more than impressive.

Midnight Ghost Chase

Become ghost exterminators in this disproportionate multiplayer game from Coffee Stain Studios.Ghosts possess things and fling them at people. Iv minutes later, midnight will strike. Ghosts and then become powerful.

Minecraft Dungeons

The makers of Minecraft have now fabricated Diablo within the Minecraft universe. There does notwithstanding seem to be some element of crafting, then it’s not a complete difference.

Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season

The sequel to the multiplayer monster dating sim takes these fearsome beasts on a camping trip.

Moons of Madness

The game is out this Halloween and it’s essentially Cthulhu mythos but space themed rather than the normal 1920s.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

More monsters to go and chase in a brand new snowy mural for Monster Hunter: World? Absolutely sign me upward! You’ll demand to be of Hunter Rank 16 to even play any of it, so if you’re interested, go and nab it on Steam. You can and then look at all the stuff revealed and so far in our Monster Hunter Globe: Iceborne PC release date guide.


Dystopian game that is very bleak looking adventure game from Fullbright coming next yr.

My Friend Pedro

A slick looking 2D cover shooter which has something to practise with bananas. It’s out before long – Thursday 20th June 2019 to be exact – and looks madder than a plantain.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered

This archetype PlayStation iii JRPG was largely expected to get a port to PC subsequently the success of the sequel. This one’south a flake more similar Pokémon than the sequel.

Night Phone call

A noire detective game about being a taxi driver in Paris, trying to solve murders past taking fares.

Octopath Traveler

This one is out already and you tin either listen to Katharine and Alice L talk about it in the video to a higher place or read Katharine’s review.


An action RPG where people fight monsters to sever the ties between life and expiry. It’south available 22nd August 2019

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

It now has a release date of 11th February 2020 and information technology looks even more than cute and terrifying as it did when we kickoff saw it. I tin’t wait to ride on an owl.

The Outer Worlds

Obsidian’s sci-fi Fallout-like RPG at present has a release engagement of 25th October 2019. You can find out everything else most it in our The Outer Worlds roundup.


Challenging obstacle courses and steep mountains are the endeavours to conquer in this off-road driving simulation. It includes a career style where y’all perform incredible feats to attract sponsors, besides as multiplayer racing for showing off merely how much dust you tin pick up.


People Tin can Fly’s new game has desperate people shooting some very, very big lads in a war-torn land. It’s coming summer 2020.

Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory

Sing along with me. “If you’re happy and you lot know it, clap your hands” [CLAPPING IS MANDATORY]. Based off of the pen-and-paper RPG that ofttimes descends into baseless accusations and mindless violence, Cyanide Studio and Black Shamrock are hoping to make the transition to video game a seamless one – or else they may get a deep-scrubbing from friend computer.

Pathologic 2

This 1 is out and Brendan wrote a review of information technology not long ago, so you should probably check that one out if you’re interested.

Per Aspera

A game almost terraforming and colonising Mars into a thriving planet. Information technology’s coming to PCs in 2020.

And... Sir "Not Appearing In Europe"

Phantasy Star Online 2

If you lot’re in the The states, then you’ll be able to play this in spring 2020. If yous’re in Europe, like I am, you lot probably just got your hopes up for nothing. Thanks Sega!

Phoenix Point

From the creator of 10-COM, this is a like game in that you lead a crack team of soldiers to gainsay an conflicting invasion. It’s out on third September 2019.

Police Stories

A coop top-downwardly cop simulator that is very like to Hotline Miami in perspective, but is a ton more than serious as you’re encouraged to arrest where possible. Information technology’due south out 19th September 2019.

Planet Zoo

A gameplay video of Planet Zoo was shown where you tin build habitats suitable for all sorts of creatures. At that place’southward an chemical element of conservation involved too, which is encouraging. It’s out on fifth November 2019.

Praetorians Hd Remastered

The other remaster of a strategy game from Kalypso, this time it’s that i with Romans. Ghoastus was not all that impressed when I told him nigh it.

Psychonauts 2

The biggest relevation is that Double Fine got purchased by Microsoft. Double Fine’s debut game is finally getting the full-fledged sequel it deserves. This 3D platformer looks to be more of the aforementioned fare, which if the milkman level in the original is anything to become by, I’m sure it’ll have some very strange worlds to explore.

