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As the cocktail scene evolved from the early days of speakeasies—the tendency that began in the early 2000s, not the hidden, illicit bars that popped up during Prohibition—bars started to align more with restaurant kitchens, sharing ingredients and techniques. “Bar chef” has replaced “mixologist” on bartender business cards and book jackets, and aprons have replaced vests as must-have bar attire.

For many, the job at present involves batching house ingredients and using kitchen tools. Thus, an frock makes the about sense because it effectively protects clothes. However, with the growing popularity and prevalence of bartender aprons, specially custom-made options, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right ane.

Fortunately, nosotros had industry experts eager to share their favorites. Because of its no-fuss, streamlined design, the Under NY Sky No-Tie Apron is our peak pick for looking sharp and stylish behind the bar.

Here, some of the best bartender aprons effectually.

Best Overall: Under NY Heaven No-Necktie Apron

Courtesy of Amazon

Under NY Sky is an online-based shop that has created an frock for just about every chore that needs 1, from chefs and bartenders to potters and handymen. Its utility tool apron even comes with a magnetic patch to hold nails and metal bits.

Its no-tie frock line—leather straps, coated, denim and twill—is perfect for those who detest having to fuss with ties or bows. You simply wrap the straps around your waist and fasten them together at the front end. It looks fashionable and you don’t have to worry about the straps coming undone or tangled. This frock also features a split up leg for comfort and a better range of motility.

The aprons are designed in New York but handcrafted by skilled artisans in Brazil.

Good to know:
Broke your squeeze or strap? Just email the company and customer service will assistance you with whatsoever lilliputian set.

Best Budget: Hudson Durable Appurtenances Professional-Course Apron

Hudson Chef Apron

Courtesy of Walmart

Fifty-fifty though you tin find an apron for as low equally $7, a skilful frock isn’t something yous should skimp on, especially when durability is a priority in your line of work. Simply for something both affordable and resilient, check out this pro-grade frock from Hudson Durable Goods. It’s available in a diverseness of colors, such as black, gray, Hunter Green and navy. Plus, it’south constructed from 10-ounce cotton twill, so it’s auto-washable and comfy enough to clothing all day.

The straps for the dorsum and waist are adjustable to adjust anyone from v feet, three inches to half dozen anxiety, 4 inches tall, and anyone with up to a l-inch waistline. There’s no shortage of places to store tools, either: The apron has two large pockets in the forepart, a small cellphone-sized chest pocket, a “kangaroo style” hand pocket, and a towel loop on the correct hip. The apron also comes with a one-twelvemonth warranty.

Best Pattern: Manahan+Co Snap Apron

Manahan & Co Snap Apron

Courtesy of Manahan & Co

While many apron brands offering a variety of fabric options, such equally linen, denim and leather, Manahan+Co sticks to h2o-resistant canvas, which makes the most sense for a bartender accompaniment. These handmade aprons, designed by owner and bartender Darwin Manahan, can exist customized; you can cull the type of support system, the outer canvas color, the leather trim color and the blueprint for the cotton liner.

A primal characteristic is the new snap support system, inspired by chefs’ issues washing their custom leather aprons. This organisation allows the wearer to detach the leather straps and wash the frock separately. “Locally made, with leather detailing, thoughtfully arranged pockets, and the crisp, water-resistant material makes investing in one of the standard aprons a no-brainer,” says Aly Iwamoto, bartender of Thunderbolt in Los Angeles.

Best Custom: Search and Rescue Denim Custom Frock

Search & Rescue Denim Custom Apron

Courtesy of Search & Rescue

Customizing an apron on the Search and Rescue Denim Co. site is as easy as about building a car on a car manufacturer’southward site. Y’all can even “flip” the apron effectually to see its other side. Choose the way, material (you can choose from vinyl, denim, leather, sail and more), leather or cotton straps, and several pocket options—all with the click of a push button. At that place’south as well the option to make it with your name and/or logo.

“[Search and Rescue] are super like shooting fish in a barrel to work with and definitely listen to your needs and wants when customizing an apron,” says bartender and influencer Saeed “Hawk” Firm (of Cocktails past Hawk fame). Search and Rescue has worked with Instagram-famous bartenders to sell their custom designs, such as Bad Birdy, Cocktail Chemistry and House. “I take designed a couple of new custom aprons and plan to take a signature apron that people tin can buy off the Search and Rescue website. I’m currently still designing information technology simply will announce the drop soon,” he says.

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All-time Workhorse: Sur la Table Sommelier Signature Apron


Courtesy of Sur la Table

For those who want an apron that they won’t exist afraid to spill on, at that place’southward Sur la Tabular array’s Sommelier Signature Apron. Designed by cooks to survive working in a restaurant kitchen, the 9.five-ounce chambray denim apron, which measures 34 x 31 inches, can exist tossed into the wash afterwards every shift, no problem. Just utilise cold h2o on the gentle bicycle so tumble dry out low.

This frock has been a longtime favorite of the laurels-winning bartender and writer Jeffrey Morgenthaler. “I like the Sur la Table ones because they’re thick, absorbent and durable. That’southward kind of all you actually demand in an apron.”

The apron features adjustable straps and merely 2 front pockets. If y’all’re not happy with the apron, you have the option to render it within 60 days.

