A Grand Tour presenter crashes TWICE in the latest show – and it’s not the usual suspect

By | 16/09/2022

In that location’S a big crash in the latest episode of The Grand Tour.
In that location unremarkably is.

But this fourth dimension it’due south not Richard Hammond who gets carted off to hospital for a brain and dorsum browse


Helm crash – James’s Evo is cached in a wall

Calamity James submerged in a lake


Cataclysm James submerged in a lake

James May in the latest episode of The Grand Tour


James May in the latest episode of The Thousand Tour

It’south James May, aka Captain Slow.

Or as Hammond now calls him, “Captain Crash”.

Actually, May crashes TWICE in The M Bout: A Scandi Flick, which streams on Prime Video from midnight this evening.

The start one is a biggie. He brakes too belatedly after trying to clock the highest speed in a tunnel and smashes into a rock wall.

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Jeremy Clarkson had a go first and admitted it was sketchy.

The second Code Brown sees May end up in a frozen lake.

Before we hear from the trio, here’s a little aperitif on the new episode: The boys pick their favourite road-going rally cars to travel across the remote north of Scandinavia — Hammond in a Subaru Impreza WRX, May in a Mitsubishi Evo VIII and Jezza in . . . er . . . an Audi RS 4.

Clarkson sets his car on burn trying to de-ice it, May tows a one-legged skier, Hammond’due south keys become encased in a block of iced urine. Lots of chaos. Lots of things get broken.

Business as usual, and then. All combined with jaw-dropping Nordic scenery.

May tried to play downward the tunnel blast at an onetime submarine base merely I’m having none of it.

He escaped with a broken rib and a bust lip — courtesy of a flying walkie-talkie — but simply considering he yanked the handbrake to avoid a head-on crash.

Otherwise it would have been a very different story.

May, who nudged 78mph in the test, said: “It looks quite dramatic but I was OK basically. Hammond has much better crashes

“It’southward all very out of graphic symbol, isn’t it? Maybe it’s only machismo, I didn’t recall I was guilty of that sort of thing, but I was trying to win.

“Clarkson’s was being a bore about his V8 then I thought, I’thousand not going to permit him accept that.

“But I left my braking a fleck tardily. I turned information technology sideways on the handbrake when I knew I was never going to cease. I sort of idea, ‘I’m going to hit the thing, I ameliorate striking information technology sideways. I tin’t plough effectually the corner because the crew are at that place and I don’t desire to run over anybody’.”


Clarkson admitted: “It was a massive blow. I saw his head clobber the side of the B-pillar.

“You lot know when Hammond has an accident, he keeps going after the accident has begun. Yous can roll downwardly a road upside down and on fire for as long as yous like, and information technology’s very unlikely y’all’ll get hurt.

“What hurts y’all is coming to a sudden stop. And that’south what happened to James. I’thousand not entirely certain how fast he striking that rock face up, only I’grand going to say 40 miles an hour.

“And from forty miles an 60 minutes to a dead stop is more than dangerous than rolling down a hill. I couldn’t believe how fast he was going.”

Hammond, in full p***-take mode, said: “He’south become Captain Crash.

“I always become it off taxi drivers, ‘Ooh blimey, don’t crash this 1’. Maybe he tin take that crown for a scrap at present. The crashing thing. I don’t heed. He’s more than welcome.”

May’s injured Evo needed a lot of TLC in a local workshop in order to continue filming.

May said: “It was properly binned. The engine had moved several inches to i side. The body was twisted. The front wishbone was bent back on itself.


“The intercooler plumbing looked like a trombone that had been through a mangle. Fifty-fifty the front brake calliper had cracked.

“It depressed me utterly. I detest breaking things, especially cars.

“But nosotros managed to assemble enough bits or hammer enough bits straight to brand it go again — and it worked absolutely perfectly. Similar a rally machine should later a crash.”

But then came accident No2, crashing through thin water ice on a frozen lake.

Clarkson said: “This one wasn’t his fault. No way. It could have been any of usa.

“Perhaps nosotros should have stopped and checked with the government that the ice was thick enough to support the states over the entire surface area of the lake, but we didn’t take fourth dimension for that.

“And then, we but bombed across it, and he found a thin scrap. Information technology was quite funny watching it.”

  • The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick streams on Prime Video from midnight tonight.

CLARKSON ON Testify Proper noun

He said: “It’southward a clever title because a Scandi moving picture is a manoeuvre performed by Scandinavian rally drivers when they are budgeted a bend.

“If information technology’southward a right-hander, they turn sharply to the left but before they demand to turn right, which upsets the residual of the automobile and causes a skid.

The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick streams on Prime Video from midnight tonight


The Chiliad Tour: A Scandi Movie streams on Prime Video from midnight tonight

“It is besides the name given to any Scandinavian pornographical moving picture

“And this show is porn. Location porn.

“Because, holy mother of Mary, northern Kingdom of norway doesn’t half get its peaks out for the lads.”


HE says: “The idea was that we’d buy iii cars that had been created to go rallying, and straight away Richard shotgunned the Subaru Impreza, James bagged the Mitsubishi Evo, which is why I ended up with an Audi RS four.

“Which, as James and Richard were keen to indicate out, never was a rally auto.

Jeremy said: 'Richard shotgunned the Subaru Impreza, James bagged the Mitsubishi Evo, which is why I ended up with an Audi RS 4'


Jeremy said: ‘Richard shotgunned the Subaru Impreza, James bagged the Mitsubishi Evo, which is why I ended up with an Audi RS 4’

“But it was descended from ane.

“The Quattro. And there’s no getting circular the fact that its V8 is one of the very all-time engines ever made.”


He says: “It’due south just magnificent. Information technology’s analogue, information technology’due south mechanical, it’s not electronically enhanced beyond the inevitable.

“They compromised a rally automobile to brand a saloon auto, which means you can feel information technology doing what it is born to do, right down to the configuration of the engine.

Richard Hammond said he has always loved the Subaru Impreza WRX


Richard Hammond said he has always loved the Subaru Impreza WRX

“I’ve always loved them, always wanted one, so I’m keeping this one.

“I’k going to stick it through my workshop and turn it into a fleck of a animal.”


He says: “I was going to continue mine as well. But it’s completely bollocksed.

“It’southward a dissimilar length one side from the other.

James said: 'Rally cars are crashed all the time'


James said: ‘Rally cars are crashed all the time’

“Rally cars are crashed all the time.

“They are browbeaten back into shape in the field and and so they carry on.

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“The crash and revival of my automobile cemented its rallying credentials.

“I was simply conducting a far more thorough test than the other 2.”

Green for go as James speeds off


Green for go equally James speeds off

James driving the car


James driving the car

Red alert as James crashes


Red warning as James crashes

James is helped by safety crew


James is helped past safety coiffure

James in the ambulance


James in the ambulance

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