This is a continuation to the games of E3 2019 and information technology goes over every game that should exist appearing at the show this yr. Without further ado, in alphabetical guild, here’s what we know is coming to E3 2019. The latest updates will appear underneath so you lot can see what’southward been included and information technology is now spread beyond multiple pages. Please use the contents below to navigate the list.

Rage 2

The new Rise of the Ghosts expansion has a lot of stuff in it, including cheat codes. It also looks like utter nonsense, in keeping with how Rage 2 was utter nonsense.


Paint the boondocks and your enemies with consommé every bit a fatty chap just wearing an apron in this multiplayer goop-off.

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver

The sequel to 2064: Read Only Memories, where y’all must hunt down a criminal by hacking into people’south heads, while beingness conscientious not to corrupt them.


A 3D Metroidvania where you’re inside a PC recompiling files. We’ve talked nigh it earlier and it’south coming 2020.


A Metroidvania where y’all are reject Tetris blocks trying to notice their place in the world. It’south out Spring 2020.

Relic Hunter Legend

A multiplayer twin-stick shooter from the makers of Chroma Team and Dungeonland, where yous’ll be shooting a lot of very mean ducks and hide backside embrace. There’s elements of loot to gather and plenty of bosses to fight in this cartoony looking game, though it’ll exist a while earlier information technology comes to Steam Early Access in “Q1 2020”.

Remnant: From the Ashes

It’south available 20th Baronial, and from what I could get together, information technology seems a little like Monster Hunter, but with horrific monsters from your nightmares.


An activeness pixel platformer with influences from fighting games.

Ribbiting Saga

A top-down Zelda style game where you’re a tiny frog. Players can influence the dungeons and bosses with the choices they brand.

The Riftbreaker

Pace into the mech and defend your outpost from the monsters of this new earth in this hack and slash/base building hybrid from EXOR Studios. It’due south still a long time abroad, releasing at some betoken in 2020.


Voxel based Diablo clone and the ane that isn’t based off Minecraft. Has a disembodied dog head.

Rocket Arena

A 3v3 game about shooting each other with rockets. Information technology’south currently going through a closed beta, but it will be coming to Steam for free.

Roller Champions

It’s roller derby with a lot more neon. Looks new and fun and there’s an E3 demo on Uplay from now until 14th June.

Romancing Saga 3 & SaGa Cherry-red Grace: Ambitions

An RPG from 1995 that never fabricated it outside of Nihon, likewise equally the latest in the SaGa series – that was originally a PS Vita game. Both are coming to Steam, with the latter being enhanced in some style.

RPG Time! – The Fable of Wright

An RPG with a sketchbook as its setting. It’s coming in 2020 and certainly has a distinct style to information technology.


Kickoff announced at last year’due south Game Awards, Scavengers sees y’all accept on the part of a fellow member of a crew, tasked with searching for forgotten relics of the past, in a globe that is in the icy grip of a new ice historic period.

Undercover Neighbor

A multiplayer horror game where one of the kids stuck in the creepy neighbor’south house is the creepy neighbour in disguise.

Shenmue 3

Oh the voice interim is still horrible. But it wouldn’t be Shenmue without it. 19th November 2019 is your release date and while information technology only says “Ballsy Games Store” in the trailer, it’s nevertheless on Steam?

The Sims 4

There was an expansion, merely it wasn’t the Academy i both myself and Alice Liguori wanted. Instead we’re going to a tropical island, partying, and cleaning the surroundings past picking upward plastic – something we’re very dandy on lately. At that place may as well be mermaids.

The Sinking City

Into the mountains of madness, this psychological horror is inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and features the usual suspects. Elder Signs plastered on walls to ward off flying polyps, tentacles sprouting from the sea, and of class sometime Cthulhu itself. It’s not long until it’s out, 27th June 2019 to exist exact. The cultists will be pleased.


Imagine Tony Hawk’southward Pro Skater, but instead of beingness some random dude, you’re an actual bird. Sure, it’due south more of a budgie than a bird of prey, merely the levels are someone’s house with items but laid out to make a miniature skate park. This may give fans of Tony Militarist’s Pro Skater something to tweet about when information technology’due south released at some signal “shortly-ish” on Steam.

Sneaky Ninja

A 2nd stealth game that’s a mix of Marking of the Ninja, and Super Mario Bros. Information technology’s out summer 2019.

Songs of Conquest

A collaboration between Lava Potion and Coffee Stain Studios that’southward inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic. It’s out in tardily 2020.

