4 easy ways to make your rental home smarter

By | 27/08/2022

Landlords, huh? All you lot desire to practise is bring your rented home into the modern era, but these party animals won’t let you lot modify your locks, upgrade your calorie-free switches, or even ditch those 50s wall outlets. They give you some bullshit about liability, about how your charter prohibits you from rewiring things, and how they really don’t want you attacking anything with a screwdriver. Fortunately, in that location are plenty of ways to add together some smart things to your dwelling house that won’t upset the landlord or run a risk electrifying you. Here are a few choices to make your rental space smarter.

All items selected here (except 1) work with Amazon, Android and Apple tree devices. That’s because they work with the holy trinity of smart home systems: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. And because they don’t require professional installation or permanent wiring, you can take them with you when you move.


Most landlords won’t let yous change your locks (no surprise, they might take to move in in an emergency). Just you can still brand your locks smart. The

SwitchBot Lock

fits over the back of your deadbolt lock, allowing you to unlock or lock the door on command. SwitchBot also offers the wireless

keyboard bear upon
, which allows yous to open your locks with a fingerprint or keycode or NFC tag. You can control the lock remotely, let friends in when you’re gone, or go notified when someone comes past, like your landlord wants to poke around. The downside is that it’south a rather obvious device that snaps onto the dorsum of your door. A combo pack of the lock, the hub that allows y’all to command it remotely, plus the fingerprint keyboard will price yous

. There’s fifty-fifty an app for your Apple Watch, so you can open the front door in a jiffy. (Luxury!)

If your landlord doesn’t heed y’all leaving?


of the lock, the

August WiFi Smart Lock

could work. This replaces the rear part of the lock with a motorized machinery that allows the old keys to still work, just y’all tin can as well open up the lock remotely or with the

optional keyboard
. A package of the Wi-Fi Smart Lock and the keyboard volition cost yous



Most of the rental properties I’ve lived in had electrical systems I could euphemistically describe as retro, with old-mode toggle switches looking dated even in the ’90s. If it’s non broken, most landlords think, why set information technology, even if it was installed in the Reagan administration? Yous might assume that these clunky old lite switches would be impossible to control remotely, but y’all’d exist wrong. The

Adaprox Fingerbot Plus

tin flip these old-school switches automatically, using a motor to replace your finger. The all-time place to showtime is the

$89.99 Pro Kit
which includes 2 Fingerbots, the hub that controls them, and the toolkit that allows it to be mounted and operated on various types of switches.

If your light switches are a fleck more modern, such as the larger rocker type, the redundantly named

switchbot bot

tin turn the light on with the push of a button and turn information technology off with a pull, assisted past a sticky pad that attaches to the switch. This i

$29.99 device

still leave your light switch accessible, so you tin even so apply your fingers to plow the lights on if you want to go a picayune primitive. Still, you demand the SwitchBot hub to control it from the outside.


Do you want to control everything that plugs into a socket? Attempted

ConnectSense Smart Socket two
. This 1

$forty device

plugs into a 2-socket outlet that plugs in your devices, and voila, yous can control it both over the Internet and with your voice. Plus, the ConnectSense app lets you see how much ability your devices are using, and the Smart Outlet ii too adds a USB port to charge your devices. It’southward a bit on the bulky side though, so consider the $20

Smart Connect EZ Lamp Controller

if you but desire to control 1 device, or if you have wall sockets with 1 socket. If you want to control more than ii devices,

Kasa Smart Wall power strip HS300

has half-dozen outlets, each of which can be controlled separately via the Kasa app and with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. However, there is no support for Apple HomeKit. plus this

$47 ability strip

has three USB ports for charging.


Defunction may not exist the start thing that comes to listen when you think of a mod smart habitation, merely they tin be a part of it just as much as anything else. How near curtains that open automatically in the forenoon and close again in the evening, making it seem similar yous’re abode when you’re not? The

SwitchBot Drapery Rod two

fits in your curtains and opens and closes them with a small-scale, quiet motor. Do you prefer blinds to curtains?


produces devices that tin can open and close blinds that use beaded cords or tilt rods; but at $149 each they are on the expensive side. Plus, they don’t support Apple tree HomeKit directly, although they do offer

free software that integrates with HomeKit with a little hacking

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