The All-time Cutting Boards

Best Denim: BlueCut Hatfield Waxed Denim Apron

BlueCut Hatfield Waxed Denim Apron Frost

Courtesy of BlueCut Aprons

In 2014, designers Chachi Prasad and Karam Kim transitioned from the denim industry—their premium denim line is called Bishop—to making aprons for the restaurant industry. Early supporters of their aprons consisted of meridian chefs such as Chef Roy Choi and Chef David Chang.

Christiaan Rollich, formerly of the Lucques Group in Los Angeles and author of “Bar Chef: Handcrafted Cocktails” (view at Amazon), continues to outfit his staff at Sanctuary Resort’s Jade Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the aprons. “It’due south kind of similar your favorite pair of jeans,” he says. “They come in thick, jean-similar material, and they just last.”

BlueCut offers a variety of denim, from ten-ounce Cone Mills’ selvedge denim to 11-ounce American indigo denim to Kevlar-woven denim. The Hatfield Waxed Denim is 100% cotton Indigo denim with a wax coating, and then spills can exist easily wiped or rinsed off. It measures 33 inches long and 33 inches wide, with a 10-inch adjustable neck strap and a 40-inch-long waist strap.

All-time Crossback: Hedley & Bennett The All-Twenty-four hour period Crossback

Hedley & Bennett The All-Day Crossback

Courtesy of Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett, which was created by erstwhile line cook Ellen Bennett, has become the go-to apron manufacturer for home chefs, pro chefs and TV personalities, such as Martha Stewart. Since the standard neck strap tends to pull down, straining the cervix and shoulders, those who piece of work long days capeesh the crossback-style apron with its all-day support.

Simply the Hedley & Bennett Crossback Apron can as well accommodate any trunk type, regardless of acme or weight. Constructed out of 100% cotton fiber canvass fabric, information technology’due south sturdy enough for regular machine-washing and tumble-dry low. The Crossback is available in two types of canvas: Heavy Duty or the lighter All Mean solar day, which comes in eight dissimilar colors, such as ruby burgundy and moss.

Good to know:
Not all the Hedley & Bennett aprons are pre-shrunk, so they may shrink up to 1.five inches afterwards the first few washes.

Best Splurge: Lucio Tailoring Co. Custom Leather Full-Size Frock


Courtesy of Lucio Tailoring Company

Lucio Tailoring Co., a leather appurtenances company based out of San Antonio, Texas, has been producing beautifully handcrafted leather aprons since 2015. Owner Maria Galvan and her company take garnered a following amongst liquor brands such every bit Monkey Shoulder scotch and Bombay Sapphire gin, too equally loftier-end cocktail confined such every bit Paramour Bar in San Antonio, due to her loftier-quality leather bar wearable.

The most ordered style is the classic leather apron. All leather aprons are made out of 2-ounce studio leather, a luxurious soft-touch and light leather grain. Build an frock on the site; you lot can choose the manner, tropical inner liner pattern, pockets, strap styles and more. At the end of the process, there’south the selection to upload your logo, as well equally cite special requests, such equally specific materials or your design idea.

After submitting your order, Lucio will transport a render and then go over the design with you to make certain you lot’re happy.

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Final Verdict

The Under NY Sky No-Necktie Apron (view at Amazon) and Sur la Table Sommelier Signature Frock (view at Sur la Table) are both fantabulous options when you want something affordable, comfortable, and not too precious to spill on or stain. Plus, the Nether NY Sky model is non only fashionable and different from your standard apron, merely it also ensures your comfort with its split-leg feature and like shooting fish in a barrel-to-fasten snaps.

What to Wait for in a Bartender Apron


Yous’ll want an apron that can withstand stains and spills on a nightly footing, as well as repeated washing. Look for an apron made out of a sturdy and h2o-resistant material, such as wax-covered sheet or leather.

Fit and comfort

Since an apron is something y’all’ll have to wear during a full shift, how it fits and how comfy it is should be priorities. A adept fit can exist ensured with a range of adjustability from neck, crossback and waist straps. Too consider the weight of the material and how many pockets are available. Y’all won’t want to weigh yourself downward with both thick material and tool-laden pouches.


If your place of work allows you to choose your own apron, you’ll want one that serves your needs and reflects your tastes. This can best exist accomplished by having an frock custom-fabricated with your choice of way, color, material and more.


How often practice you clean an apron? And how do you properly make clean information technology?

Best practice is to clean your frock whenever it’southward soiled. And if it’s office of your uniform, that’s probably after every shift. Your frock’southward cleaning method depends on what it’s made out of. For linen, yous’ll handwash cold; denim, cotton and poly-viscose textile, on the other hand, can be mitt-washed or machine-washed in cold water. A leather frock should just be wiped with a clammy cloth. Make sure to bank check your frock’s cleaning instruction tag to be condom.

What material is the virtually durable?

Although heavy, leather is a durable material that can protect against estrus, stains and sharp objects, plus information technology ages well. Just don’t throw information technology into the launder. Instead, wipe information technology with a clean, dry out cloth. If you want to take intendance of a stain, employ a clammy material with mild, not-detergent lather to clean the entire surface. Never spot-make clean information technology.

Why become an frock?

An apron not only makes yous look more polished behind the bar, but it also helps protect your clothes from spills, which is ane of the hazards of being a person who works with plenty of liquids. Those with pockets too allow yous to have your essentials, such as a bottle opener or pen and notepad, at the fix.

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