Speed Brawl

Information technology’s already out, but it’due south got a major update – a versus mode.


I feel sorry for Thunder Lotus for having to be the game to follow upwardly Cyberpunk 2077, but their game is sweet looking and set on a boat where you sent others to the afterlife.


A coop arcade plaformer where you must spit at things. Information technology has a rather cute art manner, merely it’s far from easy looking.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

The classic PlayStation games remade in a similar manner to how the Crash Bandicoot games were. It’s finally coming to PC on 3rd September 2019.

Cool snipers don't look at explosions.

Sniper Elite VR

Take you always wanted to be the sniper, but found that Silent Scope machines are just non effectually anymore? Practise you take VR? Then Sniper Elite VR may indeed be the sniping game you need, fifty-fifty if it’s then you can snipe your enemy’s nuts off.

Solace State

A Sci-Fi drama almost hackers in a world run by a tyranical organisation. Has an interesting art style to it and you lot utilize social hacking to get by.


An arcade game that uses magical girls to shoot downwards waves of enemies while fugitive bullet hell.


A musical adventure that has you explore a diorama, playing music in a band or taking on the role of an almighty hand that can change the earth for meliorate or worse.

Star Renegades

A tactical game from the makers of Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander. Has rogue-calorie-free elements.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Society

Nosotros got our commencement glimpse of gameplay this year for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and at that place’due south a bit of a cross betwixt the Tomb Raider platforming stuff and Sekiro’south combat. In that location’s a fair flake of information out already, so y’all tin can notice out more virtually the game in our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order roundup.


A Chucklefish published game that’s being described every bit “Dwarf Fortress in infinite”. I fear that the lack of dwarves will make Nate say otherwise.

State of Decay 2

New expansion for State of Decay ii called “Heartland” which is available right at present. It’southward being touted as the biggest expansion yet for the series.


This is coming to early access this year and is a procedurally generated RPG set in a medieval world where you lot demand to stay sane.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Coinciding with the release of Season three of Stranger Things, there’s a video game adaptation of the Netflix hit TV serial that has that Zombies Ate My Neighbours feel.

Stronghold Warlords

Ancient Asian urban center building game, complete with paddyfields and siege towers. Coming erstwhile in 2020.

Summer Catchers

An pixel game spanning multiple genres where you solve puzzles and drive effectually fugitive big beasts and ruining farmer’s crops.


Option upwards objects, making objects seem bigger/smaller with perspective, in order to solve puzzles.

Super Buckyball Tournament

This closely resembles something like Rocket League, or if we’re going way dorsum to the good former days of Xbox Live – Halo 3’s Grifball. This time you’re people with incredible powers.

Super Crush KO

A girl must salvage her pet cat by punching a lot of robots in the face. Nutrient that you eat gives you special moves, including a gun that shoots a laser beam.

Super Space Club

Information technology seems to play like Asteroids, simply spans an entire galaxy as your crew attempts to go the best defenders of the milky way.

Supermarket Shriek

There’s a trolley with a bloke and a caprine animal, and they’re going to wreck the tardily Dale Winton’s Supermarket Sweep set.

The Surge two

The futuristic Souls-similar sequel that allows y’all to chop off limbs of your enemies to become new items.

This is a continuation to the games of E3 2019 and it goes over every game that should exist actualization at the testify this twelvemonth. Without further ado, in alphabetical social club, here’s what nosotros know is coming to E3 2019. The latest updates volition appear underneath so y’all tin see what’s been included and it is now spread across multiple pages. Delight use the contents beneath to navigate the list.


Get an adorable cherry-red taramin monkey in this colourful 3D platformer.

Telling Lies

Spiritual successor to Her Story, you watch video footage about a adult female who’s stolen some secrets. FMV game where you use words people say to find more footage. “Out very shortly”


The penultimate expansion for the game chosen Journey’south End. You can at present play golf game, too as fight against new monsters.

Through the Darkest of Times

A strategy game set in the resistance HQ that are fighting against the Nazi’due south during their time of power. Brendan played this during our Rezzed Live stream and called it “This War of Mine meets Nazi Frg”.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

We’ve already covered a bit of Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince and as Matthew Castle says, information technology looks like a return to its roots. We’ve only seen around seven minutes worth of footage but it looks promising. Hopefully it’due south not too rushed like the previous i, fifty-fifty with its Autumn 2019 release date.

Tom Clancy’due south Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

The next instalment in the squad-shooting Ghost Recon series has ghosts fighting against ghosts, using mud to cover their tracks, and drones an e’er nowadays nightmare to keep in listen. It besides has Jon Bernthal – Shane from The Walking Dead – as the bad guy, which seems rather fitting.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege

With Season 2 of Year 4 hitting the examination servers, we already know plenty virtually what’due south coming to Rainbow Half dozen Siege. Nosotros’re probable to meet the new operators and map driblet into the principal game during Ubisoft’s conference, and then you tin catch up on the latest tips and tricks in our Rainbow Six Siege guide.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

In instance you don’t want to play competitively, in that location is at present a three actor cooperative game which has players fighting against some kind of horrors and affliction.

Totem Teller

This one is described as a game near storytelling and discovery, merely is mostly a game about rain and some very artsy visuals.

Treachery in Beatdown City

A mish-mash of genres that is a grittier River Urban center Ransom.

Trials of Burn

Card-based tactical combat that’s in early access now. Playing at present unlocks the Alchemist class.

Trials of Mana

A remake of “Seiken Densetsu 3”, a Super Nintendo game that upward until yesterday had never been localised, this is the version coming to PC.


A rogue-similar action-take chances where you lot go into mines. Tell me if yous’ve heard of this concept before.


Escort your son through the zombie apocalypse every bit a mother infected with the virus. In early on access starting 2020.

Unexplored ii: The Wayfarer’s Legacy

I know admittedly cipher about the original Unexplored. Dominic however is your man when information technology comes to knowing nigh Unexplored.

Untitled Goose Game

It’due south now an Epic Shop exclusive which is bound to annoy a number of you. Withal a wonderfully pesky goose though.

Unto the End

second combat game where you have duels in your quest to find your family. Looks incredibly bleak.


A very metal looking infinite marine shooter Metroidvania like game with a very bulky gun.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

A release window is rather incredible and nosotros’ve got ane: Q1 2020. It even showed off some gameplay footage about how yous shouldn’t interruption the Masquerade.

Vermintide 2

A new expansion that puts you in the part of the Skaven. Vermintide Versus way. This finally turns it into Left 4 Expressionless.


A tactical game involving giant mechs fighting with very big guns.


A new expansion called “Empyrean” to be revealed in total at TennoCon on sixth July 2019 (Nekros Prime is obtainable if you lot watch information technology on Twitch for 30 minutes). It seems to be heading dorsum into infinite rather than emphasising open up world.

Wasteland 3

Before Fallout, there was Wasteland, and Wasteland 3 looks to bring winter to the apocalypse. Look to face off against carnivorous raiders, and explore the frozen landscape. No indication of when it’ll exist released yet.

Watch Dogs Legion

Welcome to Lahndahn mate! ‘Ere you can be anyone, from a eastward-cease wideboy, to Miss bloody Marple. It looks very lightheaded and I love the silliness.

Wave Interruption

Wave Intermission looks to be what happens when you inject some 1980s electro-synth into your jet-ski racing game.It’due south vivid, full of neon, and incredibly silly looking, while at the aforementioned time catering to that Tony Militarist Pro Skater crowd with ricks.

Way to the Woods

A pretty game almost lighting the way with your antlers and escorting your young child deer to get to the wood from an abandoned suburban town.

A werewolf snarling with its oversized teeth, staring into your soul.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

Based on White Wolf’s Globe of Darkness, though not made by the same people making Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, this is past the same people making Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory. Nosotros’ve not even seen the game nevertheless, so I’d imagine this one is very far away.

What the Golf?

I however love the fact that this is nearly as unexpected equally it gets when it comes to sports.

Wolfenstein Youngblood

The latest in the Wolfenstein series has BJ Blazkowicz’s daughters taking on the Nazi regime together. You can discover out a lot more about this in Ollie’s Wolfenstein Youngblood roundup.

Wooden Nickel

An adventure game set in the wild west. Has some slightly stylised stick figures.

WRC viii FIA World Really Title

Finally we end with some World Rally Title, consummate with off-road tracks, dynamically irresolute weather, and a lad shouting directions into your receiver. It will be available in September 2019.

Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair

Not part of the conferences, but equally mentioned over the weekend, Playtonic Games have gone from emulating Rare’southward Banjo-Kazooie, to emulating Donkey Kong Country.

Zombie Ground forces four: Dead State of war

There will be a full gameplay reveal later today, and even though it’s nazi zombies once over again, it all the same looks fun